belieeve it or not

13 yr olds: i caant fugccign belieev yoour ha rrassui ng menta lly i  l l min orrs i cc ant breeealdth ssst rop fuckkifgsn shipp i n g gregpearl y our ki llign lesb ins

anti sjws: have I TRIGGERED you yet???? looks like you’ve been served some hard logic, eat up, tumblrina cuck cuck triggered cuck free milo cuck

me: every day my will to live fades more and more. soon the cold embrace of death will engulf us all and we will be free

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How would the Generation of Miracles act drunk?


“i am going to riDE yukimarU to your house and pick you up as my fairr maidenn”
“wait what do you mean,, i belieeve that riding atsushi is a perfetly good way of getting around”
“heh don’t you think that atsushi having SUSHI IN HIS NAME IS IRONIC HAHAHAH”
“i am the red power ranger and have total control here yes”
“hmm, me here, kinda crushed aka-chin cuz he said i should change my name to sushi and become sushi. not sorry btw.”


“my pubes r blue is that even allowed”
“i see tits everywhere and im not sure y”
“y am i not wearing underwear wait i am but its on my head wtf”
“(l/n)cchi u really need to keep aominecchi under control and stop him from ever drinking alcohol he’s such a lightweight loool”


“karaoke is fun!!!!!! there are lots of drinks and im singing perfect copy again but i think the others are getting annoyed ono”
“im totallyyy off my face but im still singing perfect copy do u wanna listen???” *sends audio file*
“why am i so cute even drunk”
“oi i knocked kise out, his singing was annoying. pick him up or not, we’re leaving him here”


“i am a cute cinnamon bun too precious for this world”
“according to kise-kun anyway but hes very drunk right noaww so im not sure if his opinion mattersz”
“kagami-kun is a tiger why don’t we talk about this”
“i’m going to go home now- wait kagami-kun what do u mean i can’t and drink this oki but only because it tastes so nice ik my limits and all”
“nahhh i’m pissed off my face and kagami-kun is telling me to stop dancing like this buttttiecicwecijpew”
“sorry about kuroko, he passed out. taking him home -.-”


“why did no one tell me that i hsve green haiur that’s not evenm biologically possible is it”
“not even fate can save me now lmao”
“hey, (l/n), takao here… shin-chan’s kinda gone mad and he’s dancing on the table while reciting random medical facts… any chance you could come pick him up?”


“this drink is reallyyyy sweet and yummy i’m gonna have some more”
“whoops i think i just bit someone that looked like maiubo loooool”
“sHIT THEY’RE COMING FOR ME I TRIED TO THROW SOME MAIUBO AT THEM BUT I GOT UPSET and picked them all up and ate them soooo”
“i’m cryinmg noaw and they stole my maiubooooo (l/n)-chinnnn save meee”

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i got to be honest i am so scared that were just reading in too much into trans girl marco and that itll turn out to be a big transmisogynist joke :( i want to belieeve but i cant shake this feeling off and it makes me so sad :((

I was beginning to have my doubts but then Gift of the Card happened and honestly.

Between Dysphoria Dog, St. Olga’s, and the last episode, as well as a bunch of other shit, it’s clear that the writers know what they’re doing. They’ve hit close to home to many times for it to just be a coincidence. And if this was meant to be a transmisogynistic joke, it would’ve happened by now.

Not to mention that the crew are Steven Universe fans who have specifically enjoyed Jailbreak, with Marco’s VA tweeting themselves whistling along to a verse of “Stronger Than You”. So they know about how important something like this can be.

Plus there was Canon Gay Shit in the most recent episodes, which means that the show is getting bolder.

My theory from the start is that this is something they’ve planned from the beginning, but they weren’t sure if Disney was going to let them do it. But between the production of Season 1 and Season 2 they either got the okay from Disney or let them go ahead with it, likely due to the success of SU (which has all been confirmed due to the fact that they’re not only aware of Jailbreak but enjoyed it as well)

Overall I’m honestly confident at this point that Trans Girl Marco is happening. Nothing has had everything fall into place this perfectly before.

Open RP

“byea that was crazy, i cant belieeve that just happened, hopmnd happen again myeheheh Byeah”

I honestly can’t belieeve people would rather root for Nicole over Paul to win simply because she’s a girl. Nicole hasn’t done anything before this week except advocate meninism and plot to get rid of a lot of the girls while Paul has actually had a great social game and deserves to win for the great game he’s played so far.

fun joshler fact: they already have matching tattoos, it's a columbus tattoo and they got them together onstage in 2012 and josh’s is behind his ear and tylers is on his arm. this new name tattoo is actually their second fucking pair of matching tattoos can you fucking believe. it’s their second pair can you fuckigfn  belieev e