belgium solo

July 21st is Bel.gium’s national holiday  and I wanted to try something a different for this occassion. I’ve been thinking a lot about Bel’s characterizaton lately and as much I love her when she’s sweet, friendly or even anxious, I would love to see her express other emotions too, like bitterness and anger. Himaruya even mentioned in a character note that she’s scary when she’s angry - whatever happened to that? Idk, I just want to see the women in Hetalia being given a wider range of emotions and overall more layered characterization (in both canon and fanon).

Anyway, Bel.gium in 19th century totally makes sense to me as a woman who’s had enough of being passed around by men and feels like she has something to prove. I imagine this scenario took place during the Ten Days Campain in 1831, when the Dutch army invaded Bel.gium to regain control of the country. It wasn’t until French intervention that they backed off and it wasn’t until 1839 that the Nether.lands officially recognized Bel.gium’s independence. (Ned seems to be very reluctant when it comes to admitting defeat - Indo.nesia declared independence in 1945 and they didn’t recognize it again until 1949.)

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