belgian hunks

The paladins as dog breeds

Shiro: Alaskan Malamute

Keith: Belgian Sheepdog

Lance: Rhodesian Ridgeback 

Pidge: Kooikerhondje

Hunk: Bernese Mountain Dog

Man crushes of 2015

This post is obviously extremely important. So just deal with it. 

Domhnall Gleeson 

I saw him in many movies before his true charm rooted into my movie loving heart.  Memorable Roles in: About Time, Harry Potter, True Grit, Never Let Me Go, Anna Karenina, Ex Machina, The Revenant. Who doesn’t like a beautiful ginger 

Lee Pace

To be frank with you all, I’ve loved Lee for probably about 10 years now. What was puppy love is full grown! The Fall is one of my favorite movies of all time, and Ned the Pie Maker in Pushing Daisies will challenge your romantic sensibilities. He’s gorgeous, versatile and talented. May I never ever live in a world where I can’t moon over what it would be like to love this man and have him maybe wave at me. 

Idris Elba

STOP. I KNOW. HE’S PERFECT. It goes without saying that he’s also a brilliant actor. Noteworthy things to oogle him in: The Office, Luther, The Wire, and Beasts of No Nation. Le sigh. Did you see him in the Mumford & Son music video? Mhmmm. 

Clive Standen

Vikings. Watch the fight scenes. Or any scene with his shirt off. Just. unf. Im sorry I’m getting distracted. Gah. He cleans up rather well, fyi. He’s nice to watch. My stomach sort of trips over itself when I do. 

Chris Pratt

Andy from Parks & Recs is an undeniable mess. But he’s filled with love, optimism, and humor. Chris Pratt really came to his rightful place on my list when he played Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy. May he continue to make himself the most approachable hot dude. Funny guys who are teddy bears ftw. 

Rahul Kohli

I stumbled upon iZombie and took a chance on it only to really find myself checking out this morgue director sidekick who is surprisingly okay with zombies and has a beautiful accent, oh and great hair. 

Scott Eastwood

Purely for the sake of my libido, and my romanticized ideal of a handsome-as-fuck man’s man, the ones that clean up beautifully and sail boats, model, ride horses, etc. Watch Longest Ride, Ryan Gosling had his moooony romantic start in The Notebook. Thanks Nicholas Sparks for taking hot dudes to a new level.  (soooo into it) Check him with Tswift in the music video Wildest Dreams, with some serious old hollywood charm. 

John Boyega

His enthusiasm, authenticity and inexperience in every interview is just fantastic. I think he made Force Awakens really fantastic with Daisy & Isaac. And his smile is everything. Yes, I am shipping Fin & Po. Deal with it. 

Matthias Schoenaerts 

Oh, this one. Mhmmm. Belgian hunk. Watch Far From The Madding Crowd. Bask in his devotion, and his simple expressions of respect and trust. Then, just appreciate his muscles, and his face. Then hunt him down in other movies. 

Richard Armitage 

Watch him in North & South. Then, delve into his more extravagant roles like a dwarf king in The Hobbit. He’s brooding and beautiful. Let’s not over think this. 

Anson Mount

Mmmmmm, not a lot of guys can look hot in an era when baths were scarce, murder was common, and a general lack of self care ran ramped. 


Armie Hammer

A tall glass of water. 6′5″. Like a giant puppy, a beautiful puppy. The Man From UNCLE. He has a Russian accent and he gets his ass handed to him from a girl. And while he’s been in some flops (*cough* Lone Ranger *cough*) , he’s mighty nice to look at. 

Donald Glover

Talented is a word that really doesn’t encompass what Donald Glover has brought to the table. He’s an actor, writer and musician. He’s also beautiful. So there’s that. Check him in Girls, Community and in The To Do list.

Nicholas Hoult

Hello angel. First, lets acknowledge he’s the like kid from About A Boy who stole my heart when he sang “Shake ya ass” ( then he grew up and was in X-Men, A Single Man, a dead sexy zombie romeo, and finally my sweet war boy Nux in Fury Road. He’s also 6′3″. Hmmmm. I trust he will continue to get better with age. Something to look forward to. 

Jason Sudeikis

Funny men are hot. He’s a comedic actor who’s been a around for a while, but he’s really finding his place of late. He played my favorite love interest on 30 Rock, Floyd. He also killed it in Drinking Buddies a couple years ago, that movie has a fantastic soundtrack btw. Have you seen Sleeping with Other People yet? Go see it. 

You’re welcome. And Yes, I’ll get my Lady Crush list up ASAP.