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Thank you to my absolute favorite author, Tamora Pierce. She is an inspiration and EVERY girl should read her books. It is truly refreshing to find fantasy, adventure books with female protagonists. Yet the heroines are relatable and human-like for all their amazing qualities and magics. Not only that, but it’s the only fantasy book I’ve ever come across to talk about periods in a natural way (and that’s what they are -NATURAL). AND Tammy writes without slut shaming. Continuing the wonder that is Tamora Pierce Novels, we find openly LGBT characters of all kinds and even polyamorous people. Never in any book before have I encountered that. To top it off, her girls are fiercely feminist, without compromising their femininity unless THEY want to. Kel wears a dress every night specifically to remind the boys that she, a girl, is among them. Switching to Tammy’s other realm, an additional must read is Will of the Empress, showing clear references and illusions to rape and rape culture, with our protagonist fighting it every step of the way. To sum up, The Amazing Tamora Pierce is my inspiration and the reason I myself am a feminist. Her characters are strong, independent, and varied. All sorts sexualities, nationalities and personality types are included. Characters from backgrounds of all sorts, with varying abilities, some even suffering PTSD. Strongly recommend to EVERYONE.

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Omg... But pls can we get more HCs about BatB!Otayuri???? (I also may or may not have been also invested in Christophe as Lumiere...)

You got it baby~

  • Otabek as the beautiful young man in a small village, living with his ever-supportive mother inventor and longing for something beyond the comfortable life he has.
  • JJ is Gaston, the handsome yet conceited hunter who tries his best to flirt with Otabek whenever he sees him around (and, you know, fails every time)
  • Emil as Lefou, eagerly supporting his man main JJ (and being the lovely gay man BatB deserves, bye @Disney)
  • Yuri as the poor kiddo-turned-beast for being a rude little shit to the haggard old lady who rocked up at his door one night. He was just trying to follow ~stranger danger~ rules, and yeah he may have been rude, but a bEAST? REALLY? vengeful little witch smh
  • Yuri having really fluffy, cream coloured fur because even as a beast he is a pantene model i s2g
  • PHICHIT AS CHIP, (phichip am i right ladies), just generally being the light of my life and the cheeky little stowaway because he needs to get the #scoop on what’s going on outside of the castle
  • Yuuri as Mrs Potts, the gentle and maternal babe who’s looking after Phichit and Otabek (but also knows when to put Beast!Yuri in his place because I may be a porcelain teapot but you will respect me young man)
  • Christophe as Lumiere, keen to show the hunky Otabek around the castle and entertaining his lovely Kazakh guest (and also sneaking behind curtains making out with other members of staff because hey, even a candlestick has to get some right??)
  • Seunggil as Cogsworth, 10000% DONE with everyone’s shit ffs
  • Viktor as the Wardrobe, because he gets to hear all the gossip as well as style the handsome new human hello
  • Otabek initially not being too intimidated by Yuri, overcome with adrenaline because he will do anything to keep his mother safe.
  • Initially being defiant and also refusing to sit with Yuri at dinner, because You’re keeping me prisoner here and you want me to play nice and have dinner with you? 
  • “Sorry kitten, that’s not happening.”
  • After the whole wolf situation, the two beginning to open up as Otabek gingerly and carefully patches up his wounds. Yuri is genuinely touched, because no one has ever been so gentle with him - not even when he was a young prince.
  • Otabek hearing Yuri’s long explanation about what exactly happened to him, only to sit back with raised eyebrows and an impressed exhale.
  • “Kind of harsh.”
  • “RIGHT?!”
  • Otabek falling in love with all of the books on history and literature and philosophy Yuri has, even though the latter had always thought they were the most boring thing in the world (until Beka starts reading the books out loud to him with a light in his eyes Yuri falls in love with.)
  • Yuri being a nervous wreck when it comes to their ballroom night, absolutely breathless at the sight of Otabek in gold. 
  • Yeah. Gold suits him.
  • Otabek being the one to easily take the lead when they dance, despite being smaller in size and lesser in experience.
  • …uh yes jj not dying and just recognising he’s been a dick ok
  • Otabek laughing at Yuri for days when he’s turned human again, because despite being the hairiest creature alive before, he cannot seem to grow any facial hair whatsoever 

My Otabek Altin’s headcanons, because he’s my precious ray of sunshine and I will love him forever:
- Otabek’s always emotionless expression is a very well trained feature. He worked on this for years
- it helps him to cover up his anxiety
- he fights with anxiety since the training camp in Russia when he was smol bean
- he feels he’s not as gifted as others and needs to work twice as much to achieve the same results as his peers
- since then, he always covers up his emotions with his mask of calmness, being himself only behind the closed doors or with family/his few friends in Almaty
- deep inside he has a lot to offer, being warm, complex and really devoted to things he’s passionate about, but at some point he stop caring about showing those features to people he doesn’t care about
- 100% boyfriend material, would give the other person entire world if he could
- his friends are always surprised reading news or comments about Beka as someone cold and distant
- he says he doesn’t care but it’s bullshit and they know it
- beginning of his friendship with Yuri gives him a lot of courage and self confidence
- and Yuri is definitely very surprised getting to know Otabek and discovers other boy’s golden heart
- he isn’t dissapointed though (he is completely charmed by all complexities of Beka’s character)
- Beka loves reading books, especially classical literature
- he is very family oriented person
- and you can fight me with that, but I really think he’s shy
- and definitely has no idea how romantic relationships work (I believe this with all my heart and you won’t change my opinion,  ever)
- and Yuri definitely laughs at him so much because of this
- but Beka has none of this and definitely can bluntly respond
- he is just perfect, period.

Why aren't we talking about Tamora Pierce???

I don’t understand why no one talks about Tamora Pierce’s books?!

There’s a female knight disguised as a male that changes the laws on girls becoming knights. 

In her Beka Cooper books, there is an openly gay relationship. 

There is also a transgender female~ LIKE…people. These are fantastic books. Read them please

They’re NOT about romance.

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If you're still doing drabbles how about Sam,reader, and books?

You didn’t remember when you started doing it, but you knew you were not going to stop. Sure, it was silly, but it made Sam happy; made his cheeks blush and his lips turn upwards. To see that secret smile every day, you would do whatever it took. 

Each morning, first thing, you would write Sam a little love note. Nothing fancy, just a lyric or poem, or a little fact about him that made you smile, or even a hastily drawn heart or lipstick kiss. Just a scrap of paper holding a bit of your love; something to let him know how you felt. 

You’d tuck each note between books on in the library, or hide them inside the covers of the ones you knew he consulted often. Some days he wouldn’t find one, and you never said anything, having forgotten where most of the pages were hidden. It was a treasure hunt, after all. Some days he would find more than one, pulling note after note from the shelves, and grinning like a love-struck teenager.  

He never wrote you back, but you didn’t mind. Your payment was the sparkle in his eyes when he read your words. 

He never spoke of them either, nor did you. Nothing had to be said. You said it all to him, every morning, with your love notes hidden in his books. 

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So, uhm... How much do you like to write Otori mpreg? Because I could really go for cute fic about Yuri being embaressed of his size (not that he would admit it) and trying to avoid Otabek. But Otabek loves feeling the baby and he misses the intimacy between them (if you put a bit of angst in there I'd be over the moon 😘)

I love it!!!! I think they would make great parents and love sharing my ideas through the pregnancy and then during parenthood. I’ll try my best with the angst ;) (I also apologize for any mistakes found in this, I’m writing through a migraine but couldn’t stop thinking about this so I suffered through it (-: )

Yuri felt pathetic. Mostly because he could only walk at a moderately slow pace and he could barely do anything without the help of Otabek. He couldn’t skate in general because everybody was worried about him falling and hurting the baby. And of course he would never want to put his child in danger but everybody’s over-cautiousness was starting to piss him off.

He also hated feeling like he was an attraction in an amusement park, if the stares from everybody on the street were to go by. He was embarrassed by how he looked like a beach ball but he still had a couple more weeks to go before the scheduled c-section.

Yuri was currently stationed on the couch in their tiny apartment. Just because they were professional athletes didn’t mean they were loaded. Yuri was able to go a couple of pregnancy commercial though which brought in a huge sum of money for them. 

He had placed a pillow on top of his stomach to hide it and was surfing through the channels of the TV. There was nothing on and everything was boring. Otabek would be back from the rink soon, Yakov having agreed to coach him in lieu of Yuri’s absence. Yuri had no desire to hear about it and the thought of it made him not want to see Otabek at all.

But their front door was opening and Yuri was pulling a blanket over himself to further hide his giant stomach.

“Yura?” Otabek looked over the back of the couch and stared down at Yuri, who was making a show of avoiding his gaze. 

“What’s wrong?” Otabek asked softly. Damn him and his perceptiveness.

Otabek went to sit next to him and Yuri moved back as if burned. He clutched the pillow and blanket to him, refusing to meet his gaze. “I just… want to be alone.”

“Did I do something wrong?” Otabek asked, clearly confused.

“No. I just-” Yuri closed his eyes and tugged at his hair. “I just don’t….”

“It’s okay. Do you need anything before-”

“Can you just stop!” Yuri suddenly shouted and Otabek blinked in surprise. “You’re hovering and overbearing and I hate it! I’m not some incapable fucking freak. Katsudon may have liked it when Victor was all over him, waiting on his hand and foot but I don’t so if you could fuck off that would be great.”

Yuri regretted the words instantly when he felt Otabek get up without saying a thing. He left the room, the bedroom door clicking shut.

“Fuck.” Yuri ran a hand down his face. He knew he should let it simmer for a bit so that’s exactly what he did. He turned his attention back to the TV for at least another hour before he was calm enough and willing enough to lift himself from the comfort of the couch. He gently knocked on their bedroom door and pushed it open from its ajar position.

Otabek was sitting against the headboard with a book in his hands. He glanced at Yuri for moment before looking back at his book.

“Beka.” Yuri said softly. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to yell…”

Otabek sighed and closed the book before rising from his seat on the bed. He wrapped strong arms around Yuri and kissed the top of his head. “I miss you, Yura.”


Yuri peered up at him through his hair when Otabek stepped back. “I see you everyday.”

Otabek smiled slightly. “You’re not yourself anymore, Yura. You don’t let me touch you or help you with anything. And maybe I do come off a little too strong but it’s only because I care.”

Yuri’s eyes watered and he laughed pathetically. “I guess I am a little mean aren’t I?”

“It’s okay.” Otabek said. That made Yuri angry.

“Why do you just take it?! Why don’t you fight with me?”

“Because it’ll get us nowhere.” Otabek said and he reached out, placing a hand on Yuri’s swollen stomach. Yuri wanted to shove him away but he knew how much Otabek loved feeling his child. “Plus fighting could be dangerous to this one if you get too stressed.”

Yuri looked down at where Otabek’s thumb was stroking him through the material. “Yeah…”

“We are going to be stuck with one another for years to come whether you like it or not.” Otabek joked and lifted Yuri’s chin, kissing him softly. “I would rather it be peaceful.”

“I do too! I just…” Yuri didn’t know what he was going to say. Otabek just pulled him to him again and kissed his forehead, Yuri slowly relaxing in his arms. He did miss this, he had to admit.

I won’t content myself with filling the Happy Bags. Not ever. The Lower City is mine. Its people are mine–its children are MINE. If I find them that’s doing all this kidnapping and murdering, they’d best pray for mercy. Because once I get my teeth in ‘em, I will never let them go. And I start with the Shadow Snake.
—  Terrier, Beka Cooper book one, p. 174

one of the things i really appreciate about the beka cooper and vanyel books is they don’t take place in our universe or time but they have words that mean gay. like as soon as its explained that shaych = gay in tayledras, it just comes out of everyone’s mouth. any time someone needs to say “im gay” they have the word shaych instead of tiptoeing around it with “women aren’t for me” or whatever

or like in bloodhound, where not only is there a glossary but you can still easily tell from context, and then its just used wherever. idk i just think its cool