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i know a lot of people consider steve a hypocrite after civil war but tbh, that kinda the vibe i was getting from tony and natasha. I'm a fan of both iron man and black widow, but i hated the way they were acting when steve, sam and bucky got arrested. They both had this holier than thou attitude. Which is crazy to me, considering they both contributed to evil before. I know they're not evil and they both have good intentions, but its the truth. Idk maybe its just me. What do you think?

I spent ages deciding whether or not to respond to this bc like, t*ny stans can be much when u say something negative about him. Listen, the whole “Steve’s a hypocrite” after Civil War made no sense to me??? Like he never once contradicted himself? He said from the get go he didn’t agree with the accords, in the very first film he made it clear that everything else comes second to him when Bucky’s safety is involved, and that he’s willing and ready to go to extremes for him. He also wasn’t even fighting against the accords in the main fight, he was fighting bc he needed to get the hell to Moscow to stop Zemo from completing his plan, which he thought was to release 5 soldiers deadlier than The OG Winter Soldier. Steve has always fought for freedom of choice, which like, he stood by in this film, he didn’t want governments removing his right to choose. Like wtf fam, Steve wasn’t hypocritical at all in this film??? Natasha, she never even really picked a side, she disagreed with the accords but just signed them to get them off her back, and morally still sided more with Steve and called out T*ny for letting his ego get in the way of his decisions, so like Nat was kinda a weird one for me in this film, she didn’t really pick either side? T*ny though. He was upset about the death of this kid in sokovia and then he recruits Peter to be on his team even though Peter is 15 and has nothing to do with this fight? Like this isn’t me saying Peter couldn’t handle it, he could, it’s just me saying that the move was hypocritical on T*ny’s part given how strongly he reacted to kids being hurt bc of Avenger activity. Then on top of that is the fact he basically just gave Peter his opinion of Steve so that Peter would agree to help him out and think Steve was in the wrong, but if you actually listen to the little speech Peter gives in his bedroom, he and Steve are so very similar, that had he been involved from the beginning and had any personal stakes in this interaction at all, he probably would have been on Cap’s team. But that’s not relevant to the question. Then there’s the fact T*ny is so adamant about this accords business, and needing to be put in check, but then he not only participates in the whole airport fiasco, but he then doesn’t get punished for his involvement, like it’s acknowledged that he should be, but he’s not, so like….where’s he getting put in check there? Idk man, that’s just my opinion on it, but like I didn’t see Steve’s actions as in any way hypocritical to his beliefs, but T*ny I did see as being hypocritical in ways throughout the movie.