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what are antifas views on antispe? we dont have a local one where i am from and ive felt really disrespectef by my fellow local antifa activists when it came to me being ridiuled and mocked for being vegan. veganism is part of world peace!

“Antifa” is an abbreviation of the word “antifascist.”  There are so many antifa in so many places with so many different viewpoints that it’s impossible to expect that they will all agree on a given topic or issue beyond the need to oppose fascism and racism.

So some antifa may be fully supportive of veganism and see speciesism as another form of oppression worth opposing; others might not.

That said, we know far more antifascists who are also against speciesism and/or vegan than we do any other category of political belief.  

Mocking someone for being vegan seems pretty bloody ignorant to us, especially if doing so is alienating an ally in the fight against hate.  We’re sorry you’ve had that experience and we hope you find fellow anti-fascists elsewhere that won’t be so judge-y about what you eat and why you choose to live your life the way you do.  

As for those that mocked you; take comfort in the fact that, as a vegan, you’ll probably outlive them anyway!

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I was reading some of the comments you posted on gay marriage and I noticed you referred to Christians who disagree with the gay lifestyle as 'bigots'. I know so many Christians have certainly earned the title. Personally, I'd rather not associate myself with that group, but I am Christian. And I don't agree with the gay lifestyle. But, just because I don't agree does not mean I don't respect them. I have gay friends who I love. You can disagree with a person's lifestyle without discriminating.

I should not have used the word bigot, I should have used the word “bigotry.” Individual Christians who are doing and believing what leaders in their church have told them is true and right, and who are respecting people they have been told to respect for their entire lives, are bigots, but the problem isn’t them, it’s the culture of intolerance that has become a huge part of their religion.

Bigotry is intolerance toward someone who has different beliefs than you, and denying someone’s rights is intolerance. Now, whether just “disapproving of a lifestyle” without denying their rights is intolerant, I guess that’s semantics (especially because I have no idea what you mean by “lifestyle” except “loving who they love”) but your disapproval does not seem to me like “love.”

I’m sorry if that’s harsh, but your worldview is very troubling and foreign to me.

Less refuting religious homophobic arguments by making fun of obscure mitzvot in the Torah that many Jews actually follow and find spiritually meaningful

More refuting religious homophobic arguments by pointing out that one person’s holy texts should never be used to set public policy & no one should be forced to adhere to the beliefs of someone else’s religion.

Please and thank you.

Am I a capitalist? Yes. Am I a libertarian? Yes. Do I know everything? No. I never said I did. I’m only 17, despite all of the political research I’ve done, I still can’t know everything. I might have skewed some of the technical terms a little bit. However, I do know my beliefs and what I stand for. I accept that people with my beliefs are the minority on this website, and I’ll get hate for it. Unfortunately, I can’t expect everybody to accept, understand, or even try to understand my beliefs. Which is a shame, but I guess that’s what you can expect when you stick to your beliefs in an atmosphere as “unaccepting” as this one. 

Bad reasons to vote someone into office:

+Skin Color



+Religeous beliefs

Good reasons to vote someone into office:

+Stance on policy that you agree with

+well educated

+strong leadership skills


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If otherkin was a real thing, it would be a mental illness.

Shh. Listen. Do you hear that? That, my cowardly anon friend…is the sound of ignorance.

Come back when you actually understand what a disorder is and can point “otherkin” out to me in a DSM, you worthless craven. 

-Me, an actual otherkin

hey…..just a reminder…’s ok to have different beliefs than someone but neVER try to get someone to change their beliefs just because yours are different and never shove ur beliefs down someone’s throat ok thank u (:

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I'm an atheist who doesn't care about anyone's personal beliefs. As long as someone isn't trying to forcibly change my beliefs, I don't try and change theirs. I only get upset when someone tells me "well, you are going to hell for this" or "you should come to church" after I already told them I was atheist and didn't want to go to church. THAT is when I become upset. Also, I'm rather quiet about my beliefs. I also don't obsess over it, but only mention it if we are on that topic (like now)

I'm just gonna say it

my problem with larry shippers isn’t the ship itself. my problem is that you’re imposing your beliefs about someone’s sexuality onto them. it’s fine to think they’d be cute together, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. it’s fine to talk about how much you love the idea of larry. it’s fine to read larry fanfics if that’s what you’re into. all of that is absolutely fine. what’s not fine is TELLING someone what THEIR sexuality is. that’s completely not okay. not all larry shippers do this and I’ll acknowledge that you can’t all be grouped together, but a fair amount are like this. it’s never alright to say what someone’s sexuality is or isn’t. if harry and louis say they’re straight then you have absolutely no right to claim otherwise. if you went to school with a guy who claimed to be straight but you were convinced he was gay, would you try and force him to admit he’s gay and come out? no, because it’s wrong and not your place. if harry and louis really are gay then that’s great. good for them and I would fully support them. but it’s not alright for you to try and impose your beliefs about their sexuality onto them. you have to show respect to someone’s sexuality. it isn’t your place to make any decisions about it.

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I am a 25 yr old healthy, thin girl. I have a fast metabolism & havent worked out in years because i don't necessarily need to - I just stay thin on a pizza & nacho diet (aka small b cup boobs & a bubble butt). Does this make me less of a woman because I don't have curves like you? This seems to be a common theme happening in our culture lately. The promotion that only "real women" have curves. According to society, I'm still just a little girl that should feel inadequate for lack of "curves".

This does NOT make you any less of a woman then anyone else. Women are beautiful in every shape in size. Everyone is real, regardless of their body type, period. No words or beliefs can take away someone’s realness. No one is saying that someone who identifies as female isn’t “real” just because she is thin. 

What’s not real, however, are airbrushed images that we see in the media. Beauty standards that are impossible for 99 percent of women to attain are also not real, and these false pictures and ideals are what “Real Women Have Curves” is trying to address. So when people say “Real Women Have Curves” we’re saying that, hey, that ridiculous thigh gap that’s photoshopped into that absurd underwear ad or that skinny weeny waist on that movie poster, yeah thats not real!  In real life, those people don’t actually look like that, therefore these images are not real representations of actual human bodies. 

But i do understand where you are coming from, but don’t take that saying to heart. I think thin women are misunderstanding what that saying actually means and that it isn’t targeted towards them at all. Also my body has completely changed since i was 25 and so will yours, and if it doesn’t who cares! your still a woman. xoxo

I see your form. Who lives inside this form?
It can only be the Presence. Only the Supreme is here,
but inside the form, there is something that is taking the form to be what it is and it is taking itself to be a person living inside—this is imagination, thought.
And whatever is being believed inside the body,
that is the perfume you are going to be experiencing.
What we experience is whatever we believe and the strongest belief is self-belief.
When you meet someone, you are meeting and experiencing their self-belief.
If they believe they are a person, then this is what they present to the world as their self.
Now, one need not understand this intellectually or analytically
but energetically something inside here knows:
‘You are a stranger to me, because, seriously, you take yourself to be a personal tenant in this house.
And because you think you are this person, you think you don’t know me.
And something inside me is saying: Why you pretend this distance, like you don’t know me when we are one even before the world began?
Why are you pretending? Wake up!
I don’t usually say this, but I may say this to trigger a recognition and an Awakening in you, if the capacity is there to receive it.
—  Mooji
My dream relationship tbh

-we can have endless conversations about our beliefs, ideas, and thoughts
-someone I feel comfortable talking about my past with
-will go on outdoor adventures with me
-will take cute pics of/with me and will model for me
-will share music with me
-will be patient with me
-shares values with me
-will play card games and board games with me
-will make art with me
-thinks I’m funny and smart and admires me
-has goals and determination
-isn’t clingy and doesn’t expect me to be clingy but is still secretly obsessed with me

So yeah I’m unrealistic as fuck

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If gay people get married, the world can still repopulate, not everyone is suddenly going to turn homosexual because people can marry. If someone wants to "sin", let them, it's not of your business. The end

Just like forcing a belief on someone…it isn’t your business. The end. 

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Who or what is "otherkin"?

Otherkin is a belief that someone is, in a way, partially nonhuman. Most people take it spiritually but there are some people who believe it literally (mostly mentally ill people who use it as coping mechanism). It’s been around since the 70s, but for some reason there’s a pervasive culture of it particularly on Tumblr. 

-The Canadian One