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Greats Of The Game - George Best, Winger

Began his club career in England with Manchester United, with the scout who had spotted his talent at the age of 15 sending a telegram to manager Matt Busby which read: “I think I’ve found you a genius.” After making his debut for United aged 17, he scored 179 goals from 470 appearances over 11 years, and was the club’s top goalscorer in the league for five consecutive seasons.

Best was voted 8th in the World Soccer 100 greatest football players of the 20th century election in 1999 and was voted 16th in the IFFHS World Player of the Century election in 1999. He was on the six man short list for the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Century in 1999. Best was one of the inaugural 22 inductees into the English Football Hall of Fame in 2002. In 2004, he was voted 19th in the public UEFA Golden Jubilee Poll and was named in the FIFA 100 list of the world’s greatest living players. Former Brazilian footballer Pelé stated, “George Best was the greatest player in the world". Best was once quoted as saying, “Pelé called me the greatest footballer in the world. That is the ultimate salute to my life.” On what would have been his 60th birthday, Belfast City Airport was renamed the George Best Belfast City Airport. According to the BBC, Best was remembered by mourners at his public funeral held in Belfast as “the beautiful boy” [with a] “beautiful game”.

Passage Home-4

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The helicopter landed on top of a warehouse at the docks in Dún Laoghaire. I looked down and saw the waterplane waiting for us. “Thanks for the ride Sam!”

She turned to look at me giving me a thumbs up. “Glad to help, Scarlet! You get this young lady home to her Da!”

“Copy that!” I tapped Kerrianne on the shoulder and nodded at the door. She pushed it open climbing out carefully. I grabbed our bags, and followed her, grabbing her hand, I led her to the roof top door.

I watched as the helicopter lifted off, I dragged her through the door, down the stairs and to our next ride to her freedom.  

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Belfast, Northern Ireland

Got back from Belfast earlier today. Belfast definitely knows how to enjoy the night and the Irish country side and coast is some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Thanks for having me!

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Off to Belfast on Friday Morning! Had to wake up at 4:30 am…

The wall that separates the Protestant Loyalists and the Irish catholics from violence that happens even to this day. Look up the “troubles” in Northern Ireland if you have never heard of it, it is very eye opening.

Belfast City Hall

Me near one of the many castles on the coast

The Irish Coast line, which is littered with many beaches, both rocky and sandy. This is on the Causeway Scenic Highway.

The Giants Causeway! All natural hexagonal rock formations.

Irish Farm

Hanging out at the Belfast Botanical Gardens


I cropped myself out (my pics) of ones I never uploaded because I was talking in them oops. He continued to take loads and I was like ahh


Belfast (from Irish: Béal Feirste, meaning “mouth of the sandbanks”) is the administrative capital and largest city of Northern Ireland. Most of Belfast is in County Antrim, but parts of East and South Belfast are in County Down. It is on the flood plain of the River Lagan.

By population, it is the fourteenth largest city in the United Kingdom and second largest on the island of Ireland. It is the seat of the devolved government and legislative Northern Ireland Assembly. The city of Belfast has a population of 286,000 and lies at the heart of the Belfast Urban area which has a population of 483,418 and the Belfast Metropolitan Area, which has a population of 579,276. The Larger Urban Zone, as defined by the European Union, has a total population 641,638. Belfast was granted city status in 1888.

Historically, Belfast has been a centre for the Irish linen industry (earning the nickname “Linenopolis”), tobacco production, rope-making and shipbuilding: the city’s main shipbuilders, Harland and Wolff, which built the well-known RMS Titanic, propelled Belfast on to the global stage in the early 20th century as the biggest and most productive shipyard in the world. Belfast played a key role in the Industrial Revolution, establishing its place as a global industrial centre until the latter half of the 20th century. Industrialisation and the inward migration it brought made Belfast, if briefly, the biggest city in Ireland at the turn of the 20th century and the city’s industrial and economic success was cited by unionist opponents of Home Rule as a reason why Ireland should shun devolution and later why Ulster unionists in particular would fight to resist it.

Today, Belfast remains a centre for industry, as well as the arts, higher education and business, a legal centre, and is the economic engine of Northern Ireland. The city suffered greatly during the period of conflict called the Troubles, but latterly has undergone a sustained period of calm, free from the intense political violence of former years, and substantial economic and commercial growth. Belfast city centre has undergone considerable expansion and regeneration in recent years, notably around Victoria Square. Belfast is served by two airports: George Best Belfast City Airport in the city, and Belfast International Airport 15 miles (24 km) west of the city. Belfast is also a major port, with commercial and industrial docks dominating the Belfast Lough shoreline, including the famous Harland and Wolff shipyard. Belfast is a constituent city of the Dublin-Belfast corridor, which has a population of three million, or half the total population of the island of Ireland.

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hi taylorswift!! This is me and my cousin, Catherine ( swift13love ) (i’m alice, she’s the queen of hearts)! this was from when we saw you in Glasgow on the 23rd of June! We are seeing you again on the 29th in Dublin and we are wearing these costumes again! (They are super cool and they light up!!!!!!). The first pic is a selfie of us waiting in the airport in Belfast airport to fly to Glasgow to see you, and to be quite honest with you I’m not 100% sure on what we were doing in the 3rd pic….probably channeling some sort of deep, interpretive dance, emotion…thing.

Me and Catherine have been fans of you for 7 years and have seen every tour together (except fearless, although I would sell my soul to see it). We always have the most amazing time and some of our fav memories are from seeing you (others would be the 1989 dance parties we had on Valentine’s day, planning tour costumes, you know, the usual) and your shows are so so incredible! We cannot WAIT for the Dublin show and we really hope we can meet you one way or another because it would mean everything to give u a hug and talk and take a cute photo together 💖 see you there!