belgium solo

this week's horoscopes
  • Aries: beware of the new roman empire
  • Taurus: you unboaty boat
  • Gemini: belgium.
  • Cancer: this drum solo will last for exactly nine minutes
  • Leo: giving your grandmother a machete for christmas is a bad idea
  • Virgo: you kind of look like strindberg
  • Libra: the only thing missing is kate winslet on a block of ice with a whistle
  • Scorpio: yolo sixsmith
  • Sagittarius: at least you are not living at clipperton
  • Capricorn: capricorn more like caprisonne amiright
  • Aquarius: why are you lying on the floor while singing stop doing that
  • Pisces: you're beginning to put the pisces together amiright