belgian triple

Affligem Triple

While sitting on the Mediterranean, under the sun, it seemed time for a nice cool beer and what better than a new (to me) Belgian brew. Affligem has been in existence since 1074 is a traditional Abbey Beer brewed by the monks themselves. Their Triple variety has won the World Beer Cup in 1996, 2004 and 2008 and it is a completely worthy of all the accolades. 

    It’s color is a light ruby tinged with gold and there is a wonderful cloudiness to it. There is a substantial head after the initial pour and you can even see flecks of what are most likely yeast. This is thanks to the secondary fermentation done in the bottle.

    The taste is a very strong barley flavor and a distinct bitterness up front with a slight citrus note that masks how incredibly strong this beer is. Coming in at 9.5% ABV this could almost be classified as a barley wine. Belgian beers constantly impress me, it’s a very good way to go when torn between a selection of beers and Affligem continued that reputation for me. (9.5% ABV)

Review: Bell’s Sparkling Ale (Tap)

This is a pretty rare offering from Bells that I was able to try at a beer dinner in Milwaukee. It hasn’t been brewed for years, despite being a solid example of a Belgian triple. There’s lots of clove and yeast in the aroma and taste. Also, as expected your getting Belgian spices, light fluffy white bread, honey, and some banana. 

Niko (FF) Score = 8.75/10

Review: Green Flash Le Freak (Bottle)

I’ve been wanting to try this guy for a while now: a heavily hopped Belgian triple that I thought would border closest the Belgian IPA category. Surprisingly that’s not really the case. One of the more interesting beers I’ve had in a while, the triple component is funky: grassy, yeasty sourdough bread, and some light fruit flavors. Finally the beer finishes with dry earthy hops. Really unique but I’m not sure how many times I would have it again - still worth a purchase. 

Niko (FF) Score = 8.5/10

Review: De Dolle Dulle Teve (Bottle)

Sometimes being a beer writer has its perks, like being able to sit down with a bar owner, sample free brews, and talk everything beer. That’s exactly what I did at Brasserie V in Madison, WI last night, one of the best Belgian beer bars in the state. The owner recommended a few bottles to pop open including Dulle Teve, a Belgian triple which he informed me means “Mad Bitch” in English. 

On to the beer, which has a bit of a weak aroma which is very much made up for on the pallet. Rich and boozy, the beer comes at you with cinnamon, spicy apple cider, and lots of caramel. It’s acidic and dry, with sweet honey and biscuit malts and low bitterness - really good, and really interesting.

Niko (FF) Score = 9.25/10