belgian draft horses

After a long day of running around, taking foster kittens back, getting dog supplies, arranging homes for dogs and llamas, I have finally brought Lola home. The owner passed away last night and the legal ownership was passed to my friend. My friend only has until the end of Sunday to get all the animals out before the son locks the gates and doesn’t let anyone in. There were two Belgian draft horses, two llamas, three cats and five dogs. The cats are at the SPCA and the rest either have homes or temporary homes until they can find a forever home. My friend works at the SPCA and luckily they don’t have very many cats at the moment. 

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Brooklyn Supreme (a.k.a. Brookie) 1928-1948 was a Belgian stallion noted for its extreme size. He stood 19.2 hands (1.98 meters) tall and weighed 3,200 pounds (1,500 kilograms) with a girth of over 10 feet (3 meters).


today’s ride was so lovely~
started off riding a tiny appendix pony named lily, then switched halfway and rode moose, the glorious belgian cross. I’m so grateful to be riding again, it’s really helping me survive life right now 🐴❤️