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Gosh I hate to ask so many questions because I don't want hog your responses but I just love them, another thing or rather dragon that I love is Barf and Belch. I feel that they have gotten the least attention and personality development even including "The Zippleback Experience" but they really do have some interesting traits! I seems to me that Barf is more of the leader of the heads while Belch seems more passive. Any thoughts on Barf and Belch? Maybe an appreciation post for them?

Oh my goodness, I like the idea of a Barf and Belch appreciation post indeed! Let’s do it!!!

1. Barf and Belch have patience like none other. They let the twins ride on their heads… and the twins aren’t always the most reserved riders. Ruffnut and Tuffnut will quarrel on the heads, or flip one head upside-down, or accidentally get the heads crossed, or try to navigate the dragon in two different directions at the same time, etc. And yet we never ever ever ever see Barf and Belch become irritated at the twins. Startled, worried, confused, yes. But Barf and Belch are patient with the twins and almost never demonstrate irritation with them.

I mean

talk about

serious patience

2. Despite the twins making a number of bizarre riding errors, Barf and Belch do not question the twins. This dragon has a sense of dedication and respect for the twins - the Hideous Zippleback will obey them even if the situation might not seem logical. That’s pretty beautiful!

3. Barf and Belch are extraordinarily protective and feel a sense of needing a debt to be repaid. In “The Zippleback Experience,” this dragon attentively protected Hiccup and repeatedly sought to save his life because of how Hiccup had saved the dragon earlier. Not to mention that Barf and Belch seem rather protective and loyal of the twins all the time, too!

4. Barf and Belch care for the twins. Whenever the twins are about to do something dangerous, you can tell the dragon is concerned. And of course there’s the adorable ending of HTTYD 2 when everyone’s dragons return. Barf and Belch happily greet Ruffnut and Tuffnut. It doesn’t even matter which head goes toward Ruffnut… the dragon just wants to express affection to the Thorstons.

5. And speaking of affection… just look at how this dragon expresses it!

Awwwwwwww! <3

6. Another great way to show affection: BRING GIFTS! Specifically… give fish. LOTS OF FISH.

You have to give the dragon credit for the amazing effort of catching and bringing so much fish, though!

7. Although Barf and Belch can be very serious around the twins - protective, loyal, obedient, caring, and the like - Barf and Belch have a serious playful side, too! This is the dragon that saw Hiccup hanging upside-down and decided the best course of action was to whack him back and forth between the two heads. Ruffnut and Tuffnut made a game called “Bat the Nut.” Because Barf and Belch want to show affection to Hiccup, they play the game with him, too!

Of course, since they’re so used to the twins… the dragon might not have realized Hiccup didn’t enjoy “Bat the Nut” himself.

8. Barf and Belch try to steal food from sleeping Tuffnut. Wonder how many meals the twins have lost from this dragon snatching snacks.

9. Have you looked at this dragon’s markings? Barf and Belch have some really cool colors and patterns! We’ve got mottled, burnt reds on top of greens. It’s really quite interesting and beautiful.

10. You can tell who’s Barf and who’s Belch based upon their teeth. Belch (left head) has longer teeth in the front and shorter teeth in the back, whereas Barf (right head) has longer teeth in the back and shorter teeth in the front.

11. Also isn’t this gas major cool?

12. They can do some SERIOUS SERIOUS damage with this gas! What makes the Hideous Zippleback so dangerous is that the dragon can fly by and cover an entire area in gas. With only one spark, the dragon can create chaos in an extremely specific are… or an extremely large area. As far as firepower goes, in fact, the Hideous Zippleback is easily the dragon on Berk that can do the most widespread damage at once.

13. And yet this poor dragon is major afraid of eels. (Hysterically dorky way to hide from an eel, though!)

14. When Ruffnut and Tuffnut are sleep-deprived, the dragon gently carries them in their mouths to dump the Thorstons in a dark room. This dragon takes very good care of both riders, be it playing with them, or keeping them safe, or even just making sure they get some proper sleep.

Conclusion? Barf and Belch is an amaaaazing dragon.

When HTTYD 3 comes out in theatres…

I will sit down in my seat with my favorite movie snacks…

And the people around me will ask before it starts…

“Why are you crying?”

And I will turn to them and say…

“Preparing for the worst”

They won’t understand…

Then it might begin…

And if the first words I hear aren’t “This is berk”…

They will be those 8 words, those 8 soul crushing, heart shattering words….

And I will know…..

I was preparing for the right thing.


Their fellow recruits join them as they take to the open sky, rocketing far above the village. The Northern sky swirls with blazing, multicolored dragons. Hiccup and Toothless break from the pack, spinning into the blinding sun.