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My Hetalia Headcanons

I decided to put all of these headcanons that I wrote during almost all my classes into good use by putting them all on one post. Feel free to send me some too!

  • America doesn’t just eat McDonald’s. He is a food critic with almost every fast food place that’s in his sight. He personally dislikes Wendy’s and Del Taco.
  • Netherlands lowkey makes money by selling drugs to teenagers and he makes about $140 a week.
  • When Canada gets upset he would slip up and start complaining in French
  • All the nations that have waterparks have competitions about which waterslide is the best. So far, it’s Italy.
  • Although he can’t cook, England is actually a good judge with food since he have tried so many kinds due to his colonies.
  • Finland secretly judges everybody’s music taste especially if you claim to like metal and it ends up being Pierce the Veil you’re talking about.
  • Sweden is actually obsessed with everything that involves the music of the 70s and 80s since he considers it to be a better time.
  • Romano actually has a twitter account and he tends to get in a lot of twitter wars
  • Spain has his house baby proof still because he actually runs a daycare with help of Belgium.
  • Around Christmas time, America and Finland have a karaoke contest with Christmas songs every year.
  • Australia actually has a beach party for Christmas for the other nations that are having Christmas in the summer.
  • France gets really bothered when America and Canada calls Père Noël Christmas Dad.
  • Denmark cries anytime someone gets him megablocks instead of legos.
  • Poland was the one started started the “Yasss slay” craze.
  • The awesome trio does water bottle flipping all the time. They actually got one on Germany’s head before.
  • Finland has a dog walking service with Sweden.
  • when Romano was little, he would play connect the dots with Belgium’s freckles.
  • Prussia tried to dye his hair black before, he woke up to it being platinum blonde again.
  • The Nordics play Cards Against Humanity every week and whoever loses would have to clean the house for the week. Denmark surprisingly lost most times.
  • England gets annoyed when America remakes any of his shows and they end up better. He stops talking to America for about 2 weeks.
  • All the nations laughed at America when they found his account that had fuckboy videos.
  • Russia lowkey judges Yuri on Ice, but he enjoys most of the time.
  • The magic trio have a group chat that is full of memes, Romania is the one that is sending the memes.
  • Iceland is actually popular on social media.
  • England, on the phone: oy, where is everyone??
  • America: what do you mean? I'm at the place you told us to meet-up!
  • Australia: same here, mate.
  • England: what the? I said to meet up in Waterloo- ... wait.
  • America: I'm in Waterloo, Alabama...
  • Hong Kong: ...Waterloo Road, Kowloon
  • New Zealand: ...Waterloo in New Zealand
  • Canada: ...Waterloo, Ontario
  • Australia: ...Waterloo, Victoria
  • Belgium: ...England, why???
France's Contact Names
  • America: burger bitch
  • England: don't answer
  • China: we can both cook
  • Italy: cute kid
  • Germany: hitler
  • Japan: yaoi author
  • Spain: ass
  • Romano: should've kidnapped him when i had the chance
  • Turkey: we can both cook
  • Greece: kitty daddy
  • Netherlands: make it rain
  • Belgium: chocolate
  • Canada: my little mattieu~
  • Norway: Put the volume high
  • Finland: sweet as candy
  • Sweden: sexy stare
  • Denmark: put the volume low
  • Iceland: sexy middle baby
  • Prussia: Partner in crime

fake Hetalia screenshots with retro anime style. 

The first one has an  annoyed Nyo England. 

The second has an AU: Francis and Arthur have a little cafè, but the frenchman  has the vice to flirt with customers, so this irritates Arthur because he only loses time (and because it makes him jealous ;3)

Oh and yes..Hungary and Belgium are dating ehehe

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Hetalia Countries As Random Spongebob Quotes pt. 2
  • N.Italy: MY LEG!
  • Germany:
  • Japan: Well, it’s no secret that the best thing about a secret is secretly telling someone your secret, thereby, secretly adding another secret to their secret collection of secret, secretly
  • America: You don’t need a license to drive a sandwich.
  • France: I love you.
  • China: Well at least I still have my personality...
  • Russia: Do instruments of torture count?
  • Sweden: FINLAND.
  • Denmark: East? I thought you said Weast!
  • Norway: I hate all of you.
  • Finland: That’s his.....eager face. (referring to Sweden)
  • Iceland: I made it with my tears.
  • Greece: She's a purebred.
  • Turkey: How do you spell you're not my friend?
  • Canada: The door is locked...and the only way to get out is through.....THE PERFUME DEPARTMENT....
  • Australia: It's not just a boulder...IT'S A ROCK!
  • Austria: Don’t you have to be stupid somewhere else?
  • Prussia: Not until 4:00
  • Hungary: If I were to die right now of some sort of fiery explosion due to carelessness of a friend, well that would just be okay.
  • Estonia: Now that we’re men, we have facial hair!
  • Lithuania: Now that we’re men, we change our underwear!
  • Latvia: Hi. I'm very ugly
  • Belgium: oh gosh, China! Are you okay?? Is fighting in the Second World War tiring you too much? You should take it easy for your health...
  • China: oh, this? This isn't because of the war.
  • Belgium: E-eh?
  • England: you're so stupid!
  • France: no, you're stupid!
  • England and France: CHINA!
  • America: Chinaaa, Russia's being creepy again!
  • Russia: kolkolkolkolkolkolkol
  • China: Raising four kids as a single parent can do a lot to you...
  • Canada: um, China, could you help me with-
  • China: I meant five.

Ok Operation Fortitude is such a aph America plan I’m suprize I’ve never heard about it before. (But then again it could be in the web comic or manga and I would be none the wiser.)  Anyways Fortitude was part of Operation Bodyguard which where a series of plans to keep D-Day motives hidden from the Germans.

America came up with a plan combining Hollywood magic and German little understanding of the American people; Basically they made a bunch of fake tanks and stationed General Patton ( One of America’s great generals in WW2. Who was taken out of command for 11 moths for slapping a shell shock soldier.) Making Hitler think that the main fight would be coming from Kent not Normandy.

And It totally worked.  

But If you think about America explain to his fellow Allies it sounds a bit ridiculous. I read some where that the these nations where the ones that fought on D-Day France also fought but D-Day was kinda like taking France back so I like to think that D-Day was rescue plan. If your confuse on the girl on England’s left it’s Czechoslovakia

Remembrance Day
  • Austria: Are you coming to the European dinner tonight? You've been very quiet today, are you okay?
  • Germany: yeah, I'm fine. I was just reminiscing about the war and what happened after it... I did not only lose, but I was despised by the majority of Europe. Poland and Belgium looked at me as if I was a killer... a monster... a demon. France hated my guts and wanted me to suffer. England looked at me with utter disgust and anger. The only one who looked at me differently that day, that surrender, was America. He looked at me with pity. I remember them so vividly in my mind because they hurt me the most. I have always thought that this war, as well as the next one, would be embedded in their minds. They will never see me as a country, a neighbour, an equal. That the whole continent will always hate me... that you, Hungary, Bruder, Turkey, and later, Italy and Japan, will look at me differently because I failed... because I killed so many innocent people. That's why, when the EU was finalised, I saw it as my sole responsibility to protect this peace, to regain everyone's trust, to fix the damages that I've done-
  • Austria: don't be so egoistic and put yourself in the centre of European history when you're such a young country!
  • Germany: w-wait, I wasn't-
  • Austria: we Europeans have been warring each other since day one! No stop, no ceasefire, and no peace! We couldn't stand each other.... but, that's what history is. We remember, we learn, we trust, and we move forward. That's how we bond and form friendships.
  • Italy: Germany, Germany, are you coming for the dinner? We're going to walk to France's house in two minutes~! Oh, we're also going to see how long it will take until England starts complaining about everything~
  • England: why???
  • France: because you're the source of entertainment for us
  • England: okay, listen here you Frog-
  • Poland: wow, that didn't take long, lol! Germany, hurry before they start fighting!
  • Belgium: Germany, c'mon now! I'm super hungry!
  • Germany: ... well, Austria, you're right... history is history. *smiling* and I intend to learn the most from it.

Counting down the days and drawing the trashiest of the trash idea. Totally self indulgent. I apologize for my existence.

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