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Menphina, the Lover! Forrrr... let's see. God, all your characters are perfect. '^' Trovos, Beurghes, and Deyaenus?

Menphina, the Lover - How they express their love or affection.

Trovos: Trovos can get posessive over those he has affection towards, practically wedging himself between the person and whatever other individual is getting that person’s attention. Sometimes he’ll outright bully them to keep them around because he’s usually bigger than the other person and that’s what works better. He likes to feel useful so he’ll try to show that with his strength, knowledge, and abilities as if to go ‘look what I can do for you, you need me!’. In a more affectionate end he enjoys close contact, but tends to disregard (or not know what to do with) intimacy.

Beurghes: Beurghes will shower the object of his interest and affection with extravagant gifts of beautifully blended combinations of nature and bejwelments. Most people assume that Beurghes is an alchemist (IC and OOC) because of his interest in the morrowgrain, but he is in fact a jewelcrafter (also IC and OOC), and forces roots to dig deep underground, tossing up soil to surface precious gems and ores to use in these pieces. He will show them lavish landscapes and gardens of his own shaping to show his mastery over nature magics.

Deyaenus: Deyaenus is more difficult because he’s had a generally bad experience with women (mainly on his part, and mainly because of his lack of said experience from the start), but of course oh it can’t be him so he blames, and firmly believes, it is the woman’s fault for being too this and too that for him, or that women in general are finicky and complicated and false - ulterior motives are part of their nature. It’s basically everyone else’s fault but his own.

But if he does feel interested in someone it’ll be due to a common interest; ie the Light. That’s his primary base of attraction though there has been a few instances where that was not the case. His approach will usually consist of offering books for them to read and then inquiring on their opinion of it because it’s the perfect veil - if she shows absolutely zero interest then he can backstep and say it was just to get her literary opinion. But if a more positive reaction is given then he’ll continue with the tactic for a bit longer until ???? then skipping to step three because after the mildest return of affection Deyaenus assumes that’s all there is to it and both parties somehow magically agree that this is a relationship. Deyaenus has been on few actual dates. 

  • with gunguroos clutching her feet,

    hair bedecked with flowers,

    perfect liner on the eyes

    not a strand of hair out of place,

    her frame bejweled pretty,

    awaiting her rendezvous with the audiance,

    the adrenalin rush she feels.

    yes, she is a dancer,

    a dancer she was born,

    for she breathes dance

    in its true and divine form.

    and now there she goes, on to the stage,

    the music starts and so…

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