You and your boyfriend Taylor were at the beach, enjoying the sun. You were sunbathing while Taylor went to get you guys Ice-cream. He came back and handed you yours before lying down next to you.

You: Cheers babe.

Taylor: No problem.

You pecked his lips then rolled on to your stomach. You looked around, admiring the atmosphere when you heard someone’s voice.

???: Yn can we talk?

You turned around and saw your ex Justin looking down at you with a sad expression. You turned to look at Taylor. He nodded his head in response and you got up, walking with Justin to the far side of the beach. You looked at him and you noticed that his eyes were lifeless.

Justin: So how you been?

You: Good thanks. You?

Justin: Okay I guess.

You nodded your head then looked around. Then Justin spoke.

Justin: I still love you.

You were taken aback by this. You haven’t seen him since the break-up and this is the first thing he tells you.

You: What?

Justin: I said I still love you.

You shook your head in disbelief. You’ve moved on and so should he you thought. You backed away a few steps.

You: No you don’t.

Justin: Yes I do. Every time I hear your name my heart breaks and it kills me knowing that I’d still have you in my arms if I didn’t cheat.

You looked at him and saw tears rolling down his face rapidly. You were about to speak but Justin beat you to it.

Justin: And I know you still love me

You shook your head ‘no’.

You: No I don’t. I love Taylor.

Justin: Look me in my eye and tell me that you don’t love.

You looked up at him and tried to look into his eyes. You turned away because you knew deep down that you still love him but you love Taylor more.

Justin: I knew you couldn’t do it.

You: So what I can’t look you in the eye but who can when they see tears running down your face. It only makes them feel guilty.

You turned to walk off but as you did so, Justin grabbed your arm. He turned you to face him and you saw tears brimming in his eyelids.

Justin: Can I have one last kiss? Please?

You: *sighs* Okay

Justin made sure no one was around before he kissed you. As you kissed him back you felt sparks and fireworks like the first time you guys kissed which caused you to pull away.

You: I’m sorry Justin but I can’t do this to Taylor.

You ran off towards Taylor only to see him making out some blonde chick. You tried not to let the tears fall as you slowly walked up to them. You started putting away your towel and sunscreen along with other bits. When Taylor noticed you he automatically stopped kissing the blonde.

Taylor: Baby this isnt what it looks like.

You couldn’t hold it in anymore so you let your tears fall before whispering softly.

You: We’re over

Taylor: No baby please. I’m sorry

You ran off crying and you bumped into someone. You apologized and looked up, noticing it was Justin. You got up and tried to walk off but Justin grabbed your arm. He spun you around and kissed you and you kissed back. Then you realized that he was the one and nothing was gonna change that.


It was an unusually sunny Sunday for May. When you woke up, you never dreamt it would be the day you’d meet your future fiancee.

After a quick meal consisiting of a bar of chocolate, you decided to go skateboarding. Low and behold, that’s the choice that led you to your future husband.

Out of the corner of your eye, you noticed someone sneaking secretive glances. Finally that “someone” approached you with a large, pearly white grin and said, “Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should I walk by again? The name’s Justin by the way.”

As you stood there stunned by the terrible pick-up line, no words managed to escape your lips.

Justin broke into laughter. “Don’t worry, shawty, I was only kidding with the cheesy pick-up line. I noticed you from the distance and just needed an excuse to talk to you. I think you’re absolutely gorgeous. Will you let me buy you a drink.”

You laughed so hard you almost snorted. “Sure! Why not,” you said. Besides, Justin did have a really cute smile after all.