belieber feelings

i just went proper swimming after 2 yrs of not being in the water n i’m not wearing a speck of makeup i can’t belieb i feel confident and glowing a year ago i would have never been able to!! body posi day today!!!

Hidden feelings //Justin Bieber Imagine

I see a lot of people liked the idea of this imagine so babes, here you go♥

“So today I was thinking that we should just hang out, away from all the paparazzi and just have a bit of us time.” you said as you looked at Kendall, Kylie and Justin.

“Yeees, I’ve missed you soo much! The four musketeers!” Kylie says and we all laugh, she hugged you, Kendall soon joined, but Justin was just standing there like a statue.

“Justin? You didn’t miss me, huh?” you say jokingly and he chuckles nervously.

“Yeah, I did.” he says, “B-but just as friends, you know.” he blurted out nervously.

“No, I thought it in the boyfriend- girlfriend way.” you joke, his face gets pale, “I’m joking dude.” you say and he laughs nervously. What the hell? you said to yourself, but pushed it aside, he was like this for the last couple of days.

“Y/N I want to show you my new lipstick shades.” Kylie said all excited.

“After that we could go and actually do something fun.” Kendall says and Kylie frowns, “I’m just joking, but really, I want to us to do something that screams adrenalin.” she says and looks in the air like she’s looking at something very interesting.

“Well there goes my plan of just staying at home, but I do like the adrenalin rush and a good lipstick so yeah, we’ll go.” You say and they scream Yes! you look over at the couch but Justin was gone, “Where did Justin go?” they looked over and shrugged.

“He’s been so weird lately, from the moment you left for Paris he’s been acting different..” Kendall said.

“I’ll have a little talk to him when I get a chance.” you say as you leave your house.

Justin’s POV

“No, I thought it in the boyfriend- girlfriend way.” she said, I froze in my spot, “I’m joking dude.” I felt relieved but also sad? I have no idea what’s been happening to me lately. I laughed nervously. I wanted to get out of this awkward situation and King Kylie has saved me.

“Y/N I want to show you my new lipstick shades.” she said and gave me a look that I knew oh too well. I took that as a sign to get into my ninja mode and get the fuck out. I exited Y/N’s house and ran into my audi r8 and drove off to Ryan’s place.


“Hey dude, I heard Y/N came back in town.” he said as we did our handshake.

“Yeah, I was just there.” 

“Then what are you doing here?” he look at me with a confused expression.

“Because..” I paused, “I think I have feeling towards Y/N.” I said and then before Ryan got a chance to speak I spoke up, “I don’t really know if I have them or not.”

“I get it.” he says, “You have feelings but you just don’t know what type or how to express them, it’s okay tho, you can talk to me I’ll try to help.” I felt relieved.

“I’m so glad you get it. It’s been really hard lately you know..”  he nodded his head.

“I’ll try to help out as much as I can.” he said and I started my rant.

*in the meantime*

You were not planning on ending up in a club but that happened, thanks to Tyga. The club was roaring like crazy singing along to Kanye West’s Famous

“We should really go home!” Said Kendall but you didn’t want to leave, you had a great time and you met someone interesting.

*back to Justin’s POV*

“And that’s when I realized I had feelings for her..” I said to Ryan.

“Bro, go to her place and tell her.”

“I don’t think that’s-” he cut me off.

“Right now or I’ll drag your ass myself.”he argued.

“It’s 3 a.m. I can’t.”

“She’s in a club with Kendall and Kylie, they left the club five minutes ago, you can still make it.”

“How do you-”

“I just do.” he said cutting me off, again, “Just go.” he was right, I can’t just hide my feelings like this, I went out and entered my audi r8, I was driving like a maniac, but I didn’t care, I had to tell her, I wasn’t going to suffer anymore, I wanted to be happy, and Y/N made me happy. I pulled up in her  driveway, there was another car, probably hers. I entered the house, I had a spare key. I was looking around but there was nobody there, I was about to go knock on her bedroom door but I heard noise in the kitchen, I entered the kitchen and there she was in all her glory wearing a white shirt without any pants showing off her Victoria’s Secret underwear.

“Hey.” I say, she looks up and smiles.

“There you are, where were you all day?” she asked me and gave me a hug.

“It doesn’t matter, I want to talk to you.” I say and run my hand through my hair, I was nervous as hell.

“Sure, shoot.” she said and leaned on the counter her attention focused on me.

“This has been going on for a while now,” I started, “and I have finally came to accept my feelings.”

“Yes…” she said and took a step closer to me.

“Y/N, I have–”

“Y/N, babe?” I heard a male voice interrupt me, I felt my whole world tumbling down.

To be continued…

I AM SO EVIL OMG… I just wanted to see if you guys liked it and don’t worry I’ll make part two, you’ll just have to be patient, and the second part will be longer of coursee, love you ♥