someone’s probably documented this but random observation of the day is that apparently russel is the only band member who has yet to sport the black and white striped shirt.

EDIT: also, note the timeline: Noodle in phase two, then 2d in phase 3 and finally murdoc in phase 4. yes ik the pictures aren’t in order.

i’m dying someone reposted some of my jaytim art and the taglines omg

yeah that’s totally what i was aiming at

show you care for your bro by kissing him passionately on the mouth

Other authors with cool professions or interests: *write AUs where Victuuri are doctors/historically accurate spies/professors/bakers*

Me: *Yuuri spends four thousand words explaining to Victor why digital preservation is so crucial and why video games totally fuck with traditional archival theory*

I know this has been said countless times before, but I appreciate Thomas Sanders (and of course all his friends) so so much. This community feels like a breath of fresh air and I’ve never been part of anything like this before. There’s so much more to say but it’s difficult to put into words, so for now I guess I’ll just say thank you @thatsthat24 and thank you to everyone else in the community because you all make me very happy. 💙💚💛

  • Smackdown: “Yo, I heard you wanted to see Bobby Roode so here ya go friend :)”
  • Me: “Oh thanks bro obviously this is as good as it can—–“
  • Smackdown: “Oh I’m sorry did you say something about Shelton Benjamin”
  • Me: “No...why?”
  • Smackdown: “Well we also gave you Shelton Benjamin”
  • Me: *External Screaming*
  • My Skin: *Clears*
  • My Will to Live: *Triples*
Job Offer

Happy Ninoir Week, everyone! I wasn’t feeling the prompts unfortunately, so I just wrote this instead. It’s set in the save ‘verse as By Storm or by Surprise, but it works as a standalone piece, too, and is set a few years later:

Adrien was already in bed by the time Nino got back to their apartment. He grinned, eyelids half-closed, as Nino entered their bedroom. “Hey, you,” he said, yawning. “I’m not used to getting back from patrol to an empty bed. Usually you’re the one waiting up for me.”

“Sorry,” Nino mumbled, taking his jacket off.

“Nah, turnabout’s fair play,” Adrien said. “Where were you?”

“Just… walking. Thinking.” Nino finished getting undressed and got into bed.

Adrien wrapped an arm around his waist. “Thinking about what? Did something happen?”

“Not exactly. I… kind of got a job offer.”

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