The Ascended Masters

We live in an exciting time. As the Piscean Age ends and the Aquarian Age begins we have the opportunity to make tremendous spiritual progress. The Aquarian Age promises to be an age of enlightenment and freedom. This is the age of alchemy and transformation and the optimum time for us to enter the spirals of self-transcendence and manifest our highest potential.

You are a spiritual being! Awakening to this realization is the first step on the path to freedom. Once you embark upon this extraordinary journey you will quickly discover that you are not alone. Waiting to assist you on your travels are numerous seen and unseen teachers, helpers, guardians and guides.

Looking up into the night sky we realize how big the universe is and how little we understand it. Cosmos is full of life and complexity. Mystics speak of spiritual encounters with heavenly beings and those who have had near death experiences give accounts of traveling to beautiful crystal cities, visiting magnificent halls of knowledge and having life reviews attended by great beings of light. Millions of people believe in the angels and saints and daily send their prayers to them. Clearly we are not alone.

Who are the Ascended Masters? Today we know a considerable amount about them. For the past one hundred years the Ascended Masters have been weaving the golden threads of illumination and wisdom through their messengers to lay the foundation for the Aquarian Age. This is part of the job of a messenger. They receive special training to be the spokesperson for hierarchy and from them we gain a better understanding about the role of the Ascended Masters in the evolution of the planet and ourselves.

Cosmos is highly ordered and includes an immense network of enlightened beings ranked according to their level of self-mastery and spiritual attainment. The Ascended Masters are an integral part of this complex structure. They belong to an inner group called the Great White Brotherhood. White refers to the aura or halo of white light that surrounds them. Included in this organization are female masters, cosmic beings, Archangels, angels, and even a few every day people that meet specific requirements.

This organization is not a recent new age phenomenon and has existed for thousands of years. It was well known in past golden ages. The lost continents of Lemuria and Atlantis were ancient civilizations that reached great heights. According to the records of akasha many of us were there. We followed the path of the masters and some of us served as priest and priestesses in the temples of light. Back then it was quite common to walk and talk with the masters and attend classes at the retreats of the mystery schools (schools of sacred knowledge).

Unfortunately, these civilizations fell prey to corruption and misuses of the light and many of us got entangled in karma and went down with them. The temples and retreats were withdrawn to higher dimensions with only a handful of the more determined seekers finding the way back to their doors.

When you first learn about the Ascended Masters you immediately recognize many of their names as the great spiritual beings that have walked the earth, past and present. They come from every race, tradition, and culture. We know many of them as the compassionate Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of enlightenment and wisdom, the wise saints and sages of old, and the mystics and prophets of all ages.

Long ago the ancients predicted the Aquarian Age would be the meeting of the paths, East and West, and today we clearly see evidence of this. Many of us have quite a collection of spiritual practices we engage in from meditation and yoga, to reciting prayer and mantra. Even our altars reflect this Aquarian Age spirituality. It is quite common to find statues of the Buddha standing side by side the statues of saints and sages.

As you learn more about the Ascended Masters you begin to see just how much of a role they have in bringing the planet and all us to our present state of awareness. Ancient beings that ascended long ago and some are the unsung and unknown heroes of the age. Coming from different directions on the sacred path each came to the same place as the master before them and choosing to follow in their footprints were able to win their ascension in the light.

We can better understand the role of the Ascended Masters if we look at the light-energy of God. Although defining God is never easy most people can agree that God is consciousness, energy, light and love. One of the ways to relate to the intensity of this powerful light-energy is to think of it as a spiritual sun. The masters call it the Great Central Sun.

From Spirit to Matter this powerful light-energy continuously flows from the Great Central Sun through a vast network of hierarchies, each having millions of beings, until it reaches the Ascended Masters who then safely release it to us. This chain of hierarchy is enormous but without it we could not assimilate that portion of God’s consciousness at a level that is useful to us. Being far too powerful in its original release it would consume us on contact.

You might be wondering, “If there are millions of beings in the cosmos why can’t I see them?” These beings live in the heaven-world or the etheric plane, a plane that is the highest vibrating plane in matter. It is just as real as the physical plane but exists in higher dimensions.

The role of the Ascended Masters takes on new meaning once we come to the knowledge of them. We gain an expanded awareness of the path and nowhere is this more evident than in the Age of Aquarius.

By: Aquarian Path

4th Dimensional Entities and What You Can Do About Them (Includes Audio Meditations)

Whether we like it or not, entities are everywhere in the 4th dimensional field around us. If you’ve been drawn to read this article then I imagine you have already experienced the challenges that having entities in your field might bring.

It’s a bit of a taboo subject in western culture; one of those subjects where people are a bit concerned about being labelled as ‘crazy’ or ‘Xfiles-ish’, so I felt inclined to break the ice and bring a bit of light to the subject. I am not claiming to be the fountain of all knowledge on the subject, although I do have a lot of experience working with them directly as part of my role in the spiritual evolution arena.

The term ‘entity’ can be a bit confusing, so I’ll draw a brief outline before focusing on the entities that people usually mean. There are three main types of entities; 1. The earth-bound spirit 2. Higher dimensional beings and 3. The non-human negative entity. We’ll be primarily dealing with the latter category, although it feels helpful to introduce them all.

The Main Types of Entities:

1. Earth Bound Spirit

This generally refers to a human being who was incarnated, yet didn’t move on in spirit when their body passed away. They stay here in spirit form until they are ready to move on. They are usually attached to form by fear of loss. Often bound to a specific place, unable to exist beyond it, they can be friendly, mischievous or down right malevolent. Earth bound spirits can at times be bothersome, although they engage with incarnated human beings very little. We won’t be covering this type of entity in this article. I just felt inclined to mention it, to distinguish the difference.

2. Higher Dimensional Beings

These are beings whose consciousness is centered in the 4th density and higher. They sometimes have an interest in engaging with 3rd density beings, such as humans. They tend to differ from non-human negative entities (below) in that they each have an individual soul. They come in all shapes and forms, through multiple dimensions. Some higher dimensional beings are benevolent (eg. angels), some are malevolent and others dance somewhere in between. If malevolent or manipulative in anyway, they can influence and over-power a person in a more sophisticated way than the non-human, negative entities.

Higher dimensional beings are complex. Manipulative ones often prey on psychic people who can ‘see’ beyond the veil, at which point it is common for controlling higher-dimensional beings to present themselves as ‘benevolent’. They can be master tricksters. There is a huge ‘false-love-and-light’ movement in the spiritual world today, being totally manipulated and controlled by less than benevolent beings from this category.

3. Non-Human Negative Entities

These are what people typically refer to when they say they have an entity in their field, and this is what we will be working with throughout the rest of this article.

These are the entities that often possess people, by living within their host’s energy body. These entities act like parasites, often completely unbeknownst to their host. Some people have a visual psychic ability that permeates into the 4th density and are able to ‘see’ them, reporting all sorts of descriptions, shapes and sizes. People commonly mention tentacles or hooks that leech on to a persons energy field. Their most common food source is emotional energy. They do not have individual souls although they may act in individual ways. They have a collective group soul and consciousness and exist as part of a hive consciousness.

Most of them aren’t actually malevolent, they are simply fulfilling a parasitical survival instinct; they are just hungry. They farm their food – emotions – in the same way that human beings farm cattle. They have learned to become very skillful at turning on the emotional tap of their human host, so that whenever they get hungry they can drink in emotional energy on demand. They home in on any emotional vulnerabilities and imbalances that a person has and tend to hook in a tentacle right on that touch point. As soon as they are hungry, they push the button and slurp up the emotional nectar that begins to flow.

Why Do I Have an Entity in My Field?

So you have a parasitic entity in your field? You know something isn’t right? It’s draining your energy? Activating your emotions? Feeding off you? Making you ill?

In essence, it’s only there because you allow it to be there. Gulp! OK, so it may be a subconscious allowing, yet the power is within you. The entity doesn’t want to be seen. It has a vested interest in being invisible. It wants to co-exist without its host ever knowing it is there. It doesn’t want to starve.

Who is Particularly Vulnerable to Entity Attack?

As long as you are a human being (Homo Sapiens) you are vulnerable to attack, because Homo Sapiens has been hybridized for that purpose. It doesn’t escape any of us. Although as we evolve and become more and more present, as we become fully enlightened, then it becomes much more difficult for them to deceive.

I’ve particularly noticed that those who have taken drugs or medication or do things that anesthetize themselves (TV, alcohol, excessive video gaming) tend to have the biggest entity issues. With consciousness blasting drugs (psychedelics etc), it seems to be that a person goes from a normal state to having their awareness blasted open, missing several important and necessary evolutionary steps in between. A blind spot is created where the missing steps are. This is the place that entities slip through the door. It’s a blind spot, so usually unnoticed by the person who’s taken the drug. This can last a long time completely unnoticed (years/lifetimes). Medication that dampens and suppresses gives an entity the perfect opportunity to feed off the emotion that is being repressed by the drugs.

What To Do About It?

So, here’s the key that unlocks the door. There is something within you that it is latching on to. It will be a blockage, a distortion or a button. The entity can only exist in your field if there is something for it to hook onto.

One of the most powerful things you can do is to take full responsibility for the fact that it is there because you have given it permission to be there.

Entities feed off emotions of all sorts. What are your emotional triggers? Do you experience any of the emotions in the list below?

Blaming others, anger, sense of victimization, paranoia, fear, guilt, feeling deprived, worry, feeling lost, feeling sorry for yourself, bothered by being lonely, self-depreciation, feeling unworthy/not good enough, lack of motivation, insecurity, impatience, resentment, jealousy, depression, feeling disgusted, neediness, feeling unappreciated, feeling irritated, feeling trapped, denial of darkness, everything’s got to be perfect.

If you recognize any of these emotions as an issue for you (ie. a recurring theme in your life) and are reading this article, it is likely that you have an entity feeding into them and milking your emotions for food.

Acknowledgement and acceptance is the first step to self-empowerment. The next step is to know that entities are normal; most people have them in their field without realizing it. The world, in fact, is a large cauldron of emotion, the perfect feeding ground for these pesky pests!

Work On Your Own Stuff

The most important thing that you can do is work on your stuff. It really is that simple. Once you remove the food source – charged emotional distortions – then they have nothing to grasp onto and fall away.

It’s also vitally important that we don’t deny the emotion. Because denial and suppression of self also creates the ‘grey’ areas where they hide. What we’re looking for is the authentic – non-loaded – emotional expression of self, that which is aligned with the source. It is the distortions of these that the entities feed off.

People can and do remove entities, which sounds like an ideal solution. It can work temporarily. HOWEVER – unless you deal with the energy that invited it in the first place, you will simply draw another entity to you again and again and again UNTIL you release the attachment to that emotion from within yourself that draws it in. No one else can do this for you. It is part of the spiritual journey of self realization, back to who you truly are. Be inspired and supported by others (catalysts and empaths can highlight them in your field), yet know that you have to walk the path with your own two feet.

Release the trapped emotion; let go of the attachment to the emotion and there will be no place for an entity to attach to you. Most people have to do this multiple times for different issues, over a period of time and through various levels of vibrational consciousness. There isn’t a quick fix solution. It’s a powerful way to catalyze the spiritual journey though, as you create the space for higher consciousness to flood in where you were once blocked. Indeed using this “Opposing Consciousness” as a mirror to your own limitation, is a powerful path to mastery.

What Else Might Help?

Look at specific spiritual work that helps you to honor and release distortions, inner tension or emotional blockages. Whatever work you do, the key is to consciously bring your attention to your blockages. Sound work, movement and any work that releases thwarted energy can all help if you are conscious whilst working with it.

Some might find guided meditation helpful. We have a collection of different meditations for catalyzing the spiritual journey on Openhand’s audio page, all of which help to let go of attachments. I thought it might be helpful to record a meditation that specifically deals with the release of inner blockages in order to cleanse your field of entities.

Remember that the key to releasing entities from your field is to release your own blockages, so that they don’t have anything to hook on to – anything else is just temporary.

By: Trinity


this is Neeio, a Flufffelly
they like sleeping in clouds; cotton balls; fluffy blankets, playing in dreams and listening to your stories.
they like to help and don’t want anyone to know that they are helping, you can tell them your worries and dreams & they try to help your dreams come true, they also like to go into your dreams when you’re sleeping and they’ll do anything to protect you and ward off scary dreams.

Interdimensional Entities Influencing Daily Life (+ Audio Meditation)

Dealing with the concept of interdimensional entities in the field that are influencing humanity has always been a challenging one. Where are these entities? Where’s the evidence?

Today people are generally too focused on the external drama: trying to fix this or that; trying to control some kind of outcome. Since the world you see is defined (partially) by where and how your consciousness is directed, then most miss the internal interplay between the inner world (the entirety of the multiverse) and the outer mirror. This is where and how the intervention reveals itself, and until we engage in it, we can never truly be free…

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