“Strange” (Werewolf AU)

Group/Member: Astro/Sanha

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1000+

Summary: Neglected by her father and left by her deceased mother, a girl runs off into woods to momentarily forget her problems when she meets Sanha. Sanha is a werewolf that gets injured in his wolf form when he let curiosity get the best of him. The girl finds him and nurses him back to health, not knowing what he truly is. What will come of this strange encounter?

Author’s Note: Hiii!!! I’m Rebekah but you guys can call me Bekah, Bek, or anything else tbh I don’t care haha. I’m the youngest of the new admins, and have NEVER written anything besides like reports and essays for school and stuff, so please go easy on me!! Anyways, I hope you enjoy!! ((:

- Admin Bekah

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Being honest I just watched this performance of AH without Bekah now. And even I was a little annoyed because they were performing this song without 2 of the original member already, I was kinda glad that Kahi did all the rap alone. At the same time I thought that Kahi was actually sad doing it. Doing the rap without her favorite daughter, her friend, her rap buddy, and look like no one did the same Bekah used to to do when she was there. Kahi just lifted her leg, no one passing under it. Kahi never wanted to replace Bekah. Never.