belgian magazines

To make you forgive me for being afk, I translated this March 2014 issue of a belgian magazine, Joepie Magazine.

Note: I do not speak Dutch so bear in mind that it was long and annoying (but it’s correct though)

Joepie asked R5 to answer 4 questions about the other bandmembers (and themselves). The questions are the same for everyone, and their answers are in English (except for themselves, in that case I translated it). The goal is to know who knows the band the best.




1. How many ex-girlfriends/boyfriends does each bandmember have?

Rydel:  0; Rocky: 4; Riker: 7; Ross: 1; Ell: 9.

2. What is their favorite food?

Rydel:  dairy/bread; Rocky: mac n cheese; Riker: cheeseburgers; Ross: everything; Ell: sushi.

3. Who is their celebrity crush?

Rydel:  Chris Hemsworth; Rocky: Emma Watson; Riker: Alice Eve; Ross: Audrey Hepburn; Ell: Jennifer Lawrence.

4. Which school subject did they like?

Rydel:  lunch/geography/spelling; Rocky: maths; Riker: writing; Ross: art; Ell: english.

test results:

Rydel: “Pff, the boys are so competitive, guys it’s just a quiz! I’m afraid they’ll have almost all my answers correct bc I’m an open book.”

Rocky: “Man, this is hard!”

Riker: “Wait a minute, I want first a definition of what an ex is bc that makes a difference for some of us here. They’ve got a different definition than I do. And I really want to score well on this test.”

Ross: “I have no idea of how many exes I have. Who would be the girl I can call an ex? Did we have a relationship? Tough question!” (this is blurry, I don’t understand how those words work…)

Ellington: “Do you have to know the real number of exes? Oh no, I’m a slut…”