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Vampire!NCT 127


  • a very gentle vamp. the kind who only feeds from animals & takes only a lil from them :“( could never bare to hurt a soul, human or animal.
  • so he spends life never being truly full, taking just enough animal blood to sustain him.
  • this makes him very dangerous to be around if you’re his mate. the scent of your blood could drive him to the brink of madness.
  • is the co-leader of the pack. when the real leader is out, he takes over.
  • as he’s the oldest, he has lots of experience. so everyone goes to him for advice. and he gives warm hugs too :)
  • may be kind but if anyone threatens his mate or his pack, that disappears & is replaced with an unstoppable urge to protect all he loves

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  • leader of the pack.
  • in his younger vamp years, he had trouble controlling his temper and blood lust. he used to kill innocents by the dozens, draining even kids of their blood to satiate his thirst. and he seen everyone as a threat.
  • but when he matures & befriends taeil, an elder & calmer vampire, he learns to control himself. & repents for his past misdeeds by looking out for the younger ones.
  • but his reputation is still that of a killer. no matter how hard he tries, he can’t escape his past.
  • it was this past that almost cost him his mate, when he finally met you. but unlike all you had heard of him, he didn’t rip you apart. he stayed away if you asked him to, he came if you called. he protected you & those he loves.
  • anyone that knows him can see that he has changed since his youth, but others still fear him.

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  • a mischievous vamp. likes to tease his pack members and his mate constantly. is easy to get along with and is the first to befriend new members.
  • also creates good bonds with other packs, which is good seeing as they’re seen as the "troublesome” pack, due to their leaders past.
  • he’s honest with his mate, about his feeding habits, which don’t stop even when he’s had enough. when he’s hungry, he’ll rip ppl apart & drink every last drop.
  • and shows up to a date with his mate, covered in blood; “sorry I’m late. I hate leaving ketchup behind in the bottle. I always have to squeeze out every last drop.”
  • sees vamps as superior to humans (who he considers just food) & that’s why he doesn’t feel bad about his feeding habits. but isn’t a heartless killer either; never tortures his victims, & only kills adults

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  • the heartthrob of the vamp world. he knows he looks good & has no issue with flaunting that.
  • his preference in blood is young, beautiful girls. he lures them in with his looks & drains them dry.
  • cares for all his pack members but has those he’s closest to & therefore cares more for, such as mark or taeyong.
  • he also cares for his mate, when he finds her/him. and changes his feeding habits; “beautiful girls no longer taste as sweet, when the only thing I crave is you” ;) ;)

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  • looks harmless but isn’t.
  • he was turned young so he’s very baby-faced despite his 100+ years of age.
  • he’s skilled at martial arts & during pack/turf wars, he usually has the highest kills. he can be ruthless at times.
  • this focused, heartless killer is totally juxtaposed to his cute, delicate looks. which he uses to worm his way into the leaders heart, who absolutely adores him.
  • he knows how to use ppl, but not that he would ever use that talent for bad. he would never back stab taeyong. or his mate, for that matter. he knows how to get what he wants but would never cross the line.
  • he mainly uses this manipulative talent to bat his lashes at you or taeyong & ask for “ice cream” (which is code for a human with sweet blood that u hunt on a cold day)

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  • a pretty chill guy.
  • friends with vamps & humans, fitting in no matter where he goes. knows that vamps are superior in regards to strength/agelessness/etc but doesn’t consider himself as “higher” or “better” than humans in worth
  • he’s very up-to-date with modern times; music, clothes, technology, beliefs. so whenever the pack needs to scope an area out, he’s your guy.
  • is one of the youngest, under 100 y/o. but he’s always had such good control of his emotions/blood thirst, that he seems older.
  • knows that his elder vamps look out for him so tries his best to return the favour, which can sometimes get him injured during fights. his mate is less than impressed with this but he’s healed in no time & nibbling apologies into their neck; “sorry, it won’t happen again. I promise”

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  • would spill a members secrets to another pack member w/o a second thought; not trustworthy in that sense. but would never spill to an outsider, no matter what they do to him. so he’s trustworthy in what matters.
  • can be sensitive but feels like vamps should be “macho & hard.”
  • so going hunting upsets him, even tho he’s mega hungry, & his eyes turn glassy since he can’t cry but wants to. and if a fellow vamp is like “dude???” donghyuk is liek “what dude???? ain’t nothing up with my eyes. back off.”
  • loves being cared for by his elders & returns the affection with cuddles & sharing his blood stash if someone’s too injured to go out hunting on their own.
  • can be brutal tho if someone attacks his mate or his pack members. he’s the youngest, w less control over his hunger/anger, which means certain death to anyone he calls an enemy

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“The Tree of Life represents the world outside of us and the world inside of us. We tend to think of heaven and hell in the physical world only in terms of outside, concrete, materialist. We think of heaven as something above our heads that is very vaporous and vague and light, while hell is something under our feet that is full of fire or ice. Those places exist, but our relationship with them is not determined by our beliefs, the clothes we wear, our heritage, birth, or wealth — rather, it is determined by our state of being, our level of consciousness. In other words, whether we have a physical body or not, our state of being determines the level in which we experience life.”

- Samael Aun Weor: Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology: The Gnostic Method of Real Spiritual Awakening

Once upon a time I asked for prompts. And I got them. And I answered a bunch of them…and then I ran out of steam and sat on the rest. Sorry for the long wait, @mistykins06, hope you like this!

mistykins06 said: Oh this one just sounds like them: I’m in my underpants in a laundromat waiting for my clothes to get washed and your clothes are in the machine next to mine and i noticed that when you put your clothes in they were all covered in blood what the hell’ au

Meet Cute Uni Style

“Um, excuse me, but…where are your clothes?”

“In the wash, obviously. Got acid on them, had to get them off right away, dashed down here to take care of it, not a mad rapist, your virtue is safe, now do go away and let me…”

Sherlock’s rapid-fire stream of annoyed words died down as he turned to face the young woman who’d asked him the incredibly personal question that was none of her business. It wasn’t so much her person that caught his attention as it was the bundle of clothes she was in the process of stuffing into a washer. The bloody bundle of clothes.

“Medical student?”

The petite brunette who was holding said bloody clothes started a bit, then nodded, finally raising her eyes from the floor to meet his gaze. Not that he normally noticed such things, but they were big brown eyes that seemed to take up half her face. Her cheeks were pink, no doubt due to his current state of mostly-undress, and perfectly complemented her classic English Rose complexion. Her lips could use a touch of lipstick to plump them up a bit, but her upturned nose was very Puckish and appealing and he found himself wondering what her smile looked like.

“Good guess,” she added when he remained silent after his question. “About me being a medical student. I mean, I suppose it could have just been a really heavy period, but…oh, sorry! That’s not really something you want to hear, is it.” She giggled nervously, and he decided her smile had been worth waiting for.

“Why not?” he asked with genuine interest, watching as she began stuffing coins into the slot. The university dorms were way behind on tech; even the public laundrettes used swipe-cards rather than coins these days. He stepped around the row of washers and leaned against the one set back-to-back with hers, deducing that it would be less awkward for them to talk when she wasn’t distracted by trying to avert her eyes every few seconds from his body. Of course, he was used to people covertly studying him even when fully clothed so it didn’t make any difference as far as he was concerned, but John would undoubtedly be proud of him for thinking of her comfort and not just his own for a change.

“Oh, well, you know, it’s a girl thing, right? And most guys just don’t want to know about it, unless it’s ‘thank God I got my period, we’re all right’ or something like that.” She shrugged self-consciously.

“That’s just ridiculous,” Sherlock proclaimed. “It’s perfectly natural, why shouldn’t you talk about it? All this stupid secrecy and unnecessary segregation of the sexes when it comes to bodily functions…I actually had classmates when I was ten who’d never seen female genitalia, even ones with younger sisters, and all because their parents didn’t think it was ‘natural’ for them to know about sexual dimorphism until they were older, when it’s usually much too late. All the disinformation that gets bandied about - utterly ridiculous! And for God’s sake, a woman’s period is something most men have to deal with sooner or later, as fathers or husbands or boyfriends or whatever, so why act like it’s something they’re too fragile to handle?”

“Because they usually are, and because of the reasons you just gave,” the young woman replied, her head bobbing in heated agreement with his diatribe. “It’s ridiculous, you’re right, there’s nothing wrong about it, but women are taught to be ashamed of it and men are taught that it’s ‘women’s stuff’ like some of them won’t ever be doctors. Honestly, I’m surprised more people don’t still believe in the wandering womb with attitudes like that!”

“Sherlock Holmes,” he said as she paused to catch her breath. He held out his hand in introduction.

She took it without hesitation. “Molly Hooper,” she replied with another charming grin. “Pleased to meet you.”

They were deep in a discussion of ancient and medieval medical beliefs, their clothes sloshing merrily away in their respective washers, when the sound of an opening door caught their attention, followed quickly by a loudly exclaimed, “Oh for fuck’s sake, Sherlock! Where are your bloody trousers?”

“In the wash,” he replied without looking.

“Besides, they’re not his ‘bloody clothes’,” Molly chirped up. “They’re mine!”

She and Sherlock both dissolved into giggles while John looked on uncomprehendingly. “Sorry, what?” he asked once the giggles had died down.

“The fair young medical student you see before you managed to get blood on her clothes from a corpse that was still a bit too juicy to be cut into,” Sherlock explained. “And I got acid on mine. And we were getting on perfectly well until you decided to blunder into our conversation.” He turned back to Molly and pulled a comical face. “John here is my dorm-mate and self-appointed social interference-runner. Yes he’s always this clueless but no, it’s not usually about women.”

“You said women weren’t your area!” John sputtered, clearly speaking before thinking since he immediately turned a bright red.

“I said girlfriends weren’t my area,” Sherlock corrected him blandly, before turning to give Molly a smouldering look. “At least, not until now. Meet me for lunch around one, Molly? The dining hall is having something half-way decent today if memory serves.”

She pinkened and nodded. “Looking forward to it.” Her innate politeness apparently prodded her, and she turned to John. “Would you care to join us?”

John smiled and nodded, ignoring Sherlock’s vigorous throat-cutting motions that were meant to convey just how little his friend wanted him to accept the invitation. “Absolutely love to,” he said, then gave a very theatrical start and smacked his forehead. “Oh, sorry, I forgot, meeting one of my professors around then. Maybe another time, I’d love to chat, maybe we have some classes together? I’m in medicine too.”

“Yes, I’m sure she’ll be fascinated to hear all about you,” Sherlock said with a scowl. “Some other time,” he added pointedly. “You should probably get ready for the meeting, shouldn’t you? Or be off finding some other woman to practice your so-called charms on?”

“Now, Sherlock, don’t be rude,” Molly chastised him gently. “You’ll have me all to yourself at lunch…oh, and, er, you will be wearing more clothes then, right?”

He ignored John’s choked-off laughter as he replied cheekily, “Only if you want me to be.” Then he waggled his eyebrows and she giggled and he very generously decided to forgive John for interrupting. Molly’s giggle was one sound he doubted he’d ever get tired of hearing.

As it happened, he was much more appropriately dressed for their lunch-date, and for the study-date the next day.

It wasn’t for another week that Molly got to see him in nothing but his underpants again - and this time, he was very appreciative of the fact that she was wearing very little as well.

And Mycroft had scoffed that caring wasn’t an advantage!

What Is a Heathen/Northern Tradition Pagan?

   I am what is known as a Northern Tradition Pagan, or in short, a Heathen. As a heathen, I practice a variety of different religious and magickal workings which will be explained below. Before you read any further, understand that this has nothing to do with the christian religion and was practiced before Christianity reached Europe. The practices I am about to describe have ancient origins which date back to before the time of the vikings.

  Being pagan means anything other than christian. When someone says they are pagan, they are not just talking about one specific religion, they are talking about many, unless they specify which religion they are talking about. Heathenry or Northern Tradition Paganism can be described as the religion of the Vikings, but its origins lead further back than even them. We worship and call to gods and goddesses of three different types of pantheons. There are many different kinds of heathenry and in this basic description, we shall discuss the most popular and widely known.

 The Paths

  Asatru is one of the most popular types of heathenry. Asatru deals with the worship to the Aesir gods and goddesses. These gods and goddesses make their home in one of the nine worlds of Yggdrasil, the great world tree. Asgard stands at the top of this great tree and is home to many different deities. Odin, god of magick, death, poetry, ecstasy, written word, and war. Thor, god of storms and the common folk. Frigga, wife of Odin and goddess of motherhood, marriage, wyrd, and the household. There are of course, many more but these are just but a few that heathens of the Asatru form of heathenry would worship or call to.

  Vanatru is a form of heathenry which centers around the worship of Vanaheim deities. These deities work with nature, farming, planting crops, but they are not inherently part of nature, but they do help it grow in some ways. Freyr, god of fields, forest, harvest, and sex. Freyr is also lord of Ljossalfheim, which is another world inhabited by what most would call, elves. Freyja, which is Freyr’s twin sister is goddess of magick (usually magick specifically known as seidr), fertility, death, love, and sex. Nerthus, a very old and powerful earth like goddess, usually associated with the land and sea, or bog like areas. Again, these are just some of the many deities within Vanatru.

  Rokkatru is a form of heathenry that many shy away from. The term Rokk as some people say, means dark or shadow. Rokkatru is a practice of heathenry that deals with worshiping the Rokk deities. Usually these deities are not seen as deities, but I personally believe them to be deities in their own right. The Rokk gods and goddesses also have another widely known term. That term is the Jotunar. Usually the Jotunar might be classified as beings from Jotunheim, the world of the giants or etins. However, there are many different kinds of etins, like, Fire etins, frost etins, sky etins, earth etins, sea etins, and so on. Some of them come from different worlds such as Muspelheim or even Niflheim. The gods and goddesses of this particular branch of heathenry are sometimes feared and shunned. Here I will give you a list on what some of the most popular Jotunar are. Skadhi, goddess of winter and hunting, usually living in mountains or snow terrain. Loki, god of mischief and chaos. Angrboda, one of Loki’s wives, hag (the term hag means wise woman or healer, but she is also other things too) of Iron Wood in Jotunheim. Thrym, high king of Jotunheim and seems to be a god of frost and snow. These gods and goddesses are ancient beings, said to have been around since before all the nine worlds were created. They are part of nature, they are nature’s purest form. Unlike Elementals, the Jotunar are more aware of themselves. They can transform themselves into ranging storms and strong winds which devastate the world. Most Jotunar are skilled in shapeshifting, so much so that they consider it a cultural art-form. They can change their form just like we change our clothes.
The Beliefs
  Now that I’ve explained the three different types of heathenry, let’s talk about a few other things that heathens may also follow.
⦁      Wyrd
  Wyrd in Heathenry is actually a complex system of many different things. Wyrd can encompass personal choices to that of circumstance, situation, or even deity influence. Wyrd also encompasses your personal strand of luck. Now luck in general is very complex. There are many different kinds of luck, luck ranging from situations or issues passed down from the family line, or luck that is part of an individual. Luck can also be passed down from lifetime to lifetime. All of this incorporates to a whole mess of webs and connections which make our wyrd what it is.

  Wyrd is essentially what some would call fate or destiny, but it usually determined by the actions of the individual or the actions of those before the individual. Wyrd intersects with all things, each person or living thing has a strand of wyrd. The wyrd we have is called orlog, it is our personal life path which we usually direct ourselves. While our wyrd touches others wyrd, it is ours and ours alone. Our wyrd may also affect others wyrd to a certain extent. We all have our own thread, and that thread depending on the circumstances or influences of ones life may or may not have knots or tangles in it. Either way, these strands of our wyrd feed into the greater cosmic tapestry.

  The tapestry of all wyrd can only be fully seen by deities, usually by the Norns. The Norns are giantesses which weave and sew our strands into the tapestry. While we have some control, they can also direct it too. Sometimes our wyrd is affected by deities other than the Norns as well. A god or goddess that you work with can essentially alter part of your wyrd, changing your luck from good to bad or bad to good. Generally, wyrd is a complex system of actions and reactions which play out as a course of cause and effect, but there are also some random things in there probably affected by something that either we did or something that a deity did.

    Wyrd can be read by individuals who have honed their skills in seidr and have worked with gods or goddesses associated with wyrd, such as Frigga. Wyrd is flexible and can create many different types of symbolism associated with a certain problem. We as humans cannot read the full spectrum of wyrd because it is to complex for our mortal minds to understand. However, we can get pieces of the greater picture involved in our lives and thus tell others how to untie their own knots or at least point them in that direction. For those of us who can tap into the weave of wyrd, we can only see a portion, we can look and feel, but never change anything, for it is outside of our power to do so. All we can do is guide an individual.

⦁    The Nine Noble Virtues
  Not all heathens follow this, but there are many of us who do, I am one of them. The Nine Noble Virtues were a modern establishment on what our people attempt to stand for and uphold, and these ways are believed to also be the practice of our ancestors as well. They are a set of guidelines, (not rules) that allow us to live an honorable life. They are as follows.

Loyalty (Frith, Family, Friends)
Be true to your family and your kin. They come before all else; the whole comes before the individual. Work to provide for, protect, encourage, and support them.

Self-reliance (Responsibility)
Always be in a position to provide for yourself, so that you’re not a burden to others. Accept help graciously when it is offered, but do not constantly depend on others. Ask no one to do something for you that you could do yourself. In addition, take responsibility for your own happiness and fulfillment. Do not blame others for your situation until you have looked at yourself.

Contribute. To your family, to your tribe, to your country. Find where help is needed and offer it. Do as much as you can. Don’t waste time being unproductive. Build relationships, craft things, study, teach others.

Truth (Honesty, Wisdom)
Keep your word. Don’t tell lies, except to an enemy who lies to you. Keep your integrity. Be honest to yourself. Learn how to see through lies. Be wary of others’ facades and false words.

Hospitality (Generosity)
Do not hesitate to welcome the weary into your home. When you have guests, provide them with your best food, drink, and warm clothes. If there is no extra room, give them your own. In return, when you are a guest, be a gracious one, offer help, and do not overstay your welcome.

Keep your word when you’ve given it (and know when to give it). Mend things, situations, and relationships that you’ve damaged. Admit when something is your fault.

Courage (Bravery, Boldness)
Do what is right in the face of opposition or derision. Protect yourself and your kin from harm. Challenge yourself.

Steadfastness (Strength, Endurance)
Perseverance. Once you’ve committed to something, see it through, even if the way is hard.

Self-Discipline (Moderation, Control)
Constantly work to better yourself. Keep control of yourself; be mindful of your own actions. Set goals and challenge yourself to meet them. Do not allow yourself to fall into vice, or give up control of yourself to others.

⦁      Each person is different within this religion. Not every Heathen practices the same way or even worships the same deities. Some of us are also looked downed upon. Some heathens are very restrictive, not allowing people of color into their religion or practices, while others like myself, are very open to anyone practicing. We are a diverse group of people and not all of our practices are the same, let alone done in groups. There isn’t a lot of organized religion here, but some of the Asatru folk are pretty organized when it comes to performing Blots, which are actually a form of group meeting in which we might honor the gods.

   All heathens have their own practices and ways of doing things. Some of us have taboos, things we do on a daily basis and things we aren’t supposed to do at all. These things are usually along the lines of what is most logical, or to what we feel our gods or goddesses are telling us to do. We believe the gods and goddesses of the Norse Pantheons are individual, who can think and feel all on their own, so their interactions with us are not limited. We tend to see them as valuable partners and friends, but still hold a high respect for them no matter what we do. We believe the gods can treat others differently and have their own way with dealing with each person, even if it is the same god or goddess that another is working with.

  Many of us like to incorporate practices of Norse Mythology, or more commonly known as the lore, into our practices. The lore is a translation of older icelandic texts written by an 1170 scholar named Snorri Sturluson. He was the author of the Prose Edda or Younger Edda, which consists of Gylfaginning (“the fooling of Gylfi”), a narrative of Norse mythology, the Skáldskaparmál, a book of poetic language, and the Háttatal, a list of verse forms. He was also the author of the Heimskringla, a history of the Norwegian kings that begins with legendary material in Ynglinga saga and moves through to early medieval Scandinavian history.

⦁    The Cosmology of Yggdrasil

The Creation
  In the beginning, there were two worlds. Muspelheim, the world of fire, and Niflheim, the world of ice. The two worlds swirled around in the endless abyss called Ginnungagap and into it poured the sparks and smoke and layers of the rime-ice and glacial rivers. As heat and cold met in Ginnungagap, crashing together, they created Ymir, first of the godlike giants. Ymir could produce asexually, and when he sweated, more giants were born.
   As the frost continued to melt, a cow, Adhumbla, emerged from it. She nourished Ymir with her milk and she was also nourished by the salt-licks in the ice. Her licks slowly uncovered Buri, the first of the Aesir tribe of gods. Buri had a son named Bor, who married Bestla, the daughter of the giant Bolthorn. The Half-god, half-giant children of Bor and Bestla were Odin and his two brothers, Vili and Ve. The three brothers slew Ymir and set to constructing the worlds from his corpse. The brothers fashioned the oceans from his blood, the soil from his skin, and muscles, the plants from his hair, clouds from his brains, and the sky from his skull. The brothers then set four dwarves to the four cardinal directions, and held Ymir’s skull aloft above the earth.
  After creating the nine worlds, they eventually formed the first man and woman, Ask and Embla, from two tree trunks of the shore, and built a fence around their dwelling place and set the sparks of Muspelheim into the sky.

   Yggdrasil is a great cosmic tree bearing the nine worlds in its boughs. I believe this tree exists outside of our own universe and is actually part of another universe which intersects with our own, just as many others do.

The Nine Worlds

1.    Asgard Home of the Aesir gods
2.    Vanaheim Home of the Vanir gods
3.    Ljossalfheim Home to the Ljossalfar (Light elves)
4.    Midgard Home of the humans
5.    Jotunheim Home of the giants/etins
6.    Svartalfheim/Nidavellir Home of the Dokkalfar (Dark elves) and the Duergar (Dwarves. The Dokkalfar live in the upper part of the world where the Duergar live mostly underground in Nidavellir, which is a series of tunnels holding cities and homes for the Dwarves.
7.    Niflheim A world of frost and ice, home to many Frost Etins and some dwarves.
8.    Muspelheim World of fire and volcanoes, home to Surt and his Fire Etin’s.
9.    Helheim World of the dead, ruled by Hela the death goddess who is said to be half living and half dead. All who die of natural causes, murder, and disease go there.

⦁    Offerings
  Offerings are given to the gods as a pledge or as a payment. Many heathens offer food, drinks, trinkets, and other things to give some kind of homage to our gods as a thanks for being in our lives.
  In the eyes of the gods, offerings are needed to prove ones worth in worship and spirit work. It shows that you are willing to sacrifice something in your life to obtain either knowledge or their respect. Usually it is to show your loyalty to them in some way, to be glad they are within your life and to not take what you have for granted.
  An offering may consist of food, drink, statues, candles or scented candles, a drop of your own blood. Generally an offering can be an entire altar dedicated to a specific deity or several deities. When an offering is made, it is placed on a special place, usually set aside, like an altar. All of this is for the gods, for the services they provide and for just being in our lives.

  In some of our Blots, we have animal sacrifice. Unlike what most people think of animal sacrifice, it is not cruel or done for reasons of malice and suffering. When we sacrifice something, it is to not only pledge and worship, but to have our own meat and drink as well. What we eat, the gods also eat. Usually the leftover meat that isn’t eaten is thrown in the fire pit and is believed to be transported to our deities. However, animal sacrifice is also a practice which very few do today, as most of us are not farmers or own a plot of land, and so we are incapable of performing such rituals, myself included. However, even if an animal sacrifice is performed, there is great respect for that animal and are treated with care. The animals meant for sacrifice are often cared for gently and appropriately, taken to the doctor for diseases, and kept in a housing facility neatly kept up by the owner. When the time comes for the sacrifice, the animal is quickly put down and is not forced to endure any kind of excess pain. If the animal suffers to much pain or is dealt with in a disgusting manner or kept in a inhospitable environment and given to the gods, it is considered an unacceptable offering. You don’t give a gift to someone when the gift is in bad condition, and that is what animal sacrifice is all about, paying homage to the gods and offering them food to eat at our table as a gift of hospitality. However, other alternatives have been made in place of this practice. Since many of us are not farmers, we usually buy a steak or alcohol or some other beverage or food we think they might like from the store and offer it to the gods instead. Usually the sacrifice or offering is given to nature or burnt up in flames.

Magickal Practices

⦁    Seidr

   Seidr usually involves some form of trance which is used to communicate with specific wights (wights are spirits of some kind, usually associated with nature, but they are different from alfar, which are known as elves but also different from the Jotunar) or deities. Seidr is one of the two known Norse forms of sorcery. Seidr can mean that you are one who enters trance or it can also mean you are a spirit worker or even a spiritwalker. Usually when you enter a trance to speak with a deity, there is no room for ego, it must be removed to allow a form of message to come across to you. Since Seidr involves trance, it makes it more possible for someone to fair forth, or to hamfarir (shapeshifting or astral projection). Seidr acts as a springboard to achieve hamfarir.

  There are several ways to perform Seidr. One way is to sit, use various tools to provide an environment which will induce trance. These tools might be things like: incense, candles, statues of deities, offerings, songs, and chants. Another way is to have a group of people, possibly with those tools and those people chant or sing in unison and provide a “battery” for you to slip into trance, which may also involve a god or a goddess horsing you. (Horsing is a term used to describe deity possession, it has many forms.) Another form might be to fast and wait out in nature or even in your own home, wrapped up completely naked. The purpose of fasting is to allow your body to enter a survival mode which will eventually, within a period of four to five days without food and small amounts of water to bring you to a state of mind that allows you to tap into your most primal instincts and allow for wights or deities to come to you to speak messages to you in one way or another.

  Seidr is a very exhausting practice. It is in no way meant for those who want a safe trip. There can be real danger in Seidr, such as blackouts; not remembering what you have done or where you have been, incapable of controlling your own actions due to fury, or even physical marks left on you by some spiritual vision or even spiritual travel. It is not meant to go yippy skippy along the way down spiritual road to meet your favorite gods and goddesses with no regard of purpose and safety, not to mention that it could lead you into trouble if you’re not welcome in a specific area. Even with animal spirits, you can receive some very negative responses, such as getting attacked through a vision of sorts by a fox and when you come out of it you realize you have a physical rash where you were bitten. (The last statement actually happened to me.)

  Usually this kind of practice is meant for those who feel lead to help others, usually along the lines of traveling worlds or speaking to deities about specific information involving someone else that you’re helping. In many ways it is like a shamanic type of practice, but it is very different and is in no way the exact same. Seidr is powerful and usually combined with some form of galdr magick. (Galdr is a form of Norse sorcery which is used by words to create some form of outcome.) It should in no way be used for fun, the things you do in Seidr can be very real and also very dangerous depending on the circumstances. While it is dangerous, it is a very useful practice when you wish to communicate with deities.

  A person who uses some form of Seidr is usually called a Seidkona if a woman or a Seidmadr if a man. Women were more common in the original use of Seidr and men were usually downed upon and deemed unmanly, because Seidr is a type of sorcery which makes you vulnerable.  To practice Seidr you must remove yourself, and at the same time you might leave your body and fair forth to elsewhere while your body remains immobile. Even if you aren’t fairing forth, the trance allows you to stretch your consciousness outward so you may see other things happening or different visions of sorts without actually leaving your body. You may also receive some form of divine message from these visions or even receive some kind of dialog implanted within you by a specific deity. This dialog may be thoughts of your own or like thoughts of your own with a different “voice” playing in your head. You never hear anything physically, but you usually do mentally if they decide to speak to you.

   I would just like to note that these statements are true in my own personal experience and is no way meant to represent all personal experiences with others who practice Seidr. Seidr is a form of sorcery which I personally practice so that I may yet be closer to my gods and goddesses. I may also use whatever I get from “them” to help others along my journey.

⦁    Rune Casting

  Rune casting is a type of magick associated with runes, usually of the Elder Futhark but also sometimes of the Anglo Saxon Futhorc. Runes are widely known as a powerful divinitory tool that allows us to access the tapestry of wyrd. They can be thrown upon a piece of cloth to perform a reading. Usually whatever runes are face up or next to one another or even on top of one another are seen as part of the reading. The runes have individual meanings and energies, I will not discuss them here because there is far to much information which is seemingly endless.
  Runes are also powerful talismans of many different kinds. Some offer protection and others offer curses or even healing. Generally, the rune one wishes to use is either drawn somewhere or said by its name. Runes have power all on their own, the symbol alone is enough to make changes with our combined intentions. Runes were often used to help in pregnancy and protection of otherworldly forces, such as wights or alfs.

The runes at one time were also a language, a set of alphabetical letters different from the english language. The runes today are now used mostly as a form of divination, which is mentioned above. Many heathens still use the runes as the ancestors did. Many of us carve our own sets of runes while others buy them from various stores. There are also various other Norse related staves (sigils or symbols) that are a combination of either runes, usually known as bind-runes or something else entirely.

The Conclusion

   From the differences in paths to magickal practices, each Heathen or Northern Tradition Pagan, is inherently different in our practices. While this is an overview of a basic practice that could be in someone’s practice, it is in no way to represent all forms of Heathenry, every Heathen, or every Northern Tradition Pagan.

The practices here are based on my own personal beliefs, combined with various other explanations and beliefs that I felt was appropriate to explain our religion to an outsider. We are in no way, devil worshipers, insane, or craving for attention. The things we do are usually in the intention of getting closer to our gods and expressing our faith in various ways. These are just some of the beliefs and ways of a heathen, which again may not reflect to all of us.


14-year-old Muslim girl dreams to be the first hijabi ballet dancer

A young Muslim ballerina wants other girls like her to know they can make a change — no matter their beliefs or the clothes they choose to wear.

Stephanie Kurlow converted to Islam with her family in 2010. Sadly, her conversion led to her feeling the need to give up ballet. She wanted to wear her hijab to dance classes in the southwest suburbs of Sydney, Australia, where she lives with her family, but she couldn’t find a school who would accept her.

“All I want is to share the beauty of the amazing ballet art form and inspire other young people who maybe don’t feel so confident to follow their dreams due to the outfits they wear, religious beliefs or lack of opportunities,” Kurlow told Mashable Australia. “I want these young people to have opportunities, young people who think it’s not possible to make their dream a reality because of the pressure from the many phobias and racism in our society.”

Kurlow has been dancing since she was 2 years old, and desperately wanted to be a professional ballerina. She started a crowd-funding campaign to try to make her dream a reality — and to help other young people who feel like they can’t pursue their endeavors without discrimination.

“In this day and age there is a lack of facilitation for youth who are disengaged or of a different religion or race,” Kurlow wrote in the campaign description. “I plan on bringing the world together by becoming the very first Muslim ballerina so that I can inspire so many other people to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams.”

Kurlow is trying to raise $10,000, which she states is to cover her tuition, supplies and competition entry for one year. She believes if she receives the right training she can pass on her knowledge and skills to girls who have the same aspiration. Once she trains, she hopes to open a ballet school to cater to a diverse group of ballerinas.

“I want to become a professional ballet dancer and receive my qualifications so that I can open a performing arts school that caters to children and young people of different faiths, races and backgrounds,” she said. “I believe that one day all children and young people will have an opportunity to perform and create, without sacrificing their values, beliefs or looks and my campaign is one step closer to achieving this.”

They are big plans for a 14-year-old, but she says the project is also to raise awareness about issues many people in our society still face. Her initiative follows in the footsteps of her mum, Alsu, who opened a performing arts academy in the Sydney suburb of Bankstown that teaches ballet, martial arts and aboriginal art classes to the local community.

No matter if she achieves her goal, Kurlow is happy to add her voice to the discussion. “I don’t want people to be seen for the clothes they wear, I want them to be seen as the person they are and how they want to change the world,” she said.

anonymous asked:

Would it be bad if sana had a love interest?


Would it be bad? Not if Sana herself wants one, and she says so, and the narrative is in such a way that doesn’t make her feel like “she needs one otherwise she’s weak/incomplete without one”. Basically, if SHE wants one, then it’s cool. And if she does get one, I don’t want ANYTHING of hers to be compromised. Not her religion, not her choices, not her beliefs, not her clothes, not who she is. Nothing.


This is a home-brew country you can add to your next DnD world.

Races of the Country:

Human, lizard-men mix


Mostly marshlands with a few hills.

Brier patches grow throughout the region. Some grow in small clusters while others can go on for kilometers with vines as thick as tree-trunks.

While most brier thorns are harmless or merely inconvenient, some do secrete poison or acid.


No cities exists in this region. Most of the population lives in villages with a few growing to the size of towns.

The settlements are built on top of hills surrounded by several rings of thick brier bushes to keep intruders out.

Architecture Style:

Buildings: They are mostly constructed with stone cut from the hills.

Many buildings are netted with brier bushes, with entire patches growing on the roof. From afar, entire villages are camouflaged within the foliage.

Most of the population refuses to cut away the brier bushes due to their religious beliefs explained in Religion.

Inside of the rooms: The stone walls are painted with images, brier patches often with faces painted upon the thorns. This is a symbol of good luck and for religious beliefs explained in Religion.

Clothing style:

People wear mostly fur and skins gathered from the rabbits and snakes within the marshlands.

Necklaces and bracelets woven from the brier-bushes are usually worn by everyone, with the nobles and elders often having their likeness carved on the thorns - this is for religious reasons explained in Religion.


The people of the region worship the brier bush, believing it is the outer limbs of a great earthen God living deep beneath the earth.

Decorating houses or wearing jewelry made from brier bushes invites good luck and welcomes the spirit of the great earthen God to watch over them.

The people carve faces into the thorns because upon one’s death, their body is given into the earth and fed upon by the brier patches. Then their essence is reborn, growing into the thorns forever protecting the people and the great earthen God. Even if the thorns burn or are destroyed, the cycle only continues on again and again.

The great earthen God is believed to have grown its limbs, the brier patches, to protect the people and give food and shelter to its children.

The god is viewed more as a stern parent, neither overly loving or hateful.

The origins for these beliefs are unknown and considered tribal or legends by outsiders.


Each settlement is self-sufficient, but are collectively aligned in mutual interest.

Every few months the leaders of each settlement gather and discuss the issues of the day – defense, resources, invasions, food, etc.

Most leaders are benevolent and care for their people, usually their settlement first then all others second, but will collectively work together for the betterment of the nation.


Trade is mostly furs, skins and poison with their main import being food.

The population uses coin but in some rare cases will trade exotic brier thorns - For example: Thorns of rare colors, or one that resembles something important.


Hunting wildlife
Growing small vegetable farms on the hills

The main source of food is the starchy edibles within the larger brier bushes. Harvested by hand, the food is considered sacred and not to be wasted. Although outsiders would consider eating one’s God an insult, the population of the region believes it is not different than a mother feeding her offspring.


Feral goblin tribes

Within the marshes, living in dens built from brier patches, are tribes of goblins, consisting of a few dozen to the largest being 1000s.
They are red skinned and covered in yellow bony thorns.
The goblins worship the brier patches for the same reason as the local population.
The goblins raid settlements for food, often coating their bone spears and daggers with poison secreted from the brier thorns.
The goblins, being feral, are chaotic in nature, very territorial and often very hostile to other races.
The war with the local population is mostly for resources, but also religious, believing the other races have no right to be in the marshlands and suckle form the great earthen Mother’s bosom.

Brier patches

While considered sacred, the species is invasive, growing everywhere and strangling everything, including most other wildlife, and the farms.
Chopping and tending the brier patches are a necessity as the settlements would be overgrown in a year. Because of the sacred nature of the plant, all vines must be cut with care and burned with a shaman or priest praying over the flames. This, of course, makes things difficult as cutting away a field could take days instead of a few hours.

The Fallen

There is a second species of brier bushes, the fallen.
The species does not root itself into the ground, instead blowing around like a bramble weed.
The bush can roam the marshlands in dozens to 100s.
The vines of the bush can move like limbs, and the bush likes to entangle its victims using its thorns to drink the blood of those it embraces, similar to a spider leaving only a husk when finished.
Considered demons by the local population, these are the spirits who turned against the great earthen God with their thorns, the souls of the damned, forever cursed to be separated from their mother.
Although hunted by the shamans and religious orders, their numbers never seem to end, with some years being mild to plaques of 1000s engulfing whole settlements and wiping out entire feral goblin tribes.


The great brier bridges

Through the marshlands the settlements have built a series of bridges out of the brier’s vines. This is their only source of roads, well-maintained, and rises over the wetlands.

The poison trade

Due to the thorns that secret poison, rogue guilds have come to this region to take the thorns and use it as trade.
The locals and goblin tribes both take offense to these acts and will often be the only time the two parties unite to destroy the invaders.
Because of this, the more powerful guilds and merchants whose greedy nature desires these coveted poisons will often hire mercenary battalions to stomp out those who resist them or even resort to burning down settlements or assassination of leaders.
This of course has only lead to the more xenophobic nature of both the settlements and the feral goblin tribes.

I have reason to find this pic disturbing:

Besides the bandages on Karai’s face and her arm in a sling, notice anything else different?

Some of her armor is gone.

Call me crazy, but ever since she got mutated, I’ve thought that her armor became part of her human form.

See lookie:

When she first mutated into a snake, we saw right away that it looked like her armor fused to her body. 

Then when she morphed back into a human form at the end of the episode, I was kind of confused by the fact she had her clothes back.

I mean when Kirby mutated, he lost his clothes. Most characters who mutate seem to lose their clothes. 

And when he turned back into a human because of retromutagen, his clothes were still gone. They didn’t magically reappear. 

Even though Karai didn’t get un-mutated and she simply shape-shifted, I was still confused by the fact she had her old clothes. I developed the belief that her clothes weren’t actually clothes anymore, but part of her body… her human form anyway, much the way that armor is a part of her snake form. And that’s why she can go between forms without having to get dressed. Her clothes fused to her.

So if pieces of her armor are missing from her human form, does that mean she got really really really hurt?

If her armor is a part of her human form and it’s gone, then if she turned into a snake, would she have pieces of flesh just missing?
Would it be like that time in Harry Potter when Ron lost a chunk of his shoulder apparating?  

Or maybe her clothes really are just clothes and she only has them because the writers needed it to be easy to make her switch forms. I dunno.

How do you construct a fantasy religion so it will be read as Judaism?

Anonymous asked: So I am wondering if you have any tips for extrapolating Judaism as a fantasy religion? What would you say are some of the key elements of Judaism that *need* to be in a fantasy religion for it to be seen as a Judaism analogue? (I know it’ll be different for every Jew, but I’d like some opinions from Jews to substitute my research)

It’s going to be interesting for me to answer this as a writer of explicitly Jewish fantasy, but my knee-jerk reaction is that it may need to be a little bit more blatant than what I’d consider the core stuff – for example, “monotheism and critical thinking/questioning God” are key facets of Judaism for me and many other people, but you can’t just write people who believe in one God they’re constantly questioning and expect people to know you were aiming at a Jewish analogue. 

Especially since people often need to be hit over the head to believe that characters are deviating from the expected “default” (white, straight, able-bodied, Christian in some places, atheist of Christian descent in others, etc.) I could totally see someone not believing that someone’s characters were supposed to be Jewish if the clues were too rooted in philosophy and not, like, Hebrew names or on-screen rituals. Another place it gets messy is that so many of our holidays commemorate specific legends (I’m going to call them legends; I have no idea if any of them really happened) with specific settings that theoretically wouldn't exist in an invented world. This is where my worldbuilding falls apart, actually, since what the heck are my characters celebrating Passover or Chanukah about if there was no Egypt or Hellenic Syria to be liberated from? But the thing is, nobody has actually asked me this yet and I’m pretty sure a lot of my Jewish readers don’t care, because basically what I did was take my upbringing and slap dragons on it, and some of us – be we people of color, people in the umbrella, people with disabilities, etc. – need that way worse than we want every aspect of the worldbuilding to make perfect sense. In other words, to me, it was more important to be able to show queer royalty having a seder led by a wizard than to worry about whether or not they were actually talking about Egypt or not. One place to start is to read Jewish fantasy – mine and other people’s – to see what it was we did and which elements of Judaism and Jewish culture we chose to pull out and insert into a magical universe. For some easy-to-access, free examples, here are some of the ways Jewish fans on Tumblr have chosen to incorporate Jewish culture and Judaism into their Harry Potter headcanons. When JKR confirmed Anthony Goldstein’s Jewishness, there were several posts going around listing ways she could have made it more obvious, so you might be able to find some of those, too. Here’s some ritual-based art from my series, too, all combining elements of fantasy lit and Jewishness. Definitely pay more attention to Jewish representation in fantasy by Jews, as opposed to Jewish or Jewish-coded characters in fantasy by Gentiles. Gentiles writing fantasy about Jews inevitably lands us in weird places, like dwarves or the Harry Potter movie goblins, focusing on those aspects that they choose to see in us. Like, I can guarantee that we don’t think of ourselves as treasuremakers or treasurekeepers in our own fantasy headcanons, except those of us who have reclaimed the dwarf schtick. Some of what will matter is not making us do things you, if you’re not Jewish yourself, might not realize were Christian and not universal. (For example, one runs into people who don’t know putting crosses up if you don’t have a tombstone isn’t universal. I can understand why this happens, because there are plenty of things I didn’t realize were just Jewish things. Like the thing at weddings where you put the bride and groom on chairs and dance around with them. I totally thought everyone did that.) The anon did say they wanted lots of opinions, so I invite other Jews to take this post and run with it. So, to sum up: it might make more sense for your characters to be doing stuff like using “our” names and/or having the character participate in our rituals, even secular ones like really Jewy foods, than trying to create a Jewish analogue religion and expecting people to get it if it’s still only subtext. –Shira I feel like all of this is hard because who knows what kind of story they are writing.  Like yeah, are the Jews going to be another race like the HP goblins?  Are they going to show that there are different types of Jews, with very different beliefs, traditions, clothing, or is that going to be smoothed over?  Is it more fairy tale vague or more realistic detailed?  And what is the context?  Like are there also fake Christians and Muslims, with or without the same kinds of interactions that play out in the real world?  Are they doing a Holocaust thing?  Are they doing an Israel thing?  A Passover thing?  Or just more like “hey I’m creating a diverse world but I want it to feel familiar like the real world” and / or “I want real people reading this story to feel represented in this world.”   I don’t know if I’m stating this right.   Just, I would have really different advice for each of these scenarios. I want to be clear that I asked Holocaust / Passover / Israel not because I think those are the only stories that could possibly be written about Jews, but because I’d be wary of someone else thinking that.

–Guest helper Kate

The Hipster and The Snob.

It wasn’t that Max had meant to do it but with her luck it had just happened. She had tried to tell Victoria but the blonde had either ignored her or didn’t hear her. So it wasn’t really her fault but now she has no idea what the hell to do. She is literally between a rock and a hard place, maybe even some spikes for the emphasis.

She had mixed one of her red shirts with Victoria’s, very, very expensive white cashmere.

That was mistake one.

So she had tried Clorox because that’s what people use to get whites…white.

That was disaster one.

Now she just had some sort of faded pink that looked like it had gotten dumped on the road and left for dead.

That was her death-wish.

Max stared at the mangled piece of clothing with terror. It really didn’t help that it was one of Victoria’s favorites. She had worn it so many it times and it only made Max frown more. Max only knew that because the blonde used to come storming into her room.

Max remembered every time because Victoria had scared the living shit out of her more than once. Victoria would then go on, of who and what pissed her off. Then would lay down on her side and Max just loved how soft the sweater was. So she would play with it while Victoria vented quietly after her initial outburst. And when Max would wake up the blonde would be closely tucked into her.


Startled Max banged her knee into the front of the dryer wincing when she felt the slight throb. She looked between the open door and the destroyed sweater in her hands. She could hear Victoria’s foot steps echoing and each time the sound grew near she panicked more. Oh shit. Oh shit, shit! Max wasted no time in dumping the sweater back into the dryer. She rubbed both hands over her face to make sure she looked fine.

“Do you not hear me calling out to you?” Victoria complained narrowing her blue eyes.

“Dryer was loud.”Max blurted out as her first excuse.

Victoria made a show of looking at the very off dryer and then looking back at Max “Really? It seems off to me.”

“I turned it off b-because I thought I heard you.” Max replied walking up to a very grumpy girlfriend and placing a kiss on her lips. “Stop thinking I was ignoring you.”

“I just know…I know I can be a lot sometimes. So I wouldn’t blame you.” Victoria whispered “Once a bitch always a bitch.”

Max frowned at the way Victoria looked and reached a hand to rub out the deep wrinkle etched into her girlfriends face. Victoria leaned into the touch and Max immediately knew that something was wrong. She played the hairs on the nape of Victoria’s neck. Loving the way her girlfriend just seemed to melt into it.

“What happened today?”

Victoria sighed “Fucking everything.”

“Tell me?”

Max watched as Victoria looked at her a look she was used to. It was the face of someone who was used to speaking but no one listening. Always disbelieving whenever ever Max genuinely wanted to hear her out. I’m here, I’m listening. Then slowly Victoria started to recount her entire day. Max started to move them and they ended up plopped onto the couch.

Max nodded along wincing at her girlfriends day. There had been a few models who weren’t exactly pleasant. They thought Victoria was stuck up? Ha. Now way. Victoria was never one to hold back and Max doubted this time was any different. She was right when Victoria told her that she had gave them a piece of her mind. Max listened until the last words left her girlfriends mouth.

“Wait, wait. They said what?”

Victoria sighed hand running through her hair “A cold hearted bitch that no one could ever love. Who would want to date a monster.” The blonde clenched her hand tightly anger coursing through her. “I-I changed Max. I’m not the person…I try not to be.”

“You’re not that person. Not anymore.”

Victoria huffed “What got me furious was the fact they didn’t believe you were with me.”


“Or at least willingly. Stupid bitches, they are.” Victoria growled

“Baby.” Max said knowing that what snap Victoria out of her mind. Smiling when the blonde quickly turned to her. “You’re drifting.”

“Right. Well they didn’t believe the famous Max Caulfield was my girlfriend. So I might’ve went a little…”

“Queen Bee?”

Victoria shrugged “Old habits, die hard.”


“No. Don’t do it, Maxine. I will shave the rest of your hair off.” Victoria mumbled face getting red.

“I love you.”

Maxine.” Victoria hissed hysterically

“And the way you snort when you find something really funny. The way you snore a little in your sleep. How you get all red and shy. Just. Like. That.”

Victoria shoved Max away “I hate you.”

“Thin line between love and hate.” Max teased.

“God. Where’s the awkward lame you?”

Max shrugged “Where’s the infamous Queen Bee?”

“Fucking Caulfield.”

Max smirked “We did that already.”

Victoria groaned hiding her head in her hands. Max laughed grabbing Victoria by her waste and flung her down. Making them bounce and almost fall to the floor. The former Queen Bee yelped before laughing at Max. Slowly her face started to turn somber before she pulled Max’s face closer to her.


A crooked smile fell on Max’s face “Tori.”

“Stop it.” Victoria whined.




Victoria pushed Max down further and kissed her hardly. Nipping her bottom lip before pulling away “I love you.”

“And I love you.”


 “Where is it?”

Max popped her head out of the bathroom pulling her hair up “What is where?”

“My cashmere.”

There was a loud crash followed by a string of curses “I-I don’t know Vic.”


Max jumped when her girlfriend appeared behind her. She averted her eyes finding the toothpaste amazing. “Don’t get mad, okay?”


Max flustered and nervous started to explain her story. She couldn’t calm herself because Victoria didn’t change her face not once. She winced at herself when she mentioned the Clorox part. Then with a low whisper she told Victoria where it was. There was silence until a loud laugh entered the room followed by a snort. Max was undoubtedly lost.

“Doesn’t matter how long were together your still just as dense. I should have known. Seriously?”

Max furrowed her brow “For cereal.”

“Maxine. That’s not my favorite sweater.”


“I don’t care for it.” Victoria added.


Victoria arched a brow “Contrary to popular belief clothes aren’t everything to me.”

“I knew that.”

Victoria swayed forward her mouth near Max’s ear and whispered “Did you? Because you are everything to me.”

Max shuddered though she was smiling “You’re evil.”

Victoria nipped Max’s ear “You balance me.”

“You’re not mad?”

Victoria looked at Max her head tilting one side adoring her girlfriend “I only ever wore that sweater because you would hold me whenever I did.”

“So not true.”

“Very.” Victoria huffed a smile that was tender and only meant for Max. “You’d play with it and I don’t know what was so damn special about that one but you’d get closer.” Victoria laid her head onto Max’s shoulder closing her eyes. “And for the first time I realized that I didn’t mind the closeness. I wanted it. Wanted you.”

“You never told me this.” Max said her hands softly running down Victoria’s neck.

“I didn’t need the sweater anymore. I had you.”

Max kissed her girlfriend “In that case I should also mention your lingerie-”

“Maxine Caulfield! What the hell did you do!” Victoria screeched.

Max knew she should have just stayed quiet as she tried darting away. Not everything was okay with her girlfriend. Especially when she wrecks the very thing Victoria Chase uses to seduce her bumbling hipster.


A/N: First Chasefield anything for me.

Victoria is well Victoria and Max gets back with loving her. Dorks. Hope you enjoyed!

the past years of dead silence from harry was worth it…. he legit shared so much in that one fucking issue. his favorite songs, his favorite literature, his interactions with idols, his thoughts, his beliefs, his choices with clothing, an inside perspective of living with him as a kid, his memories shared with his family, an idea of him as a little charming kid, his appreciation towards the fame he has and his appreciation towards his own fans, his pack-rat side, his vintage shops obsession, his favorite type of music, his favorite bands.…….. it was all worth it.  .. .

anonymous asked:

so, I'm a cis and kind of stupid but I have a legitimate question??in the post where you said that "Or how a dentist refused to treat me because he was ~concerned~ that novocaine and estrogen would have ~adverse interactions~" doesn't it make sense for a dentist to be worried about certain meds mixing? If he's a dentist he probably doesn't know enough about estrogen and the effects it has w/ Novocaine, idk I'm probably wrong just wanted to know if you thought of that or??sorry if I'm wrong.

No, it does not make any sense.

Estrogen isn’t this weird unusual chemical that trans women put in our bodies but otherwise does not exist in nature. Estrogen is naturally produced in human bodies. Cis women are routinely prescribed various estrogen formulations for HRT and birth control.

Here are some analogous statements. “I can’t treat your tooth because novocaine might interact with:

  • testosterone
  • blood
  • lymphatic fluid
  • bile
  • stomach acid
  • saliva
  • mucus
  • neurotransmitters
  • emotions
  • opinions
  • beliefs
  • knowledge
  • skills
  • clothes
  • relatives
  • cars
  • a job
  • sarcasm
  • neighbors
  • pets
  • a shadow
  • a blog
  • a skeleton
  • limbs
  • eyes
  • ears

There are literally two explanations for the dentist refusing to treat my tooth:

  • Said dentist is completely incompetent to be a dentist
  • Said dentist didn’t want to treat a trans woman

These aren’t mutually exclusive.


Chandler’s family has money…lots of it. As an only child, she was (and still is) spoiled beyond belief with designer clothes, expensive cars, and beautiful jewelry. She has never worked for anything and never plans to…Windenburg residents say she’s a diva, but she doesn’t see it that way.

anonymous asked:

do you have any advice for getting into costume designing? you always come up with such wonderful costume designs!

Ahh, sorry for the late reply! I wanted to take my time to respond to this, but the last few days have been a bit chaotic. Anyways, thank you so much!

This is going to get a bit lengthy, so I’ll put my talk under a ‘read more’! If you’re a mobile user then I’m… so sorry. 

Keep reading

You are not defined by the car you drive, what music you listen to when all else fails does not characterize who you are, you are not set by the expensive or cheap clothing you wear, it does not describe you who your friends are, and you are never determined by what you do with the time on your hands – you are solely the one you believe you are.
—  Thoughts #104

fullmetal-witchcraft  asked:

I really don't like the whole "punks dress punk" nonsense. Like I listen to tons of different kinds of music, but I grew up on punk and ska. It will always be my favorite. I mean, I own tons of punk band shirts and I love patching and I wear my docs frequently, but I definitely wouldn't consider myself dressing like a punk. But man I lose my mind at punk shows and I will throw the fuck down in the pit in a crop top and high waisted shorts. A punk is a punk because of belief, not clothing.

Hey. Im proud of you. Keep doing your thing. These kids do not understand that we need people like this for the punk community to survive.
All the punk styled punks are wonderful, and beautiful, but I think they (not all of them) fail to realize that I know a lot of punks who have been involved in punk way longer than they have and are in bands, booking shows, keeping the community thriving and doing so much more for the community than just sitting around studding things all day. Which is great! Studs are lovely! But just because they sit and stud things all day does not mean they should put down other punks. 
There are so many different kinds of punks! Street punks, skins, crust punks, anarcho punks, hardcore punks.
They need to realize this and stop trying to create drama in the scene. Just because they want to live their life dekt and they think it is the right way, does not mean that it is the right way. 
They are all acting like America, trying to force their beliefs onto other people. It’s rude, creates division and hate, supports bad vibes, and is just completely silly. 
I love all punks (restrictions apply- such as nazis and shit who claim to be punks).
But I can’t make all punks love me, if they don’t like me because I will accept anyone into the community. 


In the photos above you see someone who tries to practice their religion and connect to their spiritual beliefs through clothing. The burka doesn’t pose any threat to society, it is discriminating to judge someone by what they choose to wear, especially if it makes them feel secure.

It’s no different to wearing your favourite band’s t-shirt.

Express yourself, express your rights.