I miss the days of being an art student at school. Filling my sketchbook with enough prep work, taking my Walkman to school and listening to Linkin Park/System of a Down/Stone Sour and Staind, having a Quicksilver rucksack, hiding/being shy behind my long black hair and thinking boys would never like me.

I miss problems/life like that. I really need to draw more.

Why My Mother Thinks I am Weird

I am a teenager.

I hide in my room.

I adore language.

I read Shakespeare.
I understand Shakespeare.

I write poetry.

I lean to the left.

I acknowledge that left-ness.

I want to vote.

I will move to Greenwich Village.

I love hipsters.

I thrift for clothes.

I support gay rights.


I am mostly cultured.

… I think that’s all.

i absolutely hate being a teenager.

i hate it when i’m real pissed off and my parents say; its just a phase

i hate it when i’m real upset and my parents say; its just her hormones

i hate it when all my friends go out to the movies and i can’t go because; i’m too young

i hate it when i’m always the first to leave at parties 

i hate it how i’m so heartbroken and i can’t even talk to my mum about it

i hate it how whenever i mention boys my dad gives me a deathstare

i hate being a teenager in general; you can’t do anything

Mainly, i just hate being branded as a typical angst-ridden teenager; because i’m not.