beliebers unite

This Supernatural Vs Beliebers thing is AMAZING

[EDIT: I added a picture of the tweet for those who don’t know exactly what it says.]

This is amazing. I’m GLAD that Beiber and his little minions are pissed off. And I’m GLAD that they decided to do this stupid little boycott protesty thing. And I’m GLAD that Supernatural fans are pissed off over this. Because you know what?


This one little tweet has sparked a movement–no, A REVOLUTION–with all people around the world everywhere who has EVER been a fan of ANYTHING EVER. This is truly amazing.
Sure, people are in more than one fandom. Sure, people have friends from other fandoms. Sure, we support other fandoms because we’re respectful like that. 

But this is different.

This is a revolution in itself.

Because for the first time EVER, EVERY SINGLE FANDOM IN THE WORLD APART FROM THE BELIEBERS IS UNITED. Everyone is coming together, putting aside their differences and prejudice and grudges to stand up for and protect ONE SINGLE MEASLY LITTLE FANDOM, that is NOTHING in size compared to the world’s population. But that’s okay. Because all those other people who AREN’T in the Supernattural fandom are STILL on their side. So what if some of us aren’t fangirls of them? So what if we don’t quite understand the plot? So what if we don’t know that the show’s even about? So what if some of us have never even HEARD of Supernatural? SO WHAT?!? WE ARE STILL UNITED AS ONE!

THIS is what it means to be in a fandom. And not just specific fandoms, either. The fans of anime. The gamers, The bookworms. The TV addicts. The music-lovers. Everyone is fighting under one cause.

For the first time EVER, EVERYONE is united.


But not for the Beliebers. They’re the reason this shit happened in the first place. Fuck you guys. Just because ONE actor of a TV show made a comment about your idol doesn’t mean that you have the right to attack that actor’s show and ITS ENTIRE BLOODY FANDOM. You’re obviously not true fans of anything, because true fans stick up for other fandoms no matter what.

Watch out, Beiber. The world is coming after you.

Out of all the fandoms out there, beliebers chose to mess with the supernatural fandom. And what i like from this supernatural fans vs beliebers thing is that it has brought all the fandoms together.

It’s not even the supernatural fandom against the beliebers anymore. It’s more like every fandom vs the beliebers and I think this is hilarious as fuck. Well now excuse me while i laugh my ass off.

Tumblrs first world war

The fandoms are gathering, uniting against the common enemy. Honest folk who’ve not seen a single episode are already pledging to watch the next upcoming Supernatural, just to boost ratings, just to send a message, just to spite the amassing armies of tween girls. We will not waiver, for we are STRONG.
Those Directioners best keep their eyes down and their mouths shut, lest they get caught in the crossfire. This will be no mere battle.