** Harry Styles Imagine** ☃❆(Holiday Edition)❆☃

Title: Holiday Memories


Because it was the holidays Harry always had holiday interviews. He loved sharing the memories from over the years with his fans. Harry was asked about his worst gift he ever had gotten. 

“ Batman pajamas.  I really wanted them. And I got Spiderman pajamas instead.” Harry said jokingly

You had gotten him the Spiderman pajamas just to make him mad. But ended up getting him the Batman ones afterwards.  You sat in the back during the interview and when you heard him say that you couldn’t help but laugh. 

Harry continued “ That wasn’t the worst gift. I love all the gifts I get even if it’s my least favorite super hero! “  Harry winked at you


**Justin Bieber Imagine**

Title: It’s my job


Justin was away doing business and you were having a bad day. He promised to cheer you up as soon as got back to his hotel room. You had a big fight with  your best friend and you stopped talking. You tried to apologize even though it wasn’t your fault but you had no luck. 

After showering and putting on your Pj’s you turned on Netflix. You also had some comfort  food.  After a little while Justin called you.

“ Hey babe..You okay?”  Justin gave you a small smile

You frowned “ Noo. Y/B/N aren’t talking.”

“Why, What happened?” Justin was super concerned

“ We got into a fight over something stupid. I don’t want us to not be friends.” you cried

Justin’s face turned to a frown” Don’t cry..It’s gonna be okay. You know you never fight for long. You’re best friends, you need each other. “ 

“ You’re right..” You were still upset.

“ Turn that frown upside down. I’m gonna make you laugh.” Justin grinned

You just looked at him hopefully 

“  When God made you, he was showing off.” Justin giggle

“Justin..what are-” You were interrupted

“ Life without you would be like a broken pencil… pointless. “ Justin continued the cheesy pick up lines

You started to smile

“    If you were a triangle you’d be acute one.” 

You started to laugh

“ That’s what I love to see” He confessed

“Justin, I love you.” You were feeling much better

“ I love you too, Y/N.” He smiled

“ Thank cheered me up” You told him

“ It’s my job! Now get some rest I’ll talk to you in the morning ,okay?” 

You nodded then told him goodbye

He was the best thing you could ask for. 

**Justin Bieber Imagine**

Title: Roses


You had been planning a dinner for a few weeks now. You both were really busy and it would be nice to have a night together.  You made Justin’s favorite, Spaghetti and dressed up real pretty.

Justin was running a little late so you decided to text him. You didn’t a reply. You were getting ready to start putting everything away when Justin came home. He was holding roses in his hand.

“ I’m so sorry I’m late. I drove all over town to find your favorite roses.” He grinned

“ You didn’t have to do that, Justin” You hugged him

He kissed your forehead “ But I wanted too”

He looked around at the table. “ The food isn’t cool is it? “

“ No, still warm. I made your favorite!” You pointed

Justin rubbed his belly “ Let’s eat then!” 

After putting your roses in a vase you both sat down to eat.


**Justin Bieber Imagine**

Title: Too Easy


You and Justin were going on a road trip with Justin and it was your turn to drive. It seemed like he was doing everything possible to annoy you. First it started out with singing literally every song he wrote to  yelling out “McDonalds!” at everyone he saw. And there was a lot. There was only 2 more hours until you got to Miami it you needed something to  distract him. You remembered you had a Rubik’s cube in the backseat so you pulled it out and gave it to him. 

“ Here, play with this “ You handed the cube to him

“ You sound grumpy, babe? I’m I annoying you? “ Justin Joked

“ Justin..” You groaned 

“ Alright. Let’s  Do this” He laughed

He solved it in a few seconds. It completely defeated the purpose of trying to occupy his time. 

“ I can’t believe you’re already done. “ 

“I can, these things are way too easy. “ He grinned

“I was hoping you’d stop annoying me” you said glancing at him

His face lit up “ I just wanted you to say it. You been enduring my annoyances for hours. “ 

“ What?!” 

“ I love you.” He said changing the subject

“I love you too. “

“I know..” He laughed

“ You’re so annoying,Justin” You smiled

“ I know that too and you love it” 


**Justin Bieber Imagine**

Title: Happy Valentine’s Day from Justin Bieber


It was Valentines day and were sad you couldn’t be with Justin. You grandma was feeling sick so you had been taking care of her all week. She was started to feel better and she knew you wanted to be with Justin.  You grandmother insisted she’d be fine. Although you were coming home you weren’t sure if you’d miss Valentine’s with him because your Grandma lived a few hours away. 

On your way home you sent Justin a text that you were on your way and he replied with a video.  It showed him on a  bed with flowers, champagne and a teddy bear. At the end it said “  Happy Valentine’s Day from Justin Bieber”. You couldn’t help but laugh. He caption the video “When you get home.” You were really in a rush  to get home and see your baby. 


**Justin Bieber Imagine**

Title: A Get away


A Getaway with Justin.

Lately the pap were giving Justin a hard time and he suggested that you go on a getaway. 

“ We should go somewhere! Somewhere away from everybody!” Justin suggested

“ Now?” 

His face lt up to and a grin appeared on his face “ Yes now!” Pack your stuff. I wanna leave soon. “

“ Okay, let’s do it!” You got up and began packing your things

Together you flew to a small town where one of Justin’s close friend lived. You didn’t tell anybody where you went except that you be gone for a week or so.  The people in the town treated you and Justin like you had always lived there.  It was good to see Justin be himself without any interference. 


 ** Justin Bieber Imagine** ((Requested by dopexomaha ))

Title: Let me know


You hadn’t been feeling lately recently. The whole week you been having stomach pains, and throwing up. You assumed it was just food poisoning but after speaking to your mom she convinced you to go to the doctor.  

At the check up the doctor told you that it wasn’t food poisoning but that you were in the beginning stage of cancer. You instantly got upset. The doctor reassured you that if you got treatment it could be curable. You told your parents as soon as you got out of the doctors office. You still weren’t sure how you’d tell Justin.

Justin invited you the studio despite that you were feeling a little tired. You loved watching do what he loved so you still came.  At the studio you watched Justin sing and enjoy himself in the booth. You started to feel light headed you started to walk to one of the chairs but everything went black. 

You woke up in a hospital bed. Justin sat beside you looking upset.

“ hi..” you said quietly 

Looking down Justin  said “ why didn’t you tell me?”

“ i , i didn’t know how Justin .” 

He stared to cry “ You mean so much too me. Where gonna get through this together,okay?” 

You nodded your head. He took a bear from behind his back. 

You reached out and grabbed it.

“ Thank you, baby”  

“ You’re welcome. Just know I love you more than anything. “ He told you

“I love you” You kissed him and didn’t want to let go



**Justin Bieber Imagine** ((Requested))


You and your friends went partying.  You got a few to many drinks and got drunk. So, before you got in to any trouble they called Justin to come and get you.  They stayed with you until Justin arrived. You didn’t even realized you had fallen asleep until you felt Justin shaking you awake.  His voice was soft and he smiled gently. He helped you up and walked you out of the loud crowded house.  He helped you in the car and buckled you up. By this time you realized what was going on. 

“ Why we are we leaving? I WANT TO PARTY.”  You pouted

Justin knew you were still drunk so he played along.

“ Party’s over time to go home. “  

“ Aww man. So, does that mean I get to spend time with you?”

 “I got to take you home. “ Justin told you

“ But why I want to stay with you ? Stay with me ? Please!” 

He surprisingly understood you although your words were jumbled.  He nodded his head with a smile after you begged him the rest of the car ride.   Once you got home Justin took off your shoes for you then started your shower. While you showered Justin got you a glass of water and some pain meds out the cabinet for your hangover.  He sat on your bed watching tv until you were finished. 

You were still a bit out of it when you came out so Justin helped you in bed and then gave you then water.

“ Drink up, it will help you feel better. “ He motioned 

Justin stayed with you until you started to drift of to sleep.  when he got up it woke you  a bit and you pulled him close. 

You whispered “ Thank you” 

“It’s really no problem, y/n, I’m just looking out for you. I’m gonna go now but call me if you need me.”  Justin offered

He gave you a small wave before heading towards the door. 

“ Wait !” You called

He stopped and turned around. “ Yeah?”

“I love you.” 

Justin chuckled knowing you were drunk and be totally embarrassed in the morning.



** Justin Bieber Imagine**


You had met Justin at party a couple month and ever since you had met him you couldn’t stop thinking about him. While you were leaving a restaurant with your friends  you saw Justin. Your friends pushed you to go talk to him so you finally gave in.

You approached and said hi, He replied saying “ Hey,how you doin’? Nice to me you.”

You told him you had already met.

He smiling he said “ Oh, have we? Well nice seeing you again.”

“ Nice seeing  you too. I guess I’ll see you around.”  you said waving then walking back to your friends

“Wait.. lets exchange numbers so we can actually hang out.” Justin chuckled

You exchanged numbers then said your goodbyes. It turns out all your thinking didn’t go to waste.



**Zayn Malik Imagine**


Taking your daughter on tour with Zayn. 


**Justin Bieber Imagine**


When Justin was in Korea he invited you too have a mini vacation with him and his little brother Jaxon. You guys explored the area and watch Justin perform. Jaxon loved being with you. When he found out you had leave early he got very upset.

“ Jaxon c’mere buddy.” You called him over 

It was after Justin show and you were about to head back to the hotel bu you wanted to tell Jaxon you were leaving in the morning. Jaxon ran over to you.

“ Yeah, Y/N?” He said grinning at you

“ I gotta tell you something.  I gotta leaving tomorrow morning but I’m gonna miss you so so so much.”  You gave him a reassuring smile

His smile turned into a frown and he started to cry. 

“ But I don’t want you too leave , Y/N.” 

Justin enter the room now and sat down to comfort Jaxon. 

Justin held Jaxon “ It will be okay Jax. You’ll see her real soon. Plus you’ve got the rest of the night to spend with her!”

“Really?” He said looking up at Justin then to you with tear filled eyes

“ Yep and we can do whatever you want. “ You told him

Jaxon mood instantly changed and he ran over and gave you a hug.


**Justin Bieber Imagine**


You are a Youtuber and you do a boyfriend tag video with Justin. He likes to joke around and act like he hates being on camera but he actually loves it. 

You: Okay, Justin what your favorite thing do that annoys me?

Justin: Is this over?

You: Juuuussssttttiiiinnnn

Justin: Just kidding babe. I love to tickle. Y/N. It’s her weakness.


** Harry Styles Imagine**


You and Harry had just moved in together.You had finished moving in all the furniture and the last thing to do was hang up pictures. You especially needed help with this and Harry’s tallness would come in handy.  As you started to the get the pictures ready to be hung you saw Harry just standing there watching you.

You: A little help here! What are you looking at?

Harry: The beautiful artwork..

You: What artwork? I haven’t even hung anything up yet.

Harry:  I was talking about you.



**Zayn Malik Imagine** ((Requested))


After years of hoping you were finally gonna meet the boys. You extremely excited but something was keeping you down. You were insecure about being plus sized. Your friend told you not to worry and that the boys would love you regardless. When  you got to the meet and greet you met Zayn first. He looked at you like you were the most beautiful girl in the world and all your worries went away,


**Niall Horan Imagine for rosietheturtle**


Going golfing with Niall but he’s too busy copying how you walk.


**Justin Bieber Imagine**


Skyping with Justin and showing him the new lingerie you bought.

Justin: You’re gonna model that for me right babe?

You: As soon as come home but now you have to go to sleep so I can see you sooner!

Justin: Aww Fine..I’m probably gonna have some wild dreams tonight.

You: goodnight Justin..

Justin: … hopefully they’ll be a reality.

You: you’ll see you

Justin: Love you too, y/n. Goodnight.



**Niall Horan Imagine for skylarquick22**


Going on a camping trip with Niall. Together you sat by the fire, told jokes and looked at the stars.  


**Harry Styles Imagine**


You decided to have a girls day out and left Harry at home. When you returned Harry was sitting in the bath tub with bubbles on his face.  You giggled and he smiled then waved.

“ Harold what are you doing..?” you asked

“ Having a spa day. Duh!” He joked

“ Oh I see. Rubber duckie and all.” You pointed to the small duck on the side of the tub

“ Yes, would you like to to join us?” he wiggled his eyebrows

You smirked “ Don’t mind if I do.” 



** Niall Horan and Harry Styles Imagine **


You, Harry and Niall were the best of friends .  Every time you would tease Harry he would always run to Niall.

In a baby voice Harry would say “ Niall hold me, shes a meanie. You’re not my friend anymore.”

Then the 3 of you would laugh and continue joking around. 



Harry Styles Imagine for irwinsspizza  


Harry had invited you to the studio with him. You were really excited to see him do what he loved. When he sang you couldn’t help but dance along. He stopped singing and just smiled you. 

“ Whaaat” You giggled
“ You’re being very distracting, babe. “ He joked

You sat proper and for a while then when he started to sing you started dancing again. She just shook his head and continued singing.