believe and soar

carry your prison » captain cassian andor fanmix

he said i’m gonna buy a gun and start a war if you can tell me something worth fighting for | i wanted to be a better brother, better son, wanted to be a better adversery to the evil i have done | all the words are gonna bleed from me and i will think no more | look who’s digging their own grave, this is what they all say | i’ve been working on a jailbreak, got no time for a new faith | i think i found out that i have nothing in this place for me | there’s a part of me that still believes my soul will soar above the trees | i heard a whisper on my shoulder pretending life is worth the fight | it’s a shame, we’re all dying and you still think you deserve your freedom


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iM CRY!!!! thank u so much my homie ahcbdklhjbn i love ya a whole heckin ton, youre so heckin sweeT!! how did i ever ever ever deserve such cool friends like yOU I CANT BELIEVE THIS

this bird is soaring away w/ ur words of compassion, i hope it comes home soon!!!


request: “@dannylopez1d: Can you make a Peter Pan image based on the song “Wild” by Troye sivan please!!?? Thank U”

WARNING: fluff/ooc pan

You had been on Neverland for sometime now.

Long gone was your concern about Neverland, replaced with pure joy and infatuation. You had lived a blue life, boring and all, longing to be free of your blue neighborhood. A quick ‘I Believe’ and you were off, soaring among the stars to Neverland.

For as long as you had been here, Pan had been distant, but remained mutual. Not cruel, but he didn’t seem to care for you.

A girl on Neverland was not his ideal situation. However, though his conscience told him otherwise, he could help but notice your fire. The energy you had was unmatchable, and your beauty was impossible. You had quite the tongue, and you were bold and unafraid. He admired your fire and desire to succeed, he adored the no-nonsense attitude you had. He saw something in you - even he couldn’t describe it.

You were driving him crazy.

Regardless, he remained civil and treated you as the other boys. You would train, hunt, play the games and dance just as the other boys would.

Tonight, you were celebrating the arrival of a new boy, so the celebration was joyous and rambunctious. You leaped and twirled around the fire with the boys, laughing, care free.

Pan sat, playing his flute, watching over the festivities. His eyes kept watch on all the boys, until they fell upon you. A genuine smile plastered on your face, he watched as you happily danced along to the flute’s melody and the percussive rhythms of Neverland. The fire cast a haze upon your hair,  igniting your whole being. The dirt that had stuck to your face didn’t bother him, it made you look just as wild as your inner spark was. 

Pan couldn’t seem to take his eyes off of you.

Your eyes met, and you signaled the boy king to dance with you. Something in him wanted to dance with you, be up beside you and feel your soft skin against his. He pulled himself up from his previous seated position, and began to feel the movement of the Lost Ones.

Your laughter engaged his senses, and your internal flame began to warm his cool heart. You were running on the music and the high if the night.

No longer could he withstand his desire. His lips met yours in a frenzied pull, and your soft lips moved in harmony with his. The Lost Ones around you froze, startled by the action.

Pulling away, he released a heavy breath. “I was such a fool, (Y/N), for denying the spark we made. You drive me wild.

His words made your heart shake, it was a beautiful hurt. “I have never agreed with you more.”


That honestly sounds so much like Amsel it hurts; it almost feels like a parody of himself. “Self-evaluation is for scrubs. Fuck off.”

He tries REAL hard and believes in himself he can soar.

What’s his nationality? o3o

“Just leave me alone.” more like it (with the obligatory ‘fuck off’, of course). 

I think I threw ‘Ferelden” on his page originally, from Denerim, specifically, but nothing is set in stone. Basically, IDK?? Haven’t decided entirely, but I’m thinking to leave it as is unless I can come up with something better. The rest of his backstory is pretty much the same as it always has been.


Tenerife Film Orchestra performing Home Again from The X-Files: I Want to Believe, conducted by composer, Mark Snow.

As amazing as Lana is, I think it’s high time we commend Jared for his talent. His mannerisms, his “looks” and everything about his characterization of Henry is so reflective of how Lana plays Regina. They emulate each other and play off one another so well - you can totally see it this season especially, and tonight’s scene!

He’s always been great, and I truly adore Henry more than any other character, so watching his acting chops grow just makes my Regal Believer heart soar (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ