BBCAN5 Potential Cast Spoilers!

Via Twitter:

I have a source who works in production who has confirmed that the season will be an all-stars season and that there will be no international houseguests, despite the rumours. The rumours that the sideshow has been cancelled are true. The cast (which has yet to be finalized) is down to around 20 past contestants and given that two of them will be probably used as a backup, it means that 2 more will be cut once we get closer to the premiere date. There will be likely 4 returnees from each season unless there is an extenuating circumstance.

The list of returnees will be as follows

* Peter Brown (Part of the reason sideshow was cancelled)
* Emmett Blois
* Liza Stinton
* Talla Rejaei
* Adel Elseri
* Kenny Brain
* Neda Kalantar
* Rachelle Diamond
* Ika Wong (Alternate)
* Godfrey Mangwiza
* Kevin Martin
* Jordan Parhar (Alternate)
* Ashley Wood
* Sarah Hanlon
* Willow Macdonald (Alternate)
* Phil Paquette (Nick will not be on)
* Mitch Moffit
* Jared Kesler (Alternate)
* Cassandra Shahinfar
* Loveita Adams

Neda, Sarah, Godfrey and Mitch are who casting wants to select but they are still considering the offer. Their alternates are Ika, Willow, Jordan and Jared respectively.

Casting calls for this season had a much more limited budget due to the impending all-stars season but a few were given phone calls and shortlisted for season 6 although it has not been renewed yet. They are in a position with the network that they are confident that it will be renewed though, especially since an all-stars season will increase ratings.

Two contestants will get the chance to become two time winners of Big Brother Canada, those being Sarah Hanlon and Phil Paquette (or our first 1.5 time winner).

I will update you guys when they finalize the cast and reduce the final 20 down to the final 18 (two backups will remain until the very beginning of the season, one male and one female).


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Big Brother Canada's Wonder Women

While other reality shows have wrestled with casting strong, independent female players, Big Brother Canada has a rich history of putting girl power on display. As we ready for Big Brother Canada’s Season 4 debut on March 2nd, here is a look back at Big Brother Canada’s most memorable female players.

7. Ika Wong
The undisputed boss of Big Brother 2, Ika never took two steps back, even at the cost of her own status in the house. She played a hard and uncompromising game, refusing to be intimidated by anyone. Burning those letters from home in order to pocket $5000, will go down as one of the best moments in the history of the Big Brother franchise.  

6. Sabrina Abbate

Don’t let her bombastic nature fool you. Sabrina was not only one of the founding members of the First Five but her conniving and very effective maneuverings carried her all the way to the finals. She proudly wore her Big Brother Canada drama queen crown.  

5. Sarah Hanlon
The winner of Big Brother Canada 3, Sarah was a crafty chameleon, proving herself to be a very adaptable player. Strategically dodging and weaving while winning crucial competitions, Sarah became the second female in Big Brother history to win out over an opposing male finalist.

4. Sindy Nguyen
As aggressive as a pit bull and as sly as a fox, Sindy brought more than her fair share of drama to Season 3. The cruise director and pageant queen will always be remembered for stabbing her own showmance in the back and persistently keeping all of the other houseguests on their toes with her slick and calculating tactics.

3. Brittnee Blair

Many underestimated the shrewd model from Calgary, much to their own demise. Winning three Head of Household competitions and being directly responsible for handful of evictions, Brittnee and her Fembot Alliance partner Sarah Hanlon were the team to beat.

2. Neda Kalantar

The fashion stylist from Vancouver is considered to be the greatest strategist to ever grace the Big Brother Canada house and one of the best in Big Brother history. Forming an alliance with her partner in crime, Jon Pardy, they were the power couple of Season 2.

1. Jillian MacLaughlin

The winner of Big Brother Canada’s very first season Jillian set the standard for all who followed in her footsteps. Winning four Head of Household competitions and amazingly never receiving a solitary eviction vote, Jillian played strong and played smart. The school teacher from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, made it to the final three without ever being nominated, no easy feat in the Big Brother game.