belgian sheep dog


Clannibal Sketch Prompt! with Kids! requested by comettystar962. OK so… someone once proposed that what if Mads!Hannibal was actually Hopkins!Hannibal and Clarice’s son.  And to that I say lol YES. It seems like common headcanon that if Clarice and Hannibal had a daughter she’d be named Mischa… So this would make their kids Hannibal and Mischa 2.0.

Also, agentclaricestxrling once noted that the little girl from “Orphan” (Isabelle Fuhrman) would make a perfect clannibal lovechild and yah i kinda agree lolol what a fucked up murder family. And I gave them a dog. Mainly cuz I imagine Mischa riding on its back like a horse (and then calling it Hannah *cuz in the book Clarice saves a horse she named hannah instead of a lamb*). It’s also a Belgian Sheepdog. SHEEP DOG. *v*