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'We are not amused': Belgian monarchy angered by Burger King

Representatives of Belgium’s King Philippe on Monday asked the local unit of Burger King, owned by Restaurant Brands International (QSR.TO)(QSR.N), to explain itself.
Shana Van den Broeck, a spokeswoman for Burger Brands Belgium, said that the company is considering whether to make changes to the advertising.
FILE PHOTO: Belgium’s King Philippe attends a ceremony at Brussels Zaventem airport, commemorating the first anniversary of twin attacks at Brussels airport and a metro train in Brussels, Belgium, March 22, 2017.
The animated advert, noting that King Philippe was crowned in 2013, announces the brand’s launch in Belgium this month and asks: “Two Kings.
REUTERS/Didier Lebrun/PoolBRUSSELS Burger King is in trouble with Belgium’s monarchy over an advertising campaign asking Belgians to vote online to "crown” the global fast-food giant the true ruler of the country where the U.S. brand will launch next month.

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Posted at Mon May 29 18:50:15 2017