Honestly that scene where Snow is like “I could have gone with her?” is so important. Because when she’s in Neverland and chooses to stay with David, I feel like it can come across as her choosing Charming over Emma, or even being needy and dependent on him or something, but I don’t think that’s true? Snow always chooses her family, and if she has to choose between them she’ll choose whoever needs her most.

Baby Emma needed her more than Charming did, so if she could have, she would have left him and gone with Emma. In Neverland, Charming needed her more than Emma did because he would’ve been entirely alone and by then, Emma was grown up and capable and independent and she had Regina and Hook and Neal around to help her, and even Ruby and Granny and so on, if she couldn’t handle things on her own. And in the underworld, she left because her infant son needed her more and she knew that Charming and Emma would take care of each other.

So yeah, I really think that Snow will always fight for her family and take their side. She’s faced some impossible choices but she always does the best she can under the circumstances.

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