belgian style pale ale

Dancing Pierre (Central 28)

Brewery : Central 28
Beer : Dancing Pierre
Style : Belgian Ale / Belgian Style Pale Ale / Belgian Pale Ale
Variance : None

8.5 / 10

Wooooooo. Dancing Pierre was a bear born on the banks of the Mississippi that was abandoned as a little bear cub. All he had to remember his family was a silly top hat that he treasured and wore everywhere. He was all alone in the world until one day a circus rolled into town and put on a show unlike anything Pierre had ever seen before. After the show he tried out for several different acts and all failed miserably until he jumped on a unicycle and juggled 4 hops with more skill and finesse than ever witnessed by human eyes. He became the star attraction in the circus and achieved his biggest fame once Central 28 stumbled upon the show and immortalized him forever on this can of the beer. Pierre later died in a horrible yet hilarious uni-cycling accident where he crashed into a truck full of bananas and he will forever be remembered every time someone drinks this beer. I just wasted so much of your fucking time by writing all that nonsense but this can’s art was too cool to not comment on but I guess I got a little carried away and I apologize. This beer has a nice sweet golden ale fruity flavor to start with an almost champagne or white wine like character before some floral hops mix in lending just enough bitterness to this beer all while ending with a nice raisin and malt mixture that has a nice bite while still maintaining that balanced sweetness. This is a style that I feel like more breweries need to take on because it really is a nice spin on a common style and Central 28 knocked it out of the park with this. If this is your first beer or if you’ve lost count of how many you’ve drank, this is perfect for you because it’s flavors will either swoon that commercial beer drinker to our side or put a smile on the pros face. Now stop reading this rubbish and go out and drink this brew!

Written by: Steve B.


This was a Night Shift Trifecta Belgian-Style Pale Ale.This was bottled on 3/12/12 so I’ve been holding on to it for a while.  The sweetness typical of a Belgian style brew had mellowed with time.  There was a light hint of vanilla.  There was also some fruit which come across like pineapple without the tart finish.  This was really good even a year and a half later.

Brainless On Cherries (Epic)

Brewery : Epic
Beer : Brainless On Cherries
Style : Belgian Style Pale Ale
Variance : Brewed with Cherry Puree and Aged in French Wine Casks

8.5 / 10

If this is what being brainless feels like then slap my ass and call me Sally. This is the second entry in the Brainless series that I’ve tried and so far this one is my favorite.It has a nice tart cherry flavor that borders on being sour to start with a sweetness that follows right through to the end with almost a farm-y saison type flavor. It has a slight alcohol bite to it at 10.7% ABV but it works really well with the other flavors like the bonds between Uncle Jessie, Danny, and Joey (If you don’t get that reference that you had no damn childhood and you suck). Besides that it is actually a very light drinker due to it’s sweeter flavors and I would highly recommend it to the virgin and prostitute beer drinkers alike. Cheers!

Written by: Steve b.