bel quit it

I was doodling between classes and I particularly liked this sketch so I attempted (and failed) to colour it in Photoshop.

adam becoming a model was never the plan. it was never even a thought. it was just… an accident. 

it happened at the end of summer right after he graduated with his bachelor’s degree. he was spending time with ronan at the barns before heading off to columbia for graduate school. 

he gets a random email with the subject “Gansey Family Photographer” to his shiny new, non-university email account. he remembers the woman from years of galas, balls, and charity auctions. she was always nice and seemed a little to cool to be shooting political events.

“hi, i hope this is the adam parrish that knows senator gansey. she passed along this email to me, hope that was okay. this may sound strange but my wife is a fashion photographer and has always spotted you over the years when i’m editing photos from the gansey events. she’s doing a fresh faces fashion campaign this fall and wanted to see if you were interested. don’t worry if you don’t have any modeling experience. she’s seen enough pictures of you the past five years that she feels like she can vouch for you to her editors. anyway here’s the info if you’ll be in new york anytime soon–”

and there it was, coincidence. ronan finds it hilarious but at the same time gets it because holy shit he’s been saying this about adam for years now. ronan makes him take at least a meeting and when he finds out that this isn’t some tiny publication, but a major up and coming magazine, adam figures the extra money would be nice. 

he just keeps getting calls. to the point where he has to get signed up with an agency. it’s just print for a while, but he is shocked to be booking some major campaigns. he’s even had a few articles written up about him. 

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Randall has a lot of mottos.

(And also, hmmm, Randall, from the way she reacts, I think you may have just convinced Bel that you aren’t just a good journalist – you’re a GREAT one.)