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Traditional headdresses of Belarus - namitka

Married women could not show themselves in public without covering their hair. There were three types of headdress in Belarus: a towel-like (namitka, hustka); a horn-like (rozhki, saroka) and a cap-like (chapec, kaptur). The most common and most interesting type of Belarusian headdress was namitka. It is just a long piece of thin white of light-grey linen fabric 30-60 cm wide and 2.5-4.5 m long decorated with embroidered ornament along the borders. The beauty and uniqueness of namitka was in artful draping. Each district had its own way which sometimes could differ even from village to village.

BELARUS, Minsk : A hot-air balloon flies over fields on the outskirts of Minsk on July 18, 2015, during the Second International Aeronautics Championship. About 70 pilots from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Moldova and New Zealand take part in the championship. AFP PHOTO / SERGEI GAPON                        

Sherlock's soundtrack versus V. Kourian’s Concerto for Tsimbaly and Folk-Instruments Orchestra
  • Sherlock's soundtrack versus V. Kourian’s Concerto for Tsimbaly and Folk-Instruments Orchestra

I’m fascinated by the influence of  V. Kourian’s Concerto for Tsimbaly and Folk-Instruments Orchestra on the Sherlock Soundtrack. It’s so obvious that Michael Price and David Arnold must have scoped it out when they learned the opening scene from The Great Game was to be set in Belarus. Belarusian music! What a great way to indicate that we’re not in London, right? The interesting thing is that this concerto, which simply *has* to be their reference material, doesn’t seem to be invoking a particular folk song. It’s a classical composition. I went looking for other Belarusian musical options, and this is the only match I found. But whoa is it nearly an exact match! 

It’s not just the Belarus scene where we can hear the influence of this concerto. “The Game is On” has that plaintiff bass line before the brass comes in at the start of the famous Sherlock hero theme. You’ll hear a similar effect when the accordions hum low behind the tsimbaly in the concerto. And of course we can hear the influence of the concerto on Sherlock’s mind palace dink dink dink music which is a ball point pen dancing on the strings of a mandolin.

TGG was the first episode that they filmed of Sherlock, and the first scored aside from the unaired pilot. But EGADS listen to the theme music from the pilot! (The opening theme doesn’t sound any better!)

Sherlock’s famous hero theme isn’t in the pilot- so it must have come after Price and Arnold saw Belarus in the TGG script. Sooooo… I claim we have Mark Gatiss to thank for the awesomeness that is the Sherlock sound insofar as he set the intro of TGG in Belarus b/c it was one of the few countries that still hanged people!

The audio on this post is a comparison between two clips of the Sherlock soundtrack and two excerpts of V. Kourian’s Concerto for Tsimbaly and Folk-Instruments Orchestra. Larisa Rydlevskaya is playing the tsimbaly and is accompanied by the Belarus State Academic Folk Orchestra “I. Zhinovych,” conducted by Mikahil Kazinets.

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