The beauty of being honest

So after a long day full of emotional ups and downs, I was feeling pretty anxious and generally not feeling well. I felt like taking a shower, in order to wash away the day and get some clarity.

I pretty often talk with myself. I listen to myself and I have learned to be honest with myself. I open up and allow myself to feel whatever I am feeling and be honest about my feelings and beliefs.

It is necessary to be nice, kind and compassionate to ourselves to allow ourselves to be truly honest. If, when we are honest we judge what comes up or invalidate ourselves for feeling a certain way or believing something, we don’t feel safe and we therefore don’t feel like being honest again.

So I told myself:”Hey, it is okay if you want to open up and tell me how you really feel about this. It is okay if you want to tell me why you feel anxious.”

So I got in the shower and I cried. I allowed myself to feel negative emotion, I allowed myself to cry and be honest. I said.”I need to be loved. I need to be accepted. Just love me and don’t ask me to change. Because I can’t.”

And as I was listening to myself and embracing what was coming up and honoring it, I said something even more important:”I am feeling anxious because I am trying so hard, so hard to be perfect. To be someone I am not. I always do my best not to get things wrong, not to hurt people, not to say or do the wrong thing. Because I know myself to be a well-meaning person, but I am afraid that no matter how well-meaning I am, no matter how hard I try, I am going to do the wrong thing anyway.”

“And I am afraid of doing the “wrong” things because I am afraid you will get angry at me, you will use that very “mistake” as an excuse not to love me and to disapprove of me.”

I was basically telling myself that I am trying to be perfect. To get everything right because otherwise, I would disapprove of myself. But this very pressure is what most often causes us to “fuck things up”, because we act out of fear and we don’t do what we do for the pleasure of doing it (out of Love).

If we, instead, unconditionally love & support ourselves, we can then live life better, in a more relaxed and calm state, because we allow ourselves to experience life, to learn to move as we prefer through life. And this often means allowing ourselves to have any kind of experiences and “failures”!

I love what Abraham Hicks often says:”When you see a two years old learning to walk, and you see him fall on the ground, you don’t say to him “Get up, little dummy!”, you help him and you understand he is learning, and that falling down (sometimes many many times!) is part of the process.”

So we really don’t need to be mean to ourselves. We are still learning to move through Life and probably we will never get to a place where we know everything and everything is clear to us. We are always on our path, for the pleasure of being on it I think, and Kindness, Love and Support for ourselves are necessary ingredients to have a nice and pleasurable journey.

I am glad I was honest with myself. Because now I can work with my feelings, so to speak. And change my approach, because the one I am adopting is causing me to suffer and not feel good. And I am here to be happy, and to feel good (we are all here to be happy I think!).

It is very important to love and embrace myself as I am right now. I don’t need to change to be loved, no one does. We exist, therefore we are worthy of Love & Support. We are perfect just the way we are, and we don’t need to change ourselves to become more lovable. We are lovable because we are. Period.

Allow yourself to be human and feel whatever you feel. Allow yourself to be where you are, to be the way you are and most of all, allow yourself to be You, your true you. Because the Truth is, the world needs you. The world needs you to be YOU. You are Unique, Special, Important and Needed, just the way you are.

(Very Important: Allow yourself to cry and find relief! Do the things you love babes).

Life always loves you just the way you are. You can too. (PS: you are life <3).

I now choose to Love and Support myself unconditionally. No matter what I do, no matter what I say, no matter how I feel, I always, at all times, under all conditions, deserve my own Love and Support. Yes, I am this worthy!

PS : I know you are doing you best. And your best is enough Soul. Relax, Breathe, All is well <3

Closing Thoughts. When I come from a place of compassion and love, non judgment and peace, my relationship with myself and with others is marvelous. When I am kind, my heart is full…when I get caught up in my head and forget to act from my source/soul/spirit/love I suffer and so do those around me. I’m choosing presence and kindness these days, pretty happy with the outcome ☺️♥️✌️#love #kindness #spirit #belove #bekind #begentle #live #love #motivation #peace #spiritjunkie

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When buying makeup products that have been tested on animals, you are supporting the torture, exploitation and awful treatment of innocent animals. That lipstick is not worth it, please choose cruelty free brands! Boycott the ones that test on animals, and stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves!

Check out this post for cruelty free options!

Please help spread the message, say no to animal testing!

A list of popular brands that still test on animals (taken from PETA): 

Andrew Collinge
Anna Sui
Bobbi Brown
Cashmere Bouquet
Clean & Clear
Dolce & Gabbana
Donna Karan
Elizabeth Arden
Estee Lauder
Giorgio Armani
Gucci Fragrances
Head & Shoulders
Herbal Essences
Hugo Boss
Johnson & Johnson
Mary Kay
Max Factor
Michael Kors
Nice ‘n Easy
Old Spice
Oral B
Pearl Drops
Ralph Lauren Fragrances
Shu Uemura
Speed Stick
St Ives
Tom Ford
Tommy Hilfiger
Tony & Guy
Vidal Sasson
Viktor & Rolf
Wella Balsam

We live in culture of lack. Often we think we don’t have enough time, things, etc. so we can’t possibly make the effort to smile at someone or say something kind in our everyday life. But developing this habit of being generous with ourselves and others is a practice, obviously. Some days it’s easier to do than others 😊 Yesterday I drove passed a street named Maryknoll Road and I suddenly remember that many years ago, probably in the 80s, when I was maybe 12 or something, I used to send $1 bills to this organization to do charity work in the US and overseas. I don’t remember how or where I got the money because I didn’t have a steady babysitting job. But just about every month I would send a dollar or two, whatever extra money I had to MK. They would always send back a thank you letter, a standard, but still it was nice of them I thought. But the point is that you don’t have to give money but let go of what you think is so important, vital to our lives especially when we’re exhausted and reached out limits. But we all know that we can do more. We can be generous in many ways ✨💫💛 #happy #mondaymotivation #gratitude #happy #everyday #practice #bekind #generosity #compassion #loveandlight #maryknoll #spiritual #lifepurpose #highvibes ⚡️ #pemachodron #wisdom #joyblissraw

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This is so true! I always think to myself “good for you” when I see a person who is obviously at the beginning of their fitness journey. We all have to start somewhere! #gym #goals #weightlossjourney #weightloss #fitnessjourney #havetostartsomewhere #bekind #goodforyou #slowandsteady #encouragement #motivation

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the only Rule and Regulation

So I attended church yesterday… Well, the High Church of the Holy Dick that is. And the thing is, Dick gave a really good talk.  

Strike that.  This was not a talk in the High Church of Dick.  This was Rich talking to us all after a terrible tragedy, and helping us realize some very important truths.  And I just felt like it needed to be here, to be read, whenever needed, whenever we may need a reminder…

 SPN Phoenix Sunday introduction by Rich

“Today we are going to do a Rules and Regulations, but today we are going to do a variance on it. This is not the Rules and Regulations we normally do. I’m going off script here. And I thought this was worth mentioning. Here’s the Rule. This is the only Rule. The Rule and Regulation that you learn here, that you take out of this room, is Acceptance, is Kindness, is Understanding. We are not different, you and I. You and Jared, you and Jensen. We just simply have a different job. And that is what this is all about. We all know there was a tragedy in Florida last night. And we would be remiss if we did not comment on it, and acknowledge it, and mourn with the nation about what is currently going on. I’m not going to comment on why. We don’t know the why. I’m not going to comment on the how, we don’t know that either. But what I do know is that those acts of violence are driven by a loss of sense of self. A loss of sense of acceptance, a loss of sense of kindness, and as a people it is our job to fix that, by paying it forward, by doing the right thing to each other, all the time, every day, every time. And I don’t care if you are a stranger or a family member. You have to do it the right way every time. So this is the Rule. You are going to take the acceptance that you find in the Supernatural Family, and you are going to push it out into other avenues of your life. You are going to be nicer than you think you should be. You are going to be kinder than you have to be. You are going to be better than anyone thinks you can be because we know you can. We know about you. And that’s how we are going to solve this problem. We can legislate until we’re blue in the face. But if we can’t fix humanity, you can’t make humans choose do the right thing. Let’s do it, starting here <in your heart> and we’ll push it out there. It may sound cheesy, but it’s the right answer.

So that’s what we’re going to do, and it starts with the Supernatural Family. And it goes to the internet, and it goes to the other pages we go to, and it goes to Pinterest and it goes to Instagram, and it goes to twitter; you are not going to be angry, you are not going to be bitching, you are not going to complain, everything you post on social media will be friendly. If you don’t have something nice to say – put the phone down.

We are going to be nice to each other. We are going to be kind, we are going to be supportive, and it doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, who you marry, who you love, what you job is, what your problems are or what your gifts are. We are all the same. And until we realize that, we will never, ever, ever fully be able to heal. And I say the Supernatural family is the exact institution that can start the healing process.

So that is the Rule. And that is the Regulation. And that is what we are going to do.

Thank you.”

Thanks Rich. We’ll try to keep the Rule in mind everyday

Used Steph J’s vid - spnphx Sunday Open periscope via @altsunthinkable​