I wear “men’s” cologne—

—(in quotes because gendered products are a sham) and sometimes people can be weird about it. Like, I’ve had strangers tell me I smell amazing and ask which perfume I’m wearing, but when I tell them it’s At the Barber’s by Replica they give me side-eye.

“Is that a man’s cologne?” they say, and I say “No, I’m a woman and it’s mine, so it quite literally is a woman’s cologne—a cologne that belongs to a woman.” But they rarely agree and just give me more side-eye because smelling delicious apparently isn’t something I should be allowed to do without scrutiny.

Anyway, so this morning I had to swing by my boyfriend’s place For Reasons and he gave me a big good-morning hug and went, “Oh my GOD, you smell GREAT.” And he smiled and sniffed me for a bit and said, “I love that cologne. You know I’m going to steal some from you when we live together, right?”

“I know,” I said. “We’ll share the bottle.”

And he smiled and told me. “We’re going to smell great at the same time and it’s going to be awesome.”

There’s no point to this post, really. It just made me happy that he’s not threatened by my “men’s” shoes/cologne/clothes/bath products, when apparently that’s a lot to ask from people sometimes who think I should only buy things packaged in the color pink (which is a great color but I don’t need it on EVERYTHING, OK?).

Wear whatever the fuck you like, friendos. I dumped a dude because he told me I needed to stop wearing my favorite wingtip Oxfords around him. Be with someone who is enthusiastic about your whole self, not someone who gives your sartorial sense the side-eye.

This has been a pointless PSA.

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I too noticed the horrors of tumblrs “best posts first” and I’m sorry you were discouraged by your followers’ activity. Since it’s rolled out, I’ve gotten 0 interactions from my followers, so I can imagine how you feel. I just wanted to let you know that I check your page daily and love the content you give us, and no tumblr update will stop me from being here! xxx

Like, thanks for making me feel better ;w;
I seriously was starting to worry that people just didn’t like my stuff anymore ;A;
and I’m so honored that you check my page so often!!!! >///<
I promise that I have lots of good stuff to come OuO


Oh trust me buddy. You don’t want to know.

((Everybody is blaming King Dice for not doing his job right. Which is completely understandable, but isn’t it also Elder Kettle’s fault. I mean he is the guardian of Mugman and Cuphead afterall and he should of at least had a closer eye on them. IDK if I’m right or not, but I like the concept of the boys getting held by their handles when their in trouble.))

(((P.S. Tumblr was being weird on me, so if you see anything wrong with the panels let me know so I can fix it :3 )))

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Okay BUT has anyone considered that Wilford was the one saying “Don’t you worry. I’ll get you”? Dark is usually very monotonous unless he is screaming and there was a bit of a drawl when he said “Don’t”. Also it might be me being paranoid but I thought I heard something at the 12:30 Mark in that same video but I can’t make it out

for me, it sounded like wilford saying “don’t you worry”, and there was a long emphasis on the ‘worry’ part. plus that kinda sounds like something wilford would say??

and then the “i’ll get you” was a lot more tame and calm, but no less threatening, which was how i pinned it to dark.

idk it was a bit hard to hear what with the game’s background music too. but who knows!! 

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About what you said regarding JK and his "persona", I don't think that he's afraid of woman and it's ridiculous when people say it. I only wished some people gave him more credit for how he is.. I do think he's a bit shy and even socially awkward sometimes, and I don't see him as a fuckboy or summat, but I also don't think he's reclused. I do believe he attracts a lot of people, and is probably attracted as well. People should just respect him and wish for his happiness.

Even tho I believe his “happiness” comes from a certain boy called Jimin, but that’s just me being biased, lmao. Truly tho, jokes aside, I hope JK is happy if he’s alone, if he has someone, be it boy, be it girl, be it whatever. I just think people should fucking stop the rumors and how they portray him in an almost childish way sometimes and let the boy be.            

Most fans know that the idol industry is selling a fantasy. It’s a sort of unwritten understanding on both sides that they’re feeding the consumers an image, a brand. It’s all good in theory until the idols “break” their part of the agreement (i.e., they get caught breaking the masquerade). And when they do, some “fans” go nuts for having their fantasies broken and disgusting shit like this happens where idols have to apologize.

Coming back to Jungkook. Some people hyper-infantilize him because to a lot of them, it makes Jungkook safe and approachable. He’s the baby, he’s their baby. And that’s fine, it’s a part of the whole idol experience. But it’s the backlash that disgusts me. Once they realize that he is an adult and he may be out there doing adult things, then it’s suddenly like a light switched on in their heads and they think Jungkook has “betrayed” them. The fact that their behavior is encouraged, monetized even, is just. Nah.

Jungkook’s case, of what he goes through with some of the fan base, isn’t entirely unique to him. But since he is the maknae, the whole idea of him staying pure and protected does play a bigger part of the fantasy for some of his fans.

On the bright side, I want to believe most people aren’t like that. Most people primarily love their music, know how to enjoy the fandom quietly (if they choose to be engaged), and are supportive of what the individuals do in their personal lives. Most people who call JK ‘baby’ are just doing it out of fondness and don’t take it too seriously. They know he’s grown up and he’s his own person. And those who do exhibit toxic behavior do eventually outgrow it, whether it’s by getting help or finding a different, healthier outlet for their problems.

When the councilors tell you to get me checked and get me medicine, you just tell me “there’s nothing wrong with you, people who need medicine for that are wack jobs. You just need to buck up and stop being so sensitive.” When I stand up for myself you yell at me for being disrespectful? You tell me to respect you when you couldn’t even care less about me. You make me the bad guy. You make yourself the victim. Two more years until I can leave this hell hole and I’m never fucking going back.

Real wrestling stinkface story: me vs. older american guy

(Please coment and reply)

As I said, I’ll start to write about my real wrestling experiences. I’m a 23yo brazilian guy. I love to wrestle big older heavier heels. And more: I challenge them to make me bare their bad smell. My wrestling matches use to be one-sided squash matches with a lot a facesitting, scissors and pig play.

P.s.: the following pics are real. That’s me being humiliated. Let’s start.

December 23, 2016. I was on vacation with my family in Buenos Aires. And, off course, trying to get laid. But something better happened. I found a amateur wrestler on an app called Growlr. He was 45 yo, 230 lbs (105 kg). I was 22 yo, 60 kg (135 lbs, I guess). The size difference make me wanted him more.

So I walked until his hotel next to Obelisco (a turistic place) and got into his room. There he was: no shirt, drinking bear, only wearing a speedo.

He shook my hand and told me: “Are you ready to suffer?”. I challenged him: “Yes. But will you be able to submit me?”. He smiled.

“Tell me your rules and you’ll see what’s gonna happen. Any rules”.

That was my shot.

“Use all your weight and smell against me. I want to resist to your weight and smell.”

“Ok then. I just took a shower, but I need to warn you that it won’t be easy for you. I can be very piggy and stinky”, he replied.

My cock was rock hard when I heard it.

“So, shall we start?” I said.

“Off course!”

We jumped on bed. Me and him using speedos only. He attacked me and pinned me easily, starting to rub his cock on mine. I tried to move him but it was useless. We were face to face and then he told me “You don’t know what you got into” and burped right on my face.

I pretended to feel disgusted. He laughed and his lips tuched mine. Then burped again. Inside my mouth.

Now I was really disgusted, but horny at the same time.

After that he applied some sleeper holds making me sniff and lick his armpit. At this point we were naked. He scissored me and sat on my face to make me sniff his balls:

“As you can see I’m starting to get sweaty” he said. “Are you thinking to give up?”

I wrestled another guys bigger than him, but he was also heavy. 105 kg on your face is a tough and hot experience.

“Not at all” I lied. “Is that all you can do?”

He understood my challenge.

“You’ll see how nasty I can be right now”

And for the first time, he facesat me.

He put his role in my nose, my mouth. It was really stinky and sweaty. He bounced on my face and I started to lose air. I wanted to breathe, but a 230lbs 45-aged man was dominating me completely.

The he stopped bouncing, but pressed his but against my nose really hard. I was out of breath, but I didn’t want to tap. I gasped for air and tried to use my hands to get him off. I used all of my strengh and could lift him off a little bit.

He noticed that. And when I tried to have my first breath of relief, i heard it:


“Take a big wiff of that” he said laughing.

His fart smell was terrible. I start gagging and he sat on my face full weight again. Then I tapped.

He got up on bed and tourned around, now facing me. He sat down on my face again and replied “I’ll just stop if you say: I give, master”

“NEVER!” I replied.

“So you made your choice”. He used his two hands to press my head against his hole. Then he ripped a 5 seconds fart. It was louder and worse than the first one.

I couldn’t resist to this next one. He punched my smotach and I opened my mouth to scream. He used this moment to sit on my mouth and fart on it. A silent, but deadly fart.

I felt really digusted this time and said “I give, master”.

“Ok, then”. he lifted up a little started to stroke himself. He came on my face.

To all the people in the IT fandom I’ve met

thank y’all for being such a lovable person every one of you!! I’ve met such AMAZING people that just for being friendly deserve all the love in the world!!

I’ll be honest, I’ve had some trust issues since some people I used to know and think they were friends backstabbed me in the past and I literally had 2 friends I couldn’t see anymore due to work and college, and since I’m a shy person, approaching someone without freaking out or thing I might be bothering them it’s a living hell 

here I’ve met some awesome people who share the same weirdness I have and who don’t judge me for being either a clownfucker, horror lover, theory maniac, stranger things lover, musical drama queen, EVERYTHING!!!

I just wanna thank you for being here with me, including me in this lovely crazy fandom I adore and making me feel loved and I wanna mention them ‘cause they are a sunshine every one of them!!


@float-me-down WE EVEN LIVE IN A CITY WITH THE SAME NAME! *coughjustanothercountrylolcough* 

@just-a-friendly-trash-can we may not talk but ILY and we all can be trash cans

@daddywisetheclown dude you have the best Pennywise content, and literally every fandom I love YOU ARE A SWEET POTATO WHO DESERVES ALL THE LOVE 

@clownsgobeepbeep we don’t talk either but BOI your blog does make me smile!!! (IactuallywannatalktoyoubutI’msoshyIfreakouteverytime!!) ILY TOO


and to all the people I haven’t met yet I love you all and you deserve the best


Oh…? Now this is quite the honor. Have the tales of my sins reached your ears oh tainted one that you rise from the lavabed itself?

You would not believe how many times mons have accused me from being like your ilk. It’s flattering, but alas, not the truth. 

Ah… you barge in asking questions about territorial disputes. I’ll consider answering your question, but may I be so bold as to entertain the thought of why you of all beings would care about the feuds between fire ants?

[ @serpentine-judge ]

Anon submission

ANON Planted a seed

Back when I was a 13 year old boy who was at the beginning stages of puberty, I had a friend, he was in the same grade as me. He had already been through puberty and was much more sexually advanced than I was. I never even thought about sex at this point, heck, I still didn’t have any pubic hair yet as I remember.

One day, we were hanging out in his older brother’s tree fort and going through his brother’s Penthouse magazine collection. I felt that unfamiliar tingle while looking at the naked women in the magazines, but didn’t think much other than keeping it to myself. My friend had a quite different motive as I soon found out. He asked me if I ever masturbated and I said no. One thing led to another, next thing I know, we were both naked and stroking each other. I remember him being aggressive with me. It was very awkward at first, but soon I really enjoyed the both of us sucking and stroking each other off everytime we got together. If you can picture two 13 year old boys in a 69 position sucking each other off, it was amazing.

That was my first sexual experience. Our sexual relationship lasted for about 3 or 4 months until his mom caught us one day. After that, we didn’t get to hangout that much anymore and I lost contact with him when he moved. I was strictly hetero after that up until about three years ago, I decided to become bisexual again. I enjoy both sexes now and always think back to that first time.

*** Awesome submission!! Thank you for sharing!! 💋 ***