belarus x liechtenstein


Hetalia x Final Fantasy X-2 crossover

some girls wearing the dressphere (job class in FFX-2). I love doing crossover xD

From left to right :
1. Seychelles (Thief), 2. Belgium (Gunner), 3. Taiwan (Songstress), 4. Vietnam (Warrior), 5. Monaco (Lady Luck/Gambler), 6. Belarus (Black Mage), 7. Ukraine (Gun Mage/Blue Mage), 8. Hungary (Dark Knight), 9. Czech (Alchemist), 10. Liechtenstein (White Mage), 11. Wy (Mascot)

what your ships say about you

BelaLiech (Belarus x Liechtenstein): you’re a smol purehearted little devil

UkrBela (Ukraine x Belarus): you’re that quiet kid that is actually mych angst

HunBel (Hungary x Belgium): you like the threesome relationships that two girls fight over this poor guy but the girls end up being together

BelLiech (Belgium x Liechtenstein: youre just really pure

MadSey (Madagascar x Seychelles): you like childhood relationships

VietTai (Vietnam x Taiwan): youre trying to prove that youre pure

Gakkuen Hetalia au where Vash and Rodrich, and Yao and Ivan are dating, so Natalia and (I don’t know her human name or if she has one) Liechtenstein get jealous. Liechtenstein decides to get back at her overprotective stepbrother by hanging out around Natalia, because obviously Vash wouldn’t approve. Soon the two girl start dating (pretending to) as rebound. But soon Liechtenstein actually falls in love with Natalia…

I might write this…but I never finish what I start. We’ll see~