You’re just hating cause you can’t handle all this.

((As to my art sucking, I am quite happy with how it looks at the moment and no one can tell me otherwise. I know there’s still room to improve, but there always is. To be honest, this “ask” made me rather happy. I’m finally good enough to where people feel the need to hate on what I do. So, thank you Anon! <3 You made my day :D ))

I guess when the thought does pop up I do feel a bit worried…but I believe the side I’m on is a lot stronger than the other. Cause…if everyone is against us that means we’re a threat to them, you know? I know a lot of p-people always say good will triumph over bad, but I like to believe it’ll be different this time…

Magnus is really, really strong a-and I really doubt there’s anyone out there who can take him down. I might feel worried every now and then, but I take comfort in that fact and it makes me feel like everything is going to work out for us.