This is for an anon request for a Requiem AU:  Starts at Requiem- Scully is taken and pregnant and it’s Mulder looking for her again. Read part One  part Two  part Three  part Four  part Five  part Six  part Seven  part Eight


The Lone Gunmen are still tracking UFOs. Their message was a welcome relief from the monotony of an autopsy report on the latest murder victim. Westaway frowns as he slips out but lets him leave.

              “What have you got, Byers?”

              “An unusual pattern of sightings, in Virginia.”

              “Why unusual?” He looks at the grainy satellite images but sees nothing through the building optimism that he tries to tamp down.

              “Clusters,” Frohike says. “Threes and fours, over several hours.”

              “What does that mean?”

              Byers clears his throat. “Nothing in and of itself, but it could be a sign that something bigger is about to go down.”

              “Go down? What’s that supposed to mean? Is she on one of these things, or not?”

              “We don’t know, man,” Langly says. “We just wanted you to be aware. It’s not a dissimilar pattern to what we saw before she disappeared. More movement, more clustering.”

              He sits on the chair before his legs give out on him. “Fuck. She could be up there. So close. She could be so close.”

I’m pregnant, Mulder. I need you to find us.

“I’m coming, Scully. I’m coming to find you.”

In the first days after Samantha went missing, he would talk to her. He would creep into her room when his mother had cried herself to sleep on her chair, and his father was drinking on the back deck, and he would slide under the covers of her bed and talk to her. He would tell her what had happened during the day, what was happening with her favourite tv shows, read from her latest book. He would whisper real low so nobody but Samantha could hear him. And he knew she was listening.

              Sometimes there would be signs that she was talking back to him, sending him messages. One day, her favourite teddy had moved. It used to sit on the book shelf, at one end, as though it was pointing to the row of books to be read. But this day, it was on her pillow. Fox knew it was waiting to tell him something. Something good, something comforting about his sister. Another time, a purple hair band sat on her desk in a perfect circle. A small tangle of hair was knotted in its clasp. He wore around his wrist for the longest time.

              Signs. If you knew where to look, how to believe, there were always signs.

witchy grimoire ideas🌙🌹

 for those of you that do not know, a grimoire is a book/collection of information regarding your craft. these are just basic topics you can mention, however, your path is your path and it is beautiful regardless. another disclaimer: your grimoire doesn’t have to be flashy and ancient looking. it can be a composition notebook. it can be a collection of paper held together by staples. as long as it is functional, it just as valid. because you put the time and the positive energy into making it. 

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grimoire ideas

🌞your beliefs
🌙any daily rituals
🌞written spells
🌙moon phases
🌞info on herbs
🌙herb correspondances
🌞color correspondances              
🌞moon water
🌙sun water
🌙tea magic
🌙dream log
🌞a list of elements
🌙essential oils
🌞oil correspondences
🌞crystal correspondences

remember, this is just a list of things you can write! there are far more things. if anyone would like to suggest something to add to the list, just let me know <3. much love, –mikey

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