1. Scooby does his best vampire werewolf impression for Shaggy.

2. Scooby jumps in Shaggy’s arms, and his black nose disappears.

3. Cut to wide shot. We learn that 4 more characters should have been visible in the last closeup, but weren’t. Because logic.

4. Cut to closeup on these two. Shaggy, Scooby, and Scrappy have disappeared.

5. Cut to Scooby doing his interpretive dance routine. Everyone else has vanished completely.

(about the talk) he asked me who i was without my grades and i just remembered every day i felt like no one because of how bad my grades were since my transition from elementary to high school was rough and it ended up in depression and i remembered every night i stayed up nearly all night studying and crying because he had engraved into me the idea that i would be nothing without top notch academic performance. it took all my fucking strength i started crying i took a deep breath, i looked at him dead in the eyes and i said “i am not my intelligence, i am a strong, good person and no one can tell me otherwise, not even you"

The highlight of my summer: eating homemade pasta in a homemade bread bowl. 

*carbs make u fat* no they don’t

*but they’re made out of white flour and not whole wheat* and????

*that’s like eating 2 meals in 1* i know isn’t it the most glorious thing u’ve ever seen

*did u workout a lot to earn that meal* if by workout u mean lift my money to the counter then yes i did earn it