The Sound and the Fury: Music and Mayhem (The Passion of Punk)

Drums collide like furious catalysts of mayhem and madness, guitars distort and drive without a thought for hearing, vocals wail and whine with anger and firm defiance. The debasement of everything, reduced to it’s most carnal and carnivorous form. Fuck the day to day monotony of everyday life. The no hopers and do nothings that bring everything down. This is Punk, this is music.

The Monday Morning Playlist: The Cold Mornings Are Here

So it’s Monday again. So it’s time for the Monday Morning Playlist. This Monday isn’t just the start to a new week, but the first Monday of November. It’s not all bad though. Christmas is right around the corner, and the dead leaves are starting to give way to crisp frosty mornings. Always look on the bright side of life, isn’t that what they say? Well just to help you to see the bright side, here is a playlist to give you that wee boost this Monday…

Delve into Dickensian London in Terry Pratchett’s Dodger

Those of you who are already familiar with Sir Terry Pratchett may know him as the creator of the Discworld series, the phenomenal sci-fi/fantasy series which takes place upon a flat world riding through space on an enormous turtle. Yet Terry Pratchett’s latest book moves away from this fantasy setting and takes the reader to a place which is, perhaps, even more fantastical. Get ready to take a step into (and under) Victorian London in Dodger!

Teen Activist Shot in Pakistan: Malala Yousafzai Injured in Attack

Gunmen have shot and wounded a fourteen year-old girl in the Swat Valley region of northern Pakistan.  Malala is an avid rights activist, campaigning for education for young girls – including producing a diary for BBC Urdu in 2009 detailing life under Taliban rule.

There are two differing accounts about how the attack unfolded.  Eye witnesses claim a car pulled up beside the group of schoolgirls walking home and asked for Malala by name, before opening fire.

25 Years of Final Fantasy!

This year has marked many milestones for gaming franchises; Metal Gear turned 25 and Vice City reached 10 to name a few, this alongside the revival of many big name franchises of yesteryear like Hitman and Tomb Raider have made this hugely nostalgic year for gamers. These are some of the most fondly remembered and formative gaming franchises for many of us, starting a love affair with gaming for many and even inspiring some to pursue gaming as a career, and now its the turn of one of the greatest of these franchises, Final Fantasy, celebrates its 25th anniversary…

Breaking Bad? Breaking Damn Good: A Review

I’ll admit that when I went to start watching Breaking Bad, I hadn’t been expecting much. As far as I knew, it was a show about a middle aged teacher making drugs because his time was running out and he thought, well why the hell not. I’d heard a lot of great things about it but it seemed more like a mini movie concept than a television series, so it was with a resigned sigh that I committed myself to giving it a try lest my housemate bludgeon me (I’m not even joking, she was literally threatening violence if I didn’t)…

Nitrogen Cocktail Leads to Removal of Teenager’s Stomach

Eighteen year-old Gaby Scanlon underwent emergency surgery to remove her stomach after drinking a cocktail containing liquid nitrogen led to her stomach being pierced.

The Lancashire girl, a student at the Ripley St Thomas Church of England Academy, was out celebrating her 18th birthday at Oscar’s Wine Bar on the 4th October when she developed severe stomach pains and was rushed to hospital at 11pm. Here doctors diagnosed her as suffering from a perforated stomach…

 The #whatuniversityhastaughtme hashtag has been trending recently, it’s full of  good advice, good memories, good lessons, and bad versions of all of the above. Here are some of the best!

  • Procrastination is stronger than all other forces in the universe. @abcdefJaymz
  •  Noodles can be your best friend during the worst of times. @LeeLiLiani
  • Group work was created by Satan in an effort to divide humans. @ShamNOIR
  • Women use food to lure guys to their house @Santana8421
  • My mother is a superwoman and I don’t appreciate her enough @ProfessorKumi
  • Pulling an all-nighter is not a skill… It’s a way of life @MideSanni
  • Click here for more…

The Greatest T.V. Series of All Time – Part II: The Cancelled Series

Last week this series of articles started by offering The Sopranos and Game of Thrones as two of the best shows ever to grace television. These are two very popular shows and even if you haven’t seen them you will probably have heard of them. This week will be two shows which you may not have heard of, but which also are held in high esteem by thousands around the world. Both these shows were cancelled before they got their chance to have a decent run on T.V. but because of this they have gained cult status…

Gay rights…political and personal.

Years of prejudice, scrutiny, judgement and politics have surrounded that three letter word, ‘gay’. So in the 21st Century, are we not all cool with it now?  Has society not given up on its condemnation of non-hetero sexuality? Perhaps it’s easier to believe that public opinion has moved with the times – however, the truth is that the reality of coming out in today’s society does not always result in the acceptance and open-mindedness that we would expect…

Spooky Studenty Series: Hallow Goodbye

Seasons.  They come and go, like a smelly fart they arrive so suddenly, overriding your senses and behaviours before being forgotten as we become desensitised to their presence – at which point the next one drops and it all gets cyclical.  It’s Autumn right now, leaves are falling in cascades of colour to rest gently upon the ground we tread in clumps of slippery brown mulch that makes getting around on my crutches all the more hazardous – if I look up I slip on leaves, if I look down I bump into people who are then all like; “Are you OK?  Do you need a hand?”  To which I respond; “Do I look like a cripple?” and then hobble off leaving them feeling confused and hungry and probably a little aroused as apparently I “smoulder”.  Oh baby.

Looper Review!

Looper takes an idea many have contemplated, what would you say and do if confronted with your younger self, and crafts an intelligent, thrilling sci-fi drama around it. Taking cues from many time-travel sci-fi films without ever being a slave to them (everything from Terminator to Twelve Monkeys get a nod), Looper’s world feel familiar without ever feeling like treading old ground, with everything from hover bikes to telekinesis in play. To feel fresh in such a crowded genre is quite the accomplishment especially when playing with so many sci-fi tropes…

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Kay Burley: ‘Insensitive and Inhuman’ or ‘Just doing her Job’?

It’s a question many viewers have found themselves asking, following Sky News presenter, Kay Burley’s 5 minute interview with volunteers looking for 5 year old April Jones.

Burley approached two Volunteers, who had not yet been told the news of young April’s almost confirmed death by Police officials. Burley broke the news to the volunteers, expressing her sympathies, but carrying on with the interview;

‘They [the police] don’t expect to find her alive. I’m sorry to have to tell you in circumstances like this… would you like to say anything?’

Saudi Arabia censors out women from their Ikea catalogues.

The image? A woman helping her son with his teeth, both clad in Pyjamas. Behind them her husband towels dry their younger child,as the family gets ready for bed.
A stereotypical Nuclear family modelling a bathroom; not a bit controversial.

So why is it that the Saudi Arabian version of the Swedish furniture giant’s catalogue, was devoid of any female models? …