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Yes, Mistress

Another entry for my SPNPolyBingo Card and Kink List (#61)

Summary: Bela asserts her dominance over Sam and Sarah.

warnings: PWP, dom!Bela, sub!Sam, sub!Sarah, vaginal sex, oral sex, smutty smut-ness

word count: ~2k

“Come now, pets,” Bela purred as she walked into the bedroom.  The black leather of her outfit made a slight noise as she walked, and Sam and Sarah bowed their heads respectfully as they followed her footsteps.

Sam’s room in the bunker was scarce, but all they really needed was a bed and a chair, the latter of which Bela perched herself on with her legs crossed, eyes following Sam and Sarah’s every move.  They stopped in front of her, waiting for instructions.

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#1- Kissing (Sam x Bela)

Requested by anon for my kink list.

Summary: Sam and Bela work a case together, and it leads to some fun on the job.

Warning: a lot of kissing?, smut

Word Count: 1600

A/N: Again, I had a blast writing a new ship. Feedback appreciated!

Sam didn’t trust Bela. Of course he didn’t. And she didn’t try and convince him he should.

But nights like tonight, he had to give her credit. She was smart. And good at what she did.

A few bats of her eyelashes and a casual touch of the man’s arm got them all the information they needed. Easy as anything. And now they could hole up in the motel room and come up with a plan.

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Warnings: Mention of blood, violence, mention of past character death

“Listen up, Winchester.” You started with venom in your voice, tipping his chin up towards you, staring coldly into his green eyes. Blood dripped down from the new wound on Dean’s head and you smirked at your work. This was going well. Sam was in the corner, working out of his ropes. You knew it wouldn’t be long before he freed himself. “You let my sister die. Now, it’s your turn.” You pulled your blade back, about to strike, when you were suddenly grabbed by the waist and spun around harshly.

“As much as I admire your feisty nature, little one, I can’t allow you to kill him.” Came the all too familiar accent right in your ear. “Now, what do you say we drop the weapon, hm?” Crowley’s hand wrapped around yours and you growled in response.

“You know that I can’t.” You snapped, jerking out of his grip and throwing the blade across the room, directly beside Sam’s head as a threat. The youngest Winchester stilled on the floor, watching you fearfully. “They let her die.”

“You know as well as I that no one twisted Bela’s arm and forced her to make that deal.” Crowley was almost pleading with you to step down from this fight. “(Y/n), killing these idiots will not solve anything. All it will do is get blood on your hands. I know you don’t truly want that.” You turned around to see Dean eyeing you with worried eyes. You honestly couldn’t tell if he was just worried for his own life or if he felt remorse for allowing Bela to die. You shook your head and you made your decision.

“Bela really was good at heart. She was all I ever had, all I ever knew. She was my big sister and I loved her and I miss her everyday. I just want you to know that.” You could feel your throat burn as the words left your lips and thoughts of your sister flooded your mind. “I forgive you.” Dean took in a deep breath before looking away, as if he’s never heard those three words before.

“Are we good here?” Crowley’s hand reached out for yours and you sighed as you placed your palm against his.

“You always do keep me in line.”

**Coming Soon**

I am super excited to announce officially the following:

AU!Wrestler Dean X Reader

MOC!Dean X Reader (Bela, Cain, and of course Sam)

Also, with summer right around the corner as well (or feeling like its already here for some) An added heat wave if you will…

I’m participating in SPN Kink Bingo and it just so happens to feature quite a bit of the younger Winchester. Because its happened around these summer months I have deemed this little collection…

(It’s a movie yes, and as far as I know he’s not going to be bad evil, just naughty evil… maybe even soulless)

Also within the same writing challenge we will be having a little collection coming of Sub!Dean, and I deemed these pieces…

Summer of…

*And other Dean related items per my bingo card! Also, I love corn. I can’t help it ;)

Be prepared!

(a HUUUUGE Thank You to my amazing and talented friend @manawhaat​ for her skills and assistance with the banners. I learned new things and they turned out so amazing, especially Bela Donna which I LOOVE LOVE LOOOVE. Did I mention LOVE? – Another THANK YOU!!! to my other amazing and talented friend @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid for piecing Dean together for Yes Ma’am. Credit all to her! And its perfect.)


SPN AU: Dean Smith got transferred to FBI headquarters in Washington DC, where he meets with his new partner, Castiel Novak. After he makes Special Agent, he gets engaged to his high school sweetheart, Bela Talbot. His first case, to catch  FBI’s most wanted, Sam Winchester.

The case gets personal when Sam kidnaps Dean’s sister, Jo. He goes to the motel and finds that it was too late; she had been killed. Sam Winchester didn’t flee. He sat in the corner chair, waiting for Dean to make his move. Dean charged at him, but Sam overcame him.  Knocking him to the floor and punching him repeatedly until he spit out blood.

Castiel was worried about his new partner when he didn’t hear from him, so he traced Dean's phone. He rushed to the hotel to find his new partner bleeding out on the floor next to his sister.

They rushed him to the hospital, but he didn’t make it. He went to go tell his family: Ellen, Bobby, and Bela. Castiel promised them that he would find Sam and make him pay. He kept his promise. On the anniversary on his death, Castiel morns for the one who was taken too early.

This defensiveness prevented her from opening up to the Winchesters, with whom Cohan believed Bela “would have loved to be able to have a normal relationship”. Cohan did disagree with Kripke and Gamble’s assessment of Bela as amoral and uncaring, instead envisioning the character as having “fits of conscience” offscreen throughout the third season. In the actress’s opinion, Bela “would have loved to go around fighting evil with those boys.” [ x ]