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Reasons why Hau has become my favorite rival:

I love him so much it hurts, like…I haven’t been this happy about a rival since…I’m not even sure if I’ve ever been happy about a rival, like…Barry was cute, but HAU IS JUST…HAU.

(aaaay, check out my outfit btw)

And then there’s Gladion

He gets extra points for being the reason for making Hau say that and even more so for being such an edgelord-looking mess AND HE’S BEEN LIVING IN A HOTEL ROOM FOR TWO YEARS WHAT THE FUCK GLADION??!?!

It really says a lot when the hotel owner makes a comment about Gladion starting to run low on funds because Team Skull doesn’t really pay much, LIKE GLADION, ARE YOU GETTING ENOUGH TO EAT?!??!?!

Am I gonna have to drag you to a restaurant for some eats? Because I can do that. And right after that, I’ll shove you to Hau for some malasadas to share with your Type:Null.

And I spent a ridiculous amount of time just looking at his sprite because oh hey, player has to look up to talk to him (meaning player is shorter than Gladion, because otherwise, Player looks down or bends down). ANYWAYS, what the hell Gladion, you look like you’re starting to get too tall for your clothes?!

I bet you like 200 Pokedollars that those cuts in his clothes were done deliberately by him as means of a distraction from his current growth spurt… Either that or it was an accident caused by his Type:Null, because I’m pretty sure that Pokemon bed is too small for Type:Null, so SHARING THE BED IT IS WITH A 6′03″ POKEMON WITH SHARP CLAWS.


Just minus the “scared little kid” vibe I get from Lillie.

Hey guys! I’m opening five tsum commission slots, so come get an adorable tsum tsum!!!

Small are 2 inches long, while large are around 4 ½ inches.

Materials are fleece or cuddle fabric with hand sewn and fabric glued details.

To get one, email me at with the character you want, pictures, and which size. The prices above go for everything but they do not include shipping.

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Family Matters was ostensibly a sitcom about the elevator operator from Perfect Strangers, Harriette Winslow, and her cop husband, but it soon became centered on their impossibly annoying nerd neighbor, Steve Urkel. In a season 8 Halloween episode, Urkel decides he wants to become a ventriloquist and gets a doll that looks like a smaller plastic version of him, which is a terrifying enough premise, but then things start getting more batshit insane by the minute.

Early in the episode, Urkel’s doll gets struck by lightning and comes alive. The doll, “Stevil,” talks in a satanic voice and informs Urkel that he is going to murder the Winslow family. And then he totally fucking does it: He sucks Eddie into the chimney, runs down the kids in Urkel’s car, dismembers Laura and hides her body parts in the cupboards, and finally decapitates the mom and turns her into a goddamn jack-in-the-box.

Urkel is relieved to find Carl in one piece and tries to explain what happened, but realizes that the man is sounding a little weird – at this point, Carl falls to the side, dead, revealing that Stevil has been using him as a human puppet.

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