ok so hear me out,

the foreshadowing in this is strong ok this is who’s going to win next season; how they’re arranged on the podium.

Yuuri= gold in the middle (ON T O P), Viktor= silver (plAtiNUm), and Yurio= bronze I mean?? like it’s just an idea obviously but WHEN I’M RIGHT O^O BOII i’ll bring this back and it’ll be one of the only things i ever ever got right hopefully maybe 

like this isn’t the only official art they’re in this order either? I know they’ve mixed around some and obviously this is just a natural arrangement bc yuuri is the main character and yadda yadda hOWEVER IT COULD be my bad foreshadowing >-> 

and this post idea has been sitting in my memos for a while now gathering dust (like me in my bedroom gOD) that’s why it’s no good and i’m ….. sorry  uhg

Potremo allontanarci, non sentirci, ma entrambi sappiamo che qualcosa ci legherà sempre.
—  Labellezzadellepiccolecose - (via labellezzadellepiccolecose.)

[teaser] monsta x - hero (japanese ver)


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