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Oh my god I was in the Seattle pride parade with my girlfriend! It was my first Pride Parade, and it was made even more special because of two things: my first girlfriend (and me being happy and out) and my birthday being the same day!

Oh that is so lovely! I hope that you two had a wonderful time!! Happy Pride and Happy Birthday <33 

I literally cannot decide who the fuck I am sometimes. It’s frustrating. Like am I an asshole? do I really care a lot? I don’t fucking know.

Hello! My name is Kyle, I am 17 years old and I run the blog aphtxc. I was born in Melbourne, Australia but currently live in California, USA. I have a big passion for fashion and I’m a model! In a couple years (hopefully no more than 3) I will be moving back to Australia. I have just recently (as of June 27th, 2015) been openly bisexual. I love love love Starbucks. I’m usually always on Tumblr so feel free to shoot me a message!