belgian independence day


A trio of beers at Tria Taproom in Philadelphia. On the top, Ommegang’s Belgian Independence Day 2014 IPA (a 3 of 4), on the bottom left, Perennial Artisan Ales’ The Last Word (a 4 of 4), and on the bottom right, Weyerbacher’s Ales for ALS IPA (a 3 of 4). All great - the Ommegang is simply a great Belgian IPA - lots of high sticky carbonation and a earthy belgian yeasty quality on the nose, paired with a juicy citrus hop presence. Firmly bitter, but drinks well and the lighter body with spicy yeast qualities and some citric hop presence makes this good. The Perennial is my first from them - and I’m quite happy - quite reddish orange without much lacing to speak of. Smells like candy and honey sweetness up front, as well as some other citrus notes with a faint sourness. The body gets hugely spicy and funky quite quickly - there are a ton of weird herbal notes and sour lime. Not too acidic, but the acid is firmly there. Interesting stuff. The Ales for ALS IPA is simply solid - nice creamy lacing and lots of tropical fruit on the nose with a firm body bitterness to back it. Not overly bitter, and a nice balancing fruity sweetness, with a simply great nose. Also, Tria Taproom is great - would definitely drop back by the next time I’m in Philadelphia.