beinn a' ghlo


Bitesize Ben - It tastes of nothing!

Regardless of whether you think your domestic water supply has a taste or not, you don’t realise just how much taste it actually has until you drink from a mountain stream.

Choose your source carefully though!  Don’t drink untreated water from a standing pool, mind to take from a fast flowing stretch and take it from as high up the hillside as possible.  If you think there could be livestock or human waste further up stream, wait or treat what you take.

Pre-Digital Scotland

Beinn a’ Ghlo - March 2004

Another vintage 35mm photo of a favourite hill, one I climb on the same weekend every year.

Beinn a’ Ghlo, near Blair Atholl, was actually the first big hill I climbed after moving to Scotland in 2003. The wide open space, large herds of deer and rugged beauty of it all was completely unlike what I’d become accustomed to in Wales. It felt like I’d finally found what I was looking for…….unlike Bono.

I now visit Beinn a’ Ghlo every year on or around the same weekend in March. I call it my ‘anniversary walk’, a way of reminding myself way I moved here in the first place; paying my respects to this landscape, not taking it for granted and celebrating moving to Scotland.

Ten visits over ten years so far. A beautiful, beautiful hill.

A photo from earlier today on my ‘anniversary’ walk over Beinn a’ Ghlo.

It wasn’t the first hill I climbed after moving to Scotland but it was the first to wow me with its scale, grandeur and wildness.  And so I now trot over Beinn a’ Ghlo at this time every year to remind myself why I moved here and to make sure I don’t take the hills for granted :)

11 and counting……