The Future Of This Blog

… is looking pretty bleak to say the least.

To put it simply I don’t draw anymore. I don’t have much motivation for it nor do I find any joy in it when I do. It’s simply frustrating for me at this point. If anyone has payed attention, very few things were ever posted here in the last two years.

The only thing I draw any more, if ever, is ponies. And I don’t want to be another person who just draws ponies. I can’t draw proper humans anymore (my anatomy was always sub par anyway), and humans are what I wanted to focus on. I rarely even give any attention to my own OC’s anymore.

I will admit that I believe a part of what killed a lot of joy for me was the fact that I never got noticed by anyone for what I did. I really wish this wasn’t true but it is. I have a nasty ego, and when I didn’t get the attention I felt I deserved it got destroyed. Looking back at it I’m extremely disappointed in myself for ever thinking that way. I should have been drawing for myself, if I had been maybe I’d still love it.

So thank you everyone who was here. Thank you to my 248 followers. Thank you to the people who enjoyed my art and characters. Thank you to those who followed me from my pony blog. Thank you to anyone who ever drew me anything as a request or gift. Thank you to the few that ever sent me kind messages. Thank you to those who supported me. Thank you for every like and reblog.

Thank you all.