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AU where Beka is Yuri’s coach 

Yuri tries to flirt with Beka but Beka is just straight faced and not having any of Yuri’s shit 

Yuri tries so hard to get Beka’s attention this way that he’s like putting up this in your face act just so can he be more confident around him. 

Yuri even tries to flirt with other skaters but this also appears to have failed getting Beka’s attention. 

“What are you doing out there Yuri?”

Yuri is like the fuck actually getting kinda mad now.

“It’s none of your business. I get it, you’re not interested. I’m just trying to cope with my feelings now okay…” Yuri tries to walk away saying “Oh whatever…”

Beka spins Yuri around and kisses him and Yuri is just like WTH?? 

“I’m sorry Yuri, in reality I do like you too but I can’t find the line just yet of not mixing business and pleasure.”

“oh… well we can work on that if you’re willing Beka and…” Yuri starts to ramble as he blushes hiding behind hi hair staring at the ground. 

Beka just smiles lifts Yuri’s head up and kisses his forehead.

“I’d really like that.”

Little did Yuri know was that Beka was just dying on the inside the entire time Yuri tried to get his attention. 

They slowly but surely work on both sides to their relationship making their bond even stronger. 

They inspire each other so much on a daily basis that now they truly at the next level >3< 

(also sidenote just picture them doing hands on hehehe teaching of routines and going over things i mean lasdfjlasd)

I just gotta say

Otayuri is not something that you need to think of as a taboo.

As an american, yes the age of adulthood is 18. That doesn’t really mean shit here.
I’m saying this because everyone is so floored at the idea of a 15/16 year old and 18 year old dating.

It happens ALL the time. Everyone dates people older than them even while they are considered “children”(come on, trying to make it sound worse than it is “TEENS”) and adults.

To be honest, I don’t get why anyone is so strung up about it.

You have to understand that consent is different in so many countries and that your country’s age of consent is not superior to any other country’s laws and does not put you above another person to tell them what they consider culturally appropriate is wrong.

You are wrong for deciding that you can say that.
So posting all of these “otayuri shippers/supporters should be punched” and all that bullshit is not only immature, but shows you think you know it all.

If someone you follow posts that and you don’t like it, unfollow them or blacklist the tag.

Don’t try to police other people’s blogs because of something you don’t like.

Be nice.

Don’t be an asshole who thinks they run everyone else’s blogs.

You can argue this all you want, but it will not change the fact that age of consent is different for different people. So don’t.

Your country’s laws are not more correct or better than any other country’s. They chose what they deemed fit.

And you are not more politically correct than someone else just because you think a fictional relationship is wrong.

“Oh it’s not about it being fictional, it’s about the idea of normalizing pedophilia”
Bro no, it is not.

There is a HUGE difference from
“children and adult” dating
“teen and adult"dating.

HUGE difference. So just stop trying to make this into something it isn’t. No one is saying they’re gonna start sending their 5 year old to go live with their 35 year old boyfriend. If you think that will happen, you have a very strange sense of cause and effect.

Please don’t police other blogs. It is not your place to.

novocaine-sea  asked:

The way you draw Otabek is my favorite I'm......... it's so good I'm at a loss for words

I’M AT A LOSS FOR WORDS bc omg idk why but otabek’s hair is hell to draw for me and i kept redoing it so i didn’t expect people to focus so much on beka in that post bUT PEOPLE LIKE THE WAY I DRAW HIM?? ?

when you accidentally drew a good otabek, yes

but anyway here’s a little thing i doodled for ya!

he blushes for you ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

Beka Thought 17

Beka: hey Yura?

Yuri: yes babe?

Beka: do you ever think about fate or destiny and how it works in ways that everything falls into place

Yuri: hmm well it never really crossed my mind no… why do you ask beka?

Beka: well i was just thinking about how amazing fate is bringing us back together into our lives and how we just clicked so well in the beginning of meeting again since being children and how i just love you so much and im so thankful that you let me come into your life and that youre in mine and…

when all of a sudden we have a shocked beka as yuri is blushing like mad covering bekas mouth with his hands

Yuri: i get it okay but can you please stop for a second so i can process all this (and as he’s about to start random rambling himself)

Beka puts Yuri’s hands down and takes them holding them tight kissing both and getting closer to bring Yuri into a big warm hug and getting ready to whisper sweet nothings into Yuri’s ear

Beka: i just love you so much i am the luckiest man in the world you are my one and only and i wouldn’t have it any other way

Yuri: now officially melted says i love you too beka i feel the exact same way 

and they just stay like that for a while taking everything in enjoying their love for one another 

Anyways. Otabek and Yurio doing a video call, Otabek says something funny and Yurio laugh until he hear something, it was the sound of someone taking screenshorts then he looks at Otabek and ask “It was you? You took a screenshort of what?”, Beka reply with only “nothing really” but in fact the screenshort file in his galery is full of screenshorts pf Yurio laughing and smiling in this and another video calls they did

dont get me wrong i love how otabek is all scrunched and cute af like this but now im like more random thoughts going through beka’s mind

1. i just need to last a little bit longer in the top ranks to get to see yuri again ; n  ;

2. i cant believe i get to sit next to the ever so gorgeous victor again or is that just me, i mean what (also swoons two of my top fav boys lasdjfl)

3. im so hungry rn i still can’t believe i made it here but i cant wait till this is over so i get to eat

4. im so tired maybe they wont notice if i just close my eyes for a bit rest well my sweet prince