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OHGOD OHGOD *composes self* Thank you so much to my dear, beloved crumpet @okimi79, who sent this to Cory some months ago in hopes that it might actually find its way to him, because having a signed bone saw was my fucking dream. I’m damn near speechless (alternating with bouts of inhuman screeching), and I cannot believe I am holding this fucking thing in my hands. I swear to God, I have the best girlfriend in the entire world. I’m gonna go die now UGH. <333333

Turning Left: a Riarkle Fanfic

This fanfic is for thypoqueen for her belated birthday present! Happy birthday you lovely, gorgeous person. This fic is written especially for you and of course is Riarkle. I love you and I hope that you have an amazing day.

“How did we manage to get here?”

“I guess it’s as simple as me turning left.”




It never failed to catch Riley by surprise when one of her boyfriends had decided to break up with her. Every time she would convince herself that nothing was wrong, that him being distant was just because he was busy but every time, she found that she was wrong.

She was broken up with so much, she knew the guys’ routine like the back of her hand. It started with a nervous rub to the back of his neck and a sigh, Riley calls this the preparation phase.  Then the guy transfers into a “Look, I don’t want to hurt you but…” or something to that degree and then goes into this useless rant that justifies his actions. Lastly, he rubs his hands together and puts on a please-forgive-me look, and breaks up with her.

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Liking someone is like when a dandelion seed lightly lands on the ground. It’s soft and makes you happy. Loving someone is like when that dandelion seed grows roots into the ground and then flowers. A dandelion seed can lightly come and go, right? But in order for it to flower, you have to water it, block it from the wind, and treasure it dearly. That’s what I think. - Seohyun

(this was supposed to be her birthday gifset but I made it too late. LOL. Just wanna say thank you for being the most adorable maknae ever. I love you Seobaby!!)

SoMa Week Day 2: Cuddles

This is a belated birthday gift to grigori-girl, as promised from a post from a while back. I’m steadily doing birthday posts for all my baes (esp since I missed a lot from October and onwards) I shall celebrate y’all soon…

Cracked-up Crap | The Thrilling Saga (that may or may not be related; NSFW warning on the saga, not this story)

It was a particularly cold night in the hotel room when Maka had risen from the depth of her slumber to note that Soul’s arm was wrapped around her middle. He’d been shirtless despite the bone-chilling conditions, not that she was complaining of course, but it was very distracting.

She ran a finger over his arm, feeling the goosebumps on top of his skin and the sensitive hairs that stuck up. Over the course of the night, the electricity shut down, which may or may not have been caused from the pre-kishin that they were hunting only two hours ago. Despite the cause, there was no warm in their small room besides themselves, so naturally, they cuddled with each other to sleep.

However, Maka had an involuntary urge to use the restroom, possibly due to the cold. Muscle contractions you know. She struggled to wiggle out of Soul’s tight embrace, careful not to stir him but also with enough force to escape. He had his head buried into the heat of her neck and his other arm, she soon discovered, was resting on the arch of her butt. One of his legs were tucked firmly in between hers, and as she peeled herself slowly from his body, Maka was hit with the winter cold the moment his arm fell off of her.

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