Seokjin Scenario: Borderline.

Request: A scenario where Jins ex shows up pretending that she’s expecting a baby and Jin is the father. (because she wants to ruin your relationship). You eventually break up with him saying that he should go back to his ex because the child needs a father but Jin tries to convince you its a lie but were too hurt to believe anything anymore. So he asks the members help to prove to you that he didn’t cheat on you and the girl was lying. Gracias!

Genre: Romance / Drama

If someone asked you, you would say this was some joke, but it was hard to do that when you looked into her eyes, glassy to the point of tears, saw the blood test Jin was holding on his right hand, saw how she caressed her lower belly with tenderness and you couldn’t look to the other side. You let go of your boyfriend’s hand as if it was burning you the same way your chest was burning and Jin turned to hold your gaze, the look on his eyes was pure shock, maybe he was a little afraid too.

–It’s yours Jin and you know it, I’m just doing the right thing – Minhee said softly, almost apologetically and who were you not to believe her? If it was you on her shoes, then you’d want Jin to know because it was his responsibility too.

–It cannot be – he said with a strained voice, looking back at the face of his ex, crushing the paper between his fingers. –This is not…–

–How can you say that? Are you going to be that type of man now? – Minhee’s voice broke and now you felt like an outsider.

You saw the tension in Jin’s jaw and didn’t know what to do. He shook his head in disbelief and the count in your mind was going wild. It just… couldn’t be. You had been dating Jin for almost a year now, if Minhee was going into her fourth month soon then that meant he was with her and that was… that was plain low of him. You’d never thought Jin would do this, he was kind, he was reliable, he was romantic and amusing but a cheater? Had all these months just been a shallow thing for him? Because for you they weren’t, was everything he’d done just filled of cheap feels to get you with him while still seeing his ex on the side? The thought hurt as much as it made you furious and you took a step away from him.

–What are you talking about? You’re crazy Minhee, I have nothing to be with you anymore, what kind of stupidity is this? – Seokjin moved his eyes back to you and you wanted to hear him, but what if he was shielding himself with the typical fuckboy excuse of a crazy ex girlfriend?  –Y/N… –

–Don’t say anything else – You denied with your head because you’d heard enough. –Were you with her or not? –

Seokjin looked at you conflicted, his brows furrowing and a surprised face, maybe because he was caught cheating, who could know? you could see how his fingers hardened around the test in a tight fist. –I wasn’t Y/N, this is only a lie–

–I’m expecting your baby… or now you’re going to pretend that we didn’t have sex? I know you wanted this to be a secret between us but I…–

–I haven’t seen in you in almost two years! – Jin spoat through gritted teeth at her who just surrounded her middle with her arms. He’d raised his voice and you just took another step back. –Y/N, love, wait this isn’t…–

You huffed, interrupting whatever he was going to say which was more likely an excuse.

–I can’t believe you… god Seokjin, you need to man the hell up and accept what you’ve done – you said with a stern voice. It felt odd to talk so harshly at him but you couldn’t accept this type of behavior from him, did this mean that if you accidentally got pregnant then he would also say that it wasn’t yours? That you were crazy and lying?

–What? how can you… – Jin was going to approach you but you saw how he doubted, how his eyes darted form you to Minhee’s crying self and you couldn’t stand it anymore, you were trembling and most probably at the verge already and that wasn’t a good sign.

–No – you swallowed harshly and didn’t let him come near. –Don’t you come close to me – you turned around in a run to go to your apartment, without being able to mute down Minhee’s voice saying that she was carrying your boyfriend’s child or the way Jin was calling back for you.

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anonymous asked:

I didn't know you watched Zoo?! Who's your favorite character? What did you think of the second season finale? Did you know the character who plays the "grown up" Clementine also played Greer Danville, the lesbian in love with her bisexual bean Brenna Carver, in Chasing Life??? Ps: I love your blog :)


My favourite character was Chloe :( you should have seen my texting history while I was watching that episode! Right now my really digging Jamie, but I also really like Mitch and Abraham (I just love them all lol)

I’m actually watching season 2 for the first time now, I actually had to rewatch season 1 because I had left it for so long before I watched so I haven’t seen the finale yet! There is a twitter I follow deathtodickens that live tweets while she watches and her commentary on the show kills me! 

NO!! I haven’t seen Chasing Life but I’m gonna add that to my list!

aw shucks anon thank you! I’m glad you like the obnoxious mess that is my blog! 

Don’t wish for someone’s death

My ex told me to hurry up and die so I can stop posting sims on my simblr and he can delete every single post first of all, why wish death upon someone who is quite happy with life, don’t you know so many people are told a day to go kill their self because of various issues, that is no way to get rid of someone you dont like, another thing is the way he graphically told me a way to kill myself as an example, that’s not cool or whatever, suicide is not a laughing matter as part of the human race you should be preventing and kinds of suicidal thoughts and attempts, get help and don’t listen to the person who wishes death upon you, go get help call a suicide hotline go see anyone who can help but “DO NOT GIVE IN TO THE PERSON WHO WISHES YOU WERE DEAD” you are a sick bastard for reasons I won’t post you name I won’t give away your address but I swear if I ever see “GO KILL YOUSELF” ever again I will release your identity because I am doing what I can to prevent suicidal in a world that needs help and I will leave this message here just for you! 

  • Jaebum: Could you get it for me Bambam?
  • Bambam: Okay Dad
  • Jaebum:
  • got7:
  • Bambam: Why are you all staring at me?
  • Yugyeom: You just called Jaebum hyung "Dad". You said, "Okay Dad"
  • Bambam: What?? No I didn't. I said "Okay man"
  • Jaebum: Do you see me as a father figure Bambam?
  • Bambam: No. If anything I see you as a bother figure, because you're always bothering me.
  • Jackson: Hey! show your father some respect!
seventeen at boy scout camp
  • bc i hve a raging hate for their final stage outfits (tnx pledis screw u)
  • scoups: head camp counsellor, probs eat hotdogs for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • jeonghan: that one guy that doesnt want to participate in activities bc he'll get his hair ruined
  • joshua: assists scoups on ground activities, also makes up games and shit and extra af rules bc he wants everyone to be safe
  • junhui: this boi not wearing his uniform right, has tons of badges that everyone is jealous of bc taLENT
  • hoshi: excels at games and is on his way to beat junhui's record of badges, always suggests a dance off at bonfires but gets ignored
  • wonwoo: the geeky one that reads during breaks, likes his marshmellows and hotdogs semi-burnt, whines at morning jogs
  • woozi: very serious but is actually a cutie, wants to be head camp counsellor one day like seungcheol, sings during bon fires and everybody is amazed
  • deokyeom: very funny child and likes to cut lines when lining up for food, suprisingly competitive during games wow
  • mingyu: always asks why boy scouts dont make cookies like the girl scouts do, volunteers as canteen assistant during meal times
  • minghao: thughao the best hao, apparently gets lost one day int he middle of the woods while hiking with the group bc he saw a cute squirrel and tried to catch it, stayed in the woods for a day surviving by picking berries and killing rabbits and making fire before someone found him
  • seungkwan: joins woozi at campfire songs during bonfire, everybody likes him bc extra af, kinda wimpy at competitive games but is a sweetheart, u cannot outsass boo seungkwan in a quiz game tho
  • vernon: joined boy scouts bc his parents forced him to, doesnt want to do everything but when dino drags him to games he actually likes it and joins in on the fun
  • dino: knows everything fr making a fire, doing first aid and what berries are poisonous or not; brought his own cereal box for breakfast bc he doesnt like the cheap hot dogs they serve everyday