James Reimer doesn’t have to “be” good, he IS good.

James Reimer, 
If you do go to another team, I hope that those fans and that organization treats you well and gives you the damn credit you deserve. 

I hope that the fans in the new city never take you for granted and are always thankful. 

I don’t believe leafs “fans” deserve you and you never deserved the garbage from these “fans”. 

Thank you for taking this team to the playoffs. I don’t care what others say, you were the KEY to us making it to the playoffs after all these years.

Thank you for bringing this city new found hope and revival by taking us to the playoffs last year and having a phenomenal performance against the team who made it to the Stanley Cup final.

Some fans have a 100% faith in you Reimer. 

I’m sorry that there are too many sh*t heads who treat you like crap and that their opinions overpower those who have complete faith in you, day in and day out.

I’m sorry for all those fans you took you for granted. They will come to regret everything they said and felt about you in the near future, and that I can promise. 

I’m sorry that your very own coach doesn’t have faith in you. For all we know, he probably blames you for the game 7 loss in last year’s playoffs.

I’m sorry this team left you hung out to dry countless times.

I’m sorry you had to put up with this.


bringing the Holy Grail back to prepare infinite stans for their comeback