A couple of years ago one of my classmates came up to me and said one thing right into my face. “I don’t like your name.”
She continued by saying that she “always thought it was weird and ugly”.
It really doesn’t seem like a big deal to me now, but to a twelve year old kid it felt like being told that she hated me and thought I was weird and ugly..right into my face..
The only thing I could do was stand there and have her staring at me until she finally went soon as I got home I couldn’t stop crying.
I kept blaming myself for being bullied and thought that what they were saying about me was true.
After a lot of other stuff happened and a bunch of mean things had been said, I decided that I couldn’t be weak anymore. I tried not to react and pretended not to care about anything they were was hard and not easy BUT it was definitely worth it!
After I was able to rebuild my self confidence that I had lost due to all these years of being teased and bullied, they finally left me alone.

What I’m trying to say is; don’t care about anything other people say about you! Believe in yourself and all the things that you love about yourself, don’t give them the power to say anything to or about you that isn’t true and especially; don’t let them convince you that you aren’t exactly the way you are supposed to be.
If anyone ever tries to bully you again, walk right up to them, tell them to leave you alone and to never bully you EVER again.

Love yourself, believe in who you are and don’t let anyone convince you of being something you are not!

Soo I'm 17 an I'm still afraid of the dark...

Yeah. Go ahead. Say it. “Really?..seriously?.. Your still afraid of the dark?.. grow up.. Stop being stupid..” Now, doesn’t make you feel much better does it..
Yes I am 17 and yes I am still afraid of the dark. It’s one of my deepest secrets that I don’t like telling many people. I can’t sleep in pitch black dark unless someone is next to or in the same room with me. I can’t sleep in the dark alone. I have to have my television on. Do I know why I’m afraid? Not really. When I’m laying in my bed in the dark with light music on, visions appear in my head, I hear things, I can almost visualize things as if I’m seeig them. It’s all mental. But yet, I’m scared. Ive tried and tried and tried time and time again to overcome my fear. Ive turned of the tv an turned off my music, ill close my eyes and still yet, the pictures and visions in my head replay themselves. The creaks and noises may be the house settling but they turn into something kinda scary when I think about them. Ill turn on light music to try to drown the noises out but I can’t. It’s gotten so bad to where sometimes I cry because I feel like I’m lame or stupid or that of anyone found out they’d laugh and make fun of me. I try telling my mom and she tells me to just ignore the noises, to just close my eyes and focus my mind on something else. But when I try it seems as if the noises become louder and louder as if trying to pry at my brain. It’s scary. And now your probably thinking..“wow this chik is a total psycho”.. well, you can think whatever you’d like whether its true or not.

Please. Don’t bully me or send me hate because of my childish fear. it’s not something Im proud of an it’s not something that I wanted to be known but I’m having courage in putting this out there.
Please tell me I’m not the only one. Please tell me I’m not alone.
Help me.
Send me ways you think would help
Send me things that helped you overcome this If you ever had this fear.
I don’t wanna be afraid. I don’t wanna be laughed at or called names or be bullied because of my silly little fear that seems so childish.
Please help me..

YouTube and why no title on blog

I’m on my stupid iPod so I don’t have a blog title or whatever but if I put one it be a life somewhat good. Anyway I make YouTube videos for people to laugh at my goodness and feel better after being picked on.. It’s just to relax and have a laugh. I’ve gotten messages from people who say they watch or watched all of them cause I haven’t posted in awhile. Anyway people from school watch them and make fun of my friends for being in them cause no one likes me cause I wear tutus skin tight jeans in the summer and beanies and snap backs alot. I really don’t like guys in the middle school cause they were ya know really mean to me and my friends. Cause of the way I dressed and people being idiots most of the time people from other houses whent up to everyone and said I was trying to hard.. Please explain to me how.. I’m being myself and no one has the right to open their mouths I don’t go up to them and be like I hate you I hate how your shirt is open back or hey I hate how I can see your bra through your shirt. I mean cause if u don’t like someone keep it to yourself if you don’t know someone’s name leave them alone. They are all coming to the highschool too and me and my friends might be seperated and I may be alone. I’m really not good at making friends. I make friends through friends or school assignments or when I was on cheer (was being bullied on that quit) so ya. I know Ariana dosnt have a prob cause she can make connections. I’ve heard that there are people like me in the highschool maybe if theirs someone picking on me in there the person who dresses like me likes my music (awesome dyed hair) stands up and helps. Or ya know just anyone who would mind being friends with me.