Sins of the Father || Belief-isnt-fear

Jack could hardly contain himself as he compressed a snowball in his hands. He was going to get Jamie so good! The teenage boy would never see the surprise snow ball fight coming! He shifted his weight back and forth, the twisted staff keeping him balanced on Jamie’s roof as he stored up his ammunition. He considered allowing the other male several snowballs in advance, as anything less would be an unfair fight, but Jack wasn’t willing to give up the surprised look Jamie was bound to have quite so easily. 

Gently, he pushed the ever unlocked window open with the hooked end of his staff, creeping forward to the sill with a snow ball in hand. In his peripheral vision, he could see frost snaking up the glass, curling and folding like leaves on a winter flower. He could see Jamie’s form through the crack between the window panes, his back to the Guardian. A grin wrote itself upon his lips, and he crept farther, icy hands grabbing the wooden sill where his skin touched. 

He tightened his grip on the snowy sphere, careful not to concentrate too hard as to not turn it to ice. He most definitely wouldn’t want to knock Jamie out with a well-meaning surprise. It was supposed to be fun, not something that could possibly cause Jamie to spend the evening in the hospital. 

With careful aim and precision, he let the snow ball fly, hoping it hit it’s intended target: Jamie’s shoulder. He couldn’t help letting out a small laugh. Oh, Jamie and him would have so much fun!