belated white day

White Day is Love Day

*Tamaki in his dream world before club starts*

Today’s the day! White Day! When I am able to return the affections of my baby girl and shower her in extravagant gifts! When she sees the priceless necklace i’ve gotten her, she’ll leap lovingly into my outstretched arms!”


Honey: Haru-chaaaan~! *glomps Haruhi* Guess what we got your for White Day!

*Mori hands her a box of cookies beautifully piped with white frosting*

Haruhi: Honey-senpai, Mori-senpai, these are beautiful, thank you! 

Honey: They’re from the bakery we bought for you! 

Haruhi: B-b-bakery?!? How much did you sp-

Honey, interrupting: The bakery makes the best cakes! Say, Haru-chan, since we bought it for you, do you think maybe I could have free cake whenever I want? You know how much I love cake…

Mori: Mitsukuni.

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Kyoya: I suppose now is as good a time as any to give you my gift as well. I know your penchant for fancy food, so this is a sampling of white chocolate from the best chocolatier in the world. You’re also able to enjoy any of their selection, at my expense, for the remainder of the year. 

Hitachiins: Hey hey, don’t forget about us now, Haruhi!

Kaoru: Sure, chocolate is nice…

Hikaru: But wait till you see what we got you! 

*Cue the twin’s stylists holding swimsuits*

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Haruhi: NO WAY IN HELL. 

Kaoru: Kidding! We got you some marshmallows from our favorite patisserie! 

Hikaru: Won’t you let us feed you one, Haruhi~? 

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Kaoru: *stage whispering in her ear* We also thought the three of us could take a trip to Paris, so you can try their other pastries…

*Tamaki overhears and comes over, jewelry box in hand*

Tamaki: Ignore them, Haruhi, wait until you see what I ha-

Haruhi: Alright guys, enough! I appreciate the thought, but this is all absurd! I didn’t spend near that much on you all, you’re only supposed to spend 2-3 times what I did, not 2-300! Damn these rich people! 

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*Awkward pause*

I’m sorry Tamaki, what were you saying?

Tamaki: *sliding the jewelry box into his pocket* Oh, I was just going to ask if you wouldn’t mind staying behind after club activities are over and helping clean up. 

Haruhi: O-oh, of course.

*After club activities, Haruhi comes back from putting away the decorations*

Haruhi: Well, that’s the last of it…where’d everyone else go?

Tamaki, nervously: Oh, I think they’ve all left already. You know, Haruhi…I haven’t gotten to give you your White Day gift yet. It isn’t much, but I hope you’ll like it.

*Tamaki moves over towards the piano*

Haruhi, internally: PLEASE don’t let it be anything over the top…

*Tamaki begins playing a stunning piece written for her*


Two Weddings, One Day. Requested by Anonymous.


“Ah, I think I’m completely healed. Your kisses are as magical as your mahou shounen powers -”

“Say one thing more and I’ll bite you. We’re already at a hospital, I have nothing to lose.”

I don’t know.

LOL I told thecrazygirlwhodraws that this was inspired by the latest bonus chapter of Honto Yajuu, haha - D’:

Also not gonna lie… The hospital background was referenced from DMMd because APPARENTLY THAT’S THE ONLY HOSPITAL SCENE THAT COMES TO MIND…!??! - 

:) Happy belated St. White’s Day. 

Title: Third Time’s the (Lucky) Charm

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Pairing: Ladynoir

Word count: 3315

@nerdbymoonlight I am SO, SO, SO SORRY this is so late!!! This is my very belated White Day present for you in exchange for the adorable picture you drew for me for Valentine’s Day! (Many thanks to @miraculous-valentine-exchange for resending the information to me!) I hope you enjoy it and that it’s worth the wait you had.

“Have you ever tried to tell someone something important, and every time you try to say it the words just can’t seem to come out?”


“My lady.”

Ladybug looked over at her partner inquiringly. He was looking down, his arms behind his back, and shuffling his weight as if nervous. It was rather uncharacteristic for him, and she wondered if something was wrong. “Yes, Chat?”

His eyes flicked up to her and then back down. He was still fidgeting. “I—there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you,” he mumbled.

She blinked, confused. What had gotten into him? His shyness was starting to worry her. She approached him slowly. “What is it?”

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