honestly….. i could spend hours analyzing how andrew made neil fall in love with him, like… exactly how andrew made neil connect with him in a way no one else ever did (and all the things no one ever ever ever gave neil) to cause him to fall in love w andrew

She can’t remember the last time
she’s visited the countryside of Ireland.
They don’t ever really go to the countryside.
They go lots of other places: London, Prague,
Paris, Cairo, Rome, Tokyo… but for some reason,
not the countryside. But Erinea finds she likes being
so close to home, especially when her mother wasn’t
going to be joining for this trip. It was just her and
Gilead and Orla and Sinead– going to visit Gilead’s
grandfather (on Sinead’s side). The rolling hills are
swarmed with sheep, that sit like little fluffy cottonballs
on the grass, and she grins as she steps out of the

“It’s beautiful out here.”


BLANK SLATE (Blank Space Oscars 2015 Commentary)


It’s Oscar Week
Let’s ask actresses irrelevant things
Who you wearing? Let’s critique
“Saw your film and I thought–” “Oh my God.
Look at my eyes! Do you do that to the guys?”
Same red carpet, no surprise 
Paparazzi, tabloid lies
Read about it in a magazine
Ain’t it funny just how white
The year’s lineup always ends up being
So hey, let’s pretend
That racism is at an end
Grab your remote and my hand
We can be colorblind just for the weekend~

Hollywood get with it
Meninists, you’re outta style
About time to admit it
Diversity ain’t that wild
Got a long list of trailblazers
They have a lot to say
We can bring a blank slate, baby
And we’ll write their names

Just 7 percent of directors
5 percent of cinematographers
Her name is Quvenzhané Wallis
It’s really not hard to pronounce it

Listen up we deserve more
Tuning into the Oscars each year
We’re telling you to ask her more
What about her stellar career?
Got a long list of trailblazers

They have a lot to say
We can bring a blank slate, baby
And we’ll change the game

she skims surface of secret being

so that     even we      shall leave 

         ourselves unknown

I will not be separated from

what is dear to me,    I say 

to anyone that will listen

empty nod      of         empty head

I don’t get nuest anti’s. Like I know nuest have bad sales, low digital scores and lack a large korean fanbase. But I enjoy their music. I support them. I will vote and I will buy their albums. What are they hoping to achieve by bringing up figures? That I begin to leave nuest because they're unpopular? That I feel embarrassed of them and myself for liking them? Does that mean any group not popular is not worth being a fan of? Where’s the logic in that? Why do THEY concern themselves so much over a group and the stans they claim to hate? It literallly makes zero difference to us when they repeat the same old ‘blablabala is a flop blablabla is gonna disband blablabla’. Stop being so toxic and giving the fandom you belong to a bad name 

Knowing he’d only cause more trouble for himself if he stayed, the Crown Prince of Adarlan bowed silently and left his father, eyes gleaming with barely controlled anger

Throne of Glass, last line of Chapter 7, when Dorian’s Dad slapped him for back talking and forbid him to associate at all with Celaena, which made Dorian hang out with her just to show up his dad, which is how they became friends and how he fell for her which changed him from a womanizing sexist douche to a kind hearted, gentle and smol son human being

So thanks for that King

I’m going to share the story of my interactions with Erica Carroll at Vancon because WHAT A PRECIOUS CINNAMON ROLL OF A HUMAN BEING

So first off Erica Carroll is a wonderful & lovely person & if you ever get the chance to meet her at a con, take the opportunity

It was her first Creation con & you could tell Erica was super nervous at her panel but she did so well, honestly. There were some superrrr uncomfortable questions that people asked (like about her character’s nude shower scene, that apparently was actually a double, & not her), but she handled it really classily.

Also, she is incredibly gorgeous in real life. She’s pretty as Hannah, yes, but no, she is not done justice in that role. I was standing there in line waiting to ask her a question just like 😍😍😍, & seriously, I don’t get that way over celebrities super easily, tbh.

Right before I was up in line, she was told a story about how she had been filming recently in Russia, and  telephone solicitors kept calling her up & trying to speak in Russian, then *switching to bad thick Russian accent* ‘hELLO FRIEND’ when they realized she spoke English? 

Then she turned to me, & somehow my brain short-circuited & I decided the best possible thing to do in that moment would be to affect an even worse Russian accent & greet her with ‘hELLO FriEND’.

Luckily, she laughed, & did it back…

Then I asked her the best life advice she’d ever been told, or something she’d figured out herself, because I love asking questions that actually reveal something about the person.

“Ooh, that’s deep!” Erica said. 

I then, again, had my brain short-circuit, & joked “I can ask about pranks instead, if you want” & several people in the crowd groan/laughed & then SHE GAVE THE BEST ANSWER.

Erica talked about importance of knowing that YOU are the only you that there is, & valuing yourself & your individuality. That often you feel pressure to be something other than yourself, or to fulfill expectations you think other people have of you, & that’s something that acting has helped her realize, that what you yourself bring to the table is the most important thing, etc…

I need a video of what she said cause I stg I only actually heard half of it cause I was all nervous & it was really overwhelming, & when that happens my auditory process goes all to hell, but it was a really good answer, ok.

Then I sat back down, slightly wobbly, and it was a couple hours before I got to get her autograph.

I started off thanking her for the advice, & it took her a second to figure out what I meant (partly cause I’d taken my Ruby wig off by that point I think so she didn’t totally recognize me at first), & she was all self deprecating about it.

Then I got her to sign a Hannah quote (which itself I’ll talk about more in a separate post, because it’s kinda personal & I need to expand on it further) & she was like ‘I think I could recite this whole monologue still’…

& it was at that point I gave her the gift I had for her, (which I was nervous about because technically we aren’t supposed to give gifts)…

Which was a tiny Hannah ornament & Erica clutched it & was all ’YOU MADE THIS?’ & 'you have no idea how much this means to me, thank you’

& I was just sort of standing there, nodding, & then she said “this is going on my tree” then looked at it & ’YOU TWEETED THIS’ , because I’d tweeted a picture of it to her when I’d made it months ago (here)& I was like 'omg she remembered!!!’    

Then I mumbled one or two other things & stumbled away to go sit down because I had many many emotions & basically Erica Carroll was by far one of the highlights of the con

Dude it’s kind of weird seeing Peridot like this again.She was pretty distant before and seeing her beingso happy and close now to the CGs is super cute. 

Also, I find Peridot in some of her logs the first part of the episode really similar to how i act sometimes when i have to work with people i don’t get along.

“Singing” “crying” “singing while crying” Dude, i wonder how many times Pearl sings (and cries) offscreen. It’s pretty sad, too. Pearl really needed(s) some development to move on.

((hey… I’m having some difficulties, but i’ll try to keep on the thing. my brother is an asshole who only points out my flaws but doesn’t look at his))

Anyways, Let’s move.