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Can I get headcanons of TFP Soundwave courting and confessing to a cybertronian!s/o?




- Soundwave’s first interests with you were in your loyalty. You were undying loyal to the Decepticon cause; and while you often didn’t agree with your leader’s decisions, you never acted out or spoke against them. This only made him more curious of you.

- As he began to observe(translation: stalk) you more frequently, he learned things about you that began to… draw him in.

- He finds himself drawn to the way you speak, the way you move, and the little details no one seems to notice. He sees you shift your weight from ped to ped every time you get nervous; the way your optics light up when something good happens. 

- He especially loves your laugh. Primus, does he love your laugh.

- He only heard it once. You had been on mining watch duty, and he had come in to “check”– his Lord doubts your loyalty, no matter what he does to defend you. You had been watching over a vehicon, and the moment you looked away, the drone had tripped and fallen; causing a domino effect with another three in front of it.

- You had burst into this spark-wrenchingly adorable laughter, your helm tossed back and your shoulders shaking. He swears he glitched; visor turning to static for a solid 3 seconds as he listened. Soundwave has your laugh recorded; and has looked at the footage over listening to Starscream more than once.

- And so, he began to pursue you.

- You’ve found multiple gifts in your berthroom, including various Earthen stones you had made offhanded compliments of, multiple different cloths and fabrics, and some surprisingly well-written poetry on a datapad.

- It wasn’t hard to tell you had an admirer, really. The real trouble was just finding out who it was.


- When Soundwave confesses, he’s made sure you already know it’s him who’s been courting you. That’s when he takes his chance.

- You’re not expecting him to approach you directly after you find out; but before you know it, you discover yourself facing the slender TiC, eerie stare burning holes into your very spark.

- That is, until a very silly image of a honeybee with the caption “Bee mine?” appears on his visor.

- Then, you let out that melodious laugh he adores so much; a servo across your chassis as you nod your response and let out a cheery “Of course!”

- You wrap your arms around him in a hug; and it doesn’t take him more than a few seconds of shock to hug you back.


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