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So here’s the translation of the Dutch newspaper article with Daniel. Don’t hate on the grammar, thank you;) Translating is so much harder than forming your own sentences haha

Daniel Ricciardo, teammate of Max Verstappen: ‘Not everybody hates me’

‘Asshole’ with a smile’

Spa. Deep down behind the smile could lurk a huge asshole, he almost whispers with a conspiracy tone to his voice. With a healthy dose of self-spot. Before bursting out with laughter. It’s typical Daniel Ricciardo.The Australian looks relaxed in the run up to the Belgium GP in Spa-Francorchamps.He just finished his session with the international press in the hospitality home of Red Bull. For the following those are always fun. Ricciardo (28) is open, funny and original with his answers. Never a dull moment. “I taught myself to like it”, admits the teammate of Max Verstappen. “I spent more time with the media than actually racing. And if you don’t enjoy it, it will be hard to keep going. It helps to make a couple of jokes once in a while.” For him fun/enjoyment is an important driving force. “If you experience this pure as a job and you don’t enjoy it, you could be successful for sure. But no longer than a year. No longer. If the feeling isn’t there, you drive less intense.”

Too sweet, too nice

The eternal smile. It has become his trademark over the years, together with his shoey, his victory ritual. But it has also been considered negative. “People often thought that they could walk over me. That I was too sweet, too nice. On track but also off track, for example with business negotiations. That’s not the case anymore. As a kid I was definitely too nice. I was petite, skinny and not good with confrontations. As soon as someone was aggressive, I would be the first to retreat. I gradually learned to stand up for myself, one of the ways for me was by boxing. That helped. It gave me self-confidence.” The credo of a lot of sportsmen including Verstappen, that you have to be an asshole to achieve successes is only half the truth according to Ricciardo. “Believe me, I can be an asshole. But with a killer smile. It’s not as black and white as often stated. You can be ruthless in a proper manner. I consider myself as one of the most aggressive and most competitive driver on the grid, while most find me a nice guy. Or to state it differently: not everybody hates me.” Ricciardo experiences his work relation with Max Verstappen as utterly pleasant, he says. Normally then. In Hungary he got pushed off track by his teammate. It was the last race before the summer break. Ricciardo called Verstappen a sore loser. Meanwhile peace has been restored. “I just said whatever. You’re just hugely disappointed. If it was better to wait a little? Maybe. On the other hand, it’s good for people to see your emotions. My comment about Max was about the fact that in Hungary he was at the backhand and then right away wanted to make up for it. It wasn’t the first time that happened to him. It’s hard to blame someone for trying his best. It’s a good thing you want to get the most out of every situation. But you also have to be realistic in what is possible and what not. If it is his weak spot? Let’s say it mostly has to do with his young age.” Verstappen apologized quickly after the race. With that, it was done for Ricciardo. “It was a sincere apology. That’s good enough for me.”

Best teammate

Earlier he has called Verstappen, who lives in the same apartment complex in Monaco, the best teammate he could wish for. And the most fun, despite the differences in character. “I got to know him better over the past year. We laugh a lot, have a lot of fun. That’s a bonus. It is important that there is a good understanding with each other. If you don’t tell each other everything and keep information from the team, it won’t work.” At Mercedes it worked for the past couple of years with Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. “I believe they could have been faster if they had worked better together. It is crucial for you as a driver to understand that you have to work together with the team and your teammate to improve the car. After that you can go to battle. Not the other way around. I believe that Max and I are doing it the right way. We are open to each other and don’t play political games.”



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